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Tabula Rasa

And yet…


And yet when you get right down to it, there really isn't much to say, is there?


Exactly. It's all fillah.


You know what we need, right?


What's that?


We need some sort of alternate, "flash-sideways" reality.


Wait a second … How would that help anything?


I mean if we're flailing around in one plot line with nothing much to say, no direction, no answers, where we are seemingly just showing up and going through the motions to fill the episodic space …


Then how would introducing a second, sideways story arc be helpful or interesting or any different at all?


Good question. Welcome to Lost Season 6. Heh.



Manny isn't dead to us. He's still a Red Sox and late for spring training due to the third death of his grandmother. JD Drew spent too much time in his hyperbaric chamber and looks like a mummy, which, strangely makes him appear more alive. And Beckett's recurring blisters have been diagnosed as herpes digitex, a rare STD transmitted through women who have slept with Tiger Woods.

Dang, when hb is shitting on Lost (through his characters), you know that mofo done jumped the shark.

I keep watching it since it will thankfully end soon, but I use the expression 'hot tranny mess' a lot when discussing it with my wife.


Prepare to be terrified.

HTML link won't work for some reason.

This is all the alternative reality you need.

da kine,

I'm actually enjoying Lost 6, but also enjoy poking fun, too.

Now here's the question: in the flash-sideways reality where it's Sept 2004 on Lost, will the Red Sox still go on to win the WS?

Of course they win. That is a 'constant'. I think season 6 is slightly less shitty than season 5, which was slightly more shitty that season 4. Fuck, when you get time travel involved, everything goes to shit unless it is a Robert Heinlein novel. J.J. Abrams' inability to tell a story means that he even fucks up venerable institutions with his rubbish time travel (I'm looking at you, Star Trek...)

Also, call me a teenage girl, but if you want to see how a show can maintain a long story arc/plot while still developing character and remaining interesting, see 'Supernatural'. They even had a time travel episode that didn't suck. Plus, those boys are dreamy.

Never watched the show before I must admit. Watching it now with the GF who has been a long time fan. I find it amusing that if you went back in time your past self would have kicked your present day geek ass for watching that program...

Enough lost talk.
It's time for Olympic Curling!


In the flash-sideway reality, the RS unfortunately do NOT win the WS because in 2002, Bud Selig has instituted the right of managers to challenge umpires' rulings on the field twice per playoff game and when Torre challenges the Dave Roberts steal, the umpires reverse themselves and call him out.

It's all good, though because in this flash-sideways reality, a year earlier, in Game 7 of the ACLS, Grady Little has a heart attack in the sixth inning and is taken to the hospital, the bench coach takes over and removes Pedro after Jeter's hit and Timlin and Embree shut down the Yankees in the final innings.

Re: Curling...

Well, at least it's the Round Robin and that means it's not over...because we got beat like the Germans were bombing Pearl Harbor.

Our shots were not good and their's were impressive.

A quick shout-out to Nola to have a great time at Mardi Gras tonight. We'll expect a full report tomorrow. :-)

Today, the US Women were Pearl Harbor, and the Japanese, well, they were the Japanese :\

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