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Camp Quiet

Everything's just humming along in camp.


Not that we're complaining or anything.


But it does make for a tepid watah coolah discussion.


I know just the thing to liven up the pahty — Tickle Fight!


You know I didn't think anything could replace the "wide stance" in the annals of Congressional chicanery when dealing with a sexual impropriety.


But the idea of a 50 year old dude tickling anothah dude until dude can't breathe being "taken out of context" is on a whole othah level.


The funny thing is if it were Manny Ramirez telling the tickle fight story, it wouldn't seem strange at all.


Maybe Manny should run for Congress when he retiahs from baseball?


"I see the bill. I vote the bill."



Christ, I miss Manny.

Didn't Manny miss the start of spring training once for putting his grandmother into a coma during a tickle fight? And I heard little Nelson passed away due to tickle-related injuries, so this is a pretty serious issue.

Genius! Before I had even read the first panel, I thought to myself, I am going to find some way to work a Massa joke into my comment, and of course you beat me to it. I seriously cannot to stop laughing at the whole thing; there's nothing funnier than watching a politician come remarkably unhinged right before our eyes. And on Glenn Beck, no less. Classic!

Tickling. It can only be topped by it's more derelict cousin, wide stance tickling, as the newest, most seriousest attack on American values and the American way of life.

I smell the beginnings of a new grass roots political movement - the Ticklers.

Not to be confused with the Ticklin' Teabaggers. Brand identity must be maintained.

I'm a member in good standing of the French Tickler Party. We've got a platform worth endorsing!

Ne ce pas? Oui!

Isn't that Massa being Massa? What is it with people from NY?

Nomah is retiring today from baseball...as a Red Sox.

He's going to sign a 1 day minor league contract, retire, and then announce his new job working for ESPN.

To Nomah...Cheers!

so much for holding out hope that "The Two Coreys" would come back to television.

No no, lobstaman! You're just not seeing the "Weekend At Bernie's" meets "Goonies" possibilities here!

Nomah, you acted like a little punk there for awhile, but we still love you. Thanks for the memories...

Nomah and Massa and Haim, oh my.

So let me get this all straight: Corey Hamm is married to Nomar who's a Red Sox Lost Boy and likes to tickle '80s heart throbs to death.


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