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Monday and not much to yak about still...

Tickets are still available?


Does this mean the glint has come off the Red Sox rose?


Yeah, nobody goes to Fenway anymore because it's too crowded.


So even Scott Brown has fallen off the Dice-K wagon-san, naming him just a potential 6th stahtah along with Wake.


Seriously. I haven't seen a politician throw anyone undah the buss so hahd since Obama made Hillary Secretary of State and sent her to Whogivesafuckstan on a fact-finding mission.



Don't believe that "tickets are still available" bullshit. I sampled toughly 10 games yesterday, and the only seats I found we obstructed view seats. Most games, the "best available" was SRO or GA. The Red Sox suck a duck.

Caught the end of the C's game yesterday. What the shit was that call on Pierce at the end? It just reminds me why I can't stand watching pro basketball. Not that my Heels are any fun to watch these days...

So what's this 'baseball' I keep hearing about? And what the hell is a Red Sox? Where am I? What is this god forsaken place? Why am I so cold? Why does 'defense and pitching' remind me of 'closer by committee'?

All 3 Sox games sold out here in Denver. Never went on sale to the general public either. Scalpers and resellers scooped them all up. You can buy a $4 bleacher seat on stubhub for $24 now. What a deal! The Monforts don't give a shit about the average fans.

"Caught the end of the C's game yesterday. What the shit was that call on Pierce at the end? It just reminds me why I can't stand watching pro basketball."

Baseball is my biggest sport and still I find the NBA to be the most frustrating. The Sox could lose three straight and I'd still rage at the shitty officiating of one Celtics loss.

Tickets still available? Nice. More opportunities with the ladyfriend.

I figure on Dice-K san's 3rd or 4th start he is going to stay in the locker room, you know, not even go out to the field. But he's not going to tell the team he's not out there. He'll keep that a secret - they'll never know. Won't want to worry Tito and upset the boat. The ump will call a series of base on balls due to lack of pitches and everyone will remember - Oh yea, it's Dice-K tonight, nothing unusuial about walks at the start of the game. After the game he'll talk about hard work and never explain why the team had to forfiet becuase he didn't step on the field. And the newshounds will mark it up to cultural differences.

lmao Jeff

Not that I'm a Scott Brown fan but it was impressive that he knew all 6 potential starters. Didn't his predecesor refer to Mike McGuire and Sammy Sooser? So at least we'll have a senator that knows a little more about baseball (not that that would be critical in cleaning up the mess that is Washington these days).

Hey, Scott. What's your 'beef' with the Monforts. (Heh.)

Oh, c'mon! it wasn't THAT bad a pun. Go ahead, look it up...

(not that that would be critical in cleaning up the mess that is Washington these days).

The government doesn't actually make any decisions for the Nationals, it just seems that way.


Where's lc?

h.b. - I'm a little surprised you haven't woven your "take" on the new iPad into a column yet. Good god, the jokes on the naming of that silly thing run for pages and pages -- some of it pretty clever.

I'll wait for shipment of the 64 GIG "Max iPad". That's right -- go ahead and say that three times fast: Max iPad, Max iPad, Max iPad.

heh heh

Then the 128G Super Max i.

And for those light days (as in flow of info), the thinPad.

And of course when the Max iPad isn't running well, kind of needs a cleaning out... Spammer's Eve solution will bring the freshness back.

oh, and for those days when its just all too much to even leave your mom's basement, there's the BigBr iPad.

Yor are correct Rob, this could go on for a long time.

Yeah, Jeff, I agree. This one's got legs.

My daughter wouldn't let me go to the Apple Store with her to buy one. God, imagine her embarrassment!

And for all the cramping and irritability? There's an app for that.

Spammer's Eve. Ha! It'll keep the seagulls from circling.

Too bad Big Bri's mom saw the blue dot when she peed on hers.

Heh. They could recycle the old Rely slogan: "It even absorbs the worry."

Speaking of uncontrollable blood flow, is it normal to have blood running out of your ears?

(I just got out of a meeting that started at 8:00 am.)

Speaking of the iPad, I know everyone likes to make fun of Apple for the name and its lack of features and high price and all...but seriously, what in the hell is Obama doing getting involved??

There is NO good reason for him to want to spend $100 BILLION in a Jobs Protection Bill for Steve. I'm sure the guy will get over it all and move on.

Yeah, yeah, yeah but where's lc?

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