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Stoking the stove

Wow, quite a week for staggering revelations. Now we learn Google is shocked, shocked to learn that the Chinese aren't going to win any Jefferson awards for free speech.


Bettah late than nevah.


Hey, speaking of awards, did you hear that John Lackey has nevah won any pitching awards but he's been close, dude, close!


We'll see. I'm hopeful about Lackey and the other signings, but I'm not going to rock out with my cock out until I see what they guys are bringing in April, May and June.


Wait, are you saying that Hope alone isn't enough, that, you know, there actually needs to be some substance, some positive results?


Dude, don't make me come down there and go all Coakley staffah on your waxed ass.


Heh, everyone's so touchy these days.



Ah, but John Lackey did win an award for "Dude who looks exactly like the crazy bitch from Prison Break". So he's got that going for him.

I think the DNC is on to something the Red Sox could use. Whenever a good opposing hitter comes to the plate with men on base, the Sox just send out a goon to push him to the ground over and over.

A-Rod would curl up in a fetal position after the first push.

Is it too late for Theo to blame "the failed policies" of the Duquette administration?

Hey, Mike! Nice shirt. I've got one just like it.

da kine - Lackey does look a bit like Silas. Hope he doesn't wear those same snake pants onto the mound at Fenway, though.

da kine - Yes, it's too late for The Theo to blame the Duquette administration. Once he threw Manny off the bus, the last real vestige of the Duquette juggernaut was gone.

And besides, The Theo knows the buck stops with him. Unless of course it has a few mid-route stops to make along the way where it will also stop. And also there is the chance that the buck may pass along further to other stake holders if The Theo can't stop the buck. This buck we speak of just ain't worth what it used to be (worth).

Not related to anything baseball - just had a celebrity sighting. Here's two clues "I don't roll on Shabbos!" "And, I would like my undies back."

A John Goodman sighting? Wow.

Shomer shabbos!

Rob, he lives near me (although in a much richer hood than mine) and I've seen him before: once on a motorcycle on St. Charles and once exiting a port-a-let (I was next in line). He just signed on for David Simon's Treme.

Cool, Nola. But I'm not sure I'd be interested in being the next in line at a port-a-potty just vacated by him...

Nawlins warming up yet?

But getting back to the Sox and the hopes and expectations for 2010, Here's my take, comparing the changes in the 2010 team to the 2009 one:

Third base -- given that our beloved Mikey would be very unlikely to be an everyday player, Beltre is a definite upgrade defensively and will probably have similar offensive numbers to what a part-time Lowell would have had. Advantage 2010.

Shortstop -- Scutaro is a definite offensive improvement over AGon and defensively is pretty close. Advantage 2010.

Catcher -- Martinez vs. Varitek. Advantage 2010.

Left Field -- hard to compare Ellsbury with Bay. Speed, average and defense vs. HRs and RBIs. Let's call it a draw.

Center field -- Cameron vs. Ellsbury. Advantage 2009.

John Lackey vs. John Smoltz and Brad Penney. 2010 without a doubt.

And, if we don't trade Mikey and we have him DH against lefties, we may be better at DH as well.

Summary: Better at 4 positions, worse at 1 and one tie.

At the risk of being accused of drinking from Theo's Kool-aid thermos, I am pretty hopeful.

LarryE is drinking from Theo's Kool-aid thermos. I kid because I love. I thought the 2004 team would be shit compared to the 2003 team, so who am I to judge?

Great to see you back hb. And great to see the Battling Evil t-shirt. And Nola: I'm calmer then you are Dude.

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