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Slow day for baseball news

Lisa the Temp:
Well, peeps, you can rest easy now — Tater Tot is back in school!


Lisa the Temp:
But here's what Lisa wants to know...


Lisa the Temp:
Why is it always the People of Walmart who take it upon themselves to fight these freedom of expression battles with the schools?


Lisa the Temp:
Yes, yes, maybe the rules are silly and no doubt educating children and not policing a kid's personal appearance should be the primary task at hand.


Lisa the Temp:
But why do I get the feeling that Tater Tot, long-haired or short-haired or no-haired or blue-haired, isn't going to grow up to be an ACLU lawyer arguing a First Amendment case in front of The Supremes?


Lisa the Temp:
You know what they say, right?


Lisa the Temp:
"The nut doesn't fall far from the tree."


Lisa the Temp:
Or put another way...

The meth doesn't fall far from the lab.


Lisa the Temp:
Oh, yes, peeps, Lisa is a cruel, judgmental, bitch.



Lisa the Temp hates white people.

Tater Tot's mom's name? Elizabeth Taylor.


give texas back

Texas Elizabeth Taylor is coming out with a new fragrance soon. "White Zirconia."

mmmmmmmmmm...tater tots

Thanks for WalMart link. Now my day is shot. It's a bottomless pit of horror. Anyone arguing that our country is faltering need only to reference this site. These folks are clearly saving money and living better.

Why would Tater Tot be arguing anything with Diana, Mary and Florence?

There is some pretty good irony in the fact that I'm a habitual Walmart shopper. Hah.

>>There is some pretty good irony in >>the fact that I'm a habitual Walmart >>shopper. Hah.

Yes but do you or would you wear the 5 dollar foot long shirt (even if its true)?

No 5 dollar foot long t-shirts. No mullet. No plumber's crack. No rat's tail. No tats. No wallet chain.

But I'm still there to get things like toilet paper, laundry soap. $10/90day Rx's, and the like.

I like the "super stores" because I can get odd household items and grocery basics w/o having to go to two diff stores.

Of course, after Walmart I head to Whole Foods for meat and produce, so the my shopping trips are like matter vs anti-matter on Star Trek.

>>so the my shopping trips are like >>matter vs anti-matter on Star Trek

Whenever I hear a story about a boy named "Tater Tot". Yes, I actually have heard some. I can't help but think about Ron White's jokes. Makes me laugh every time. Between listening to that and the Wal-Mart site I'm set for the day. Thanks HB.
By the way, I do the matter vs. anti-matter trip every two weeks. I wonder how long my body will survive that trip.


ok. we know what h.b. doesn't look like (mullets, tats, etc.), but he did not mention a lack of WWJD t-shirts, keyfobs, and belt loop accesories. Keep your eyes open at your local Wally World folks - we have a clue.

Unless it's a double reverse gooch,Jeff ;D

The dreaded double reverse gooch. Gets me every time.

Why ain't the Wally World denizens at my local node shaped like the girl in the white spray on pants? It would take two of her to make even a left leg of one of the big mamas I always see.

Where is Target in the scheme of things? How about Trader Joe's? I'm guessing slightly above and below Wal Mart and Whole Foods, respectively.

ASDA, the UK's Wal-Mart, is full of the same types. Only instead of mullets and wallet chains they wear pink velour track suits/counterfeit Burberry. Pair that with the fake Louis bags, the side ponytails, and the overloaded prams and you get the idea. White trash in the states, Chavs here. I'm sure Natalie can confirm this assessment. Oh and- YAY! I missed Lisa. A lot.

Oh yeah..I know it's been slow, but that Fisk-on-McGwire story was a f*$king win.

You'd think the marketing-savvy Red Sox would at least consult the ops people before deciding what players to feature on the tickets.... this year's edition has Wake and Lowell. Of course I think the Pats had Seymour on a couple tix this year, too

Do those chavvy yoots put cars up on blocks in their yards, pseudo?

I can see it now: a '77 Vauxhall, held up by chunks of Stonehenge.

@ Bob- You don't really see a lot of that here, funnily enough. Councils tend to be really, really strict about that depending where you live (& if you keep a car off the road-and it's not antique- it still has to be registered or something). You also don't tend to see a lot of what we would consider 'beaters' here. So much so, my husband is constantly fascinated with the heaps of junk people are allowed to drive in the US. You know, the one's driving around with no hood or windshield, etc.

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