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Life's little rollers...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Got a little family mini-crisis to deal with this morning. Nothing too dire but enough to disrupt the strip writing routine. Should be back to normal tomorrow.



Hope everything turns out okay, H.B.

In the meantime, an ode to your cartoon plant cutting stuck in a glass of water.

Oh, little sapling/why don't you grow?/Same size, same number of leaves/we only see you when H.B. goes.

Hope all is OK,h.b.-take care of business.

Hmm, family mini-crisis the morning after Fat Tuesday? Yeah, we believe that.

Just kidding H.B. - hope all is OK.

Time passes
We hold our breath
A fight against time
We return anew
Destined to move on
Time passes
We pass with it

Something like that.

Pass the beer
Pass the chips
Pass the time
Time passes
Like gases
Out our asses.

Hope the mini-crisis also passes, hb. Look forward to seeing what sort of reception last night's episode of Lost receives from the Soxaholix.

I'm just content knowing that J.D. Drew is a Faulknerian man-child. It makes so much sense. I can sleep so much better at night now.

as long as it's not the goddamn smoke monster!

funny, HB - that's what Dice-K first told Theo, then it became a hang-nail and now a back strain.

HB - hope it's not too serious.

from the left coast, hope all is well. i always check on late (for you ) with any luck, the mini crisis is over, and we can worry about diceK's back.

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