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This blog climbed Mount Washington

Jeez, first New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain goes all Humpty Dumpty...


The the "Live Free or Die" motto is called "unfriendly" ...


How much loss of character and claim to fame can one state endure?


Seriously what's next? A ban on ice fishing and skidoos?


More likely an income tax and loss of the first in the nation primary.


Ouch. Talk about somebody pissin in your sugah bucket.


Speaking of predictions, you see the Globe's Touching All The Bases' 20 predictions on the 2010 Red Sox?


I saw it, but I didn't have the energy to click beyond numbah 5.


I know. 1 prediction a page, 20 friggin clicks... Mmmm-kay.


For reals. I mean I'm bored and shit but I'm not some rat in a maze mindlessly sniffing out the Globe's cheese.


Abso-friggin-lutely. If you want me to to sit there and click through 20 screens, then there bettah be a choppy, low-rez, d.p. porn video reward waiting at the end.



Eiffel tower,here we come ;D

Knowing the Globe, they'd put Greg Oden's junk pics up at the end, instead of some sweet, sweet Brazilian porn.

Oh Christ, Bob... That just me to throw up in the back of my mouth. Warn a guy, huh? *spit* *spit*

Yuck! :-D

I like how my fellow Massholes go to New Hampshire, say "wow, this place is teh pissah! It's so much better than stupid Massachusetts. I'm moving here!" Then when they get there, they go about turning it into Massachusetts North, ruining everything about NH that made it cooler than Mass.

Old Man of the Mountain to Barrow Island, Australia:

"Blow me."

Low rez? Come on, Doug, that's pretty 2004 of you.

Speaking of DP, the reaming that "turbo tax" Geithner is taking in Congress right now re: The AIG counterparty payments in 2008 might be posted on spankwire tonight.

God bless the 2 guys cigar shop in Salem NH...just over the border, tax free sticks.

Sonuvabitching wind blew a storm window off my condo and onto the street 3 stories below. None of the pink hat brigade in my neighborhood were hurt in the episode.

I always thought one of the great things about living in NH was my state's motto. It was cool when I was in my 20/30's and is still cool now in my 40's. Did the task force people go any further than their own basements to talk to "young people"? WTF?

And while the record may have fallen, I'll take a barrow island guy up Tuck's in mid-winter and ask him what he thinks of the 2 mph difference while his balls are sucked up to two little lumps beside his earlobes trying to hide from the icy breeze.

I crapped out half way through the Globe's survery. Couldn't take it anymore.

NH will have to blow a little harder to get the record back.

WTF do you call someone from NH, anyway? No joke here. Living on the ME/NH border for 30 yrs never knew. We got Mainers, Massholes, Vters, Rhodies, and ...?


My cousin thinks that that absence of helmet laws, seat belt restraints, and required auto insurance coverage captures the true spirit of 'Live Free or Die'. Not quite sure she has figure out how the state picking up the long-term care cost for a head injury fits into the equation.

"I'm not some rat ... mindlessly sniffing out the Globe's Cheese" -- classic, hb.

Rob -- you made me laugh even harder with the double-meaning "Blow Me".

Fucking politicians can't leave anything alone. They always have to "leave their mark" on society. Who really get's worked up either way about what's written on their state's license plates. Why don't they concentrate on something really important like banning gay marriage and WMD's in Iraq...

Having lived in a number of states, I think NH was unique in it's approach to government. The state govt was effectively non-existent in my everyday life - Imagine! All things we wanted done/enacted/legislated/bought as a community were addressed in our own town. You didn't like the politics of a town, you moved to another town. A textbook approach to small government. No big brother to tell you to wear a helmet, a seatbelt, etc. The odd thing is that without that requirement, I in fact lived a less safe life. Smart? Probably not. Free? Definitely. And nice to be able to choose. Now square that up with my liberal political bent and you can fix my scizophrenia.

Jeff, it sounds as if you're a closet Libertarian, it's ok, there are many of them out there. Step into the light and reclaim your freedom, your sense of self determination.

My prediction for the sox... Scutaro relapses from last year, slumps, and is injured and the Sox scramble to find stability in the infield yet again.

Madraider, maybe. but every Libertarian I have ever really talked to is a crackpot. Uh, that WOULD explain some things though. Moving on now, nothing to see here folks...

My prediction - our 3rd basemen get hurt, our corner infielder plays back and forth, our catcher plays back and forth, our Captain strikes out while filling in. But it should be enough for the playoffs.

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