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One idiot short of a bunch

Ah, sweet karma — Johnny Damon and his buddy Boras just priced themselves out of anothah mahket.


That's gotta sting a bit.


Seriously, when the richest team in the game says they can't afford you when you know deep down they can easily afford you but just choose not to... Ouch.


And then they don't just not sign you but go out and sign a guy who is only a year youngah than your getting long in the baseball tooth 37 years, well...


Wah-hoo, Boras. Wah-hoo Boras.


But I'm sure he'll land somewhere.


Yeah, but somewhere off-off-off-Broadway.


Bettah turn on the high beams, Michelle, it's dahk out there in flyovah country.



Looks like KC for him.

Naw, he oughta stay in NY

There has to be a pole with her name on it somewhere out there :)

I sincerely doubt it will happen, but I hope Damon signs with the Angels. The chance to see Michelle and Johnny on Real Housewives of Orange County would just be too rich.

We're paying Mike Cameron $15.5 over two years. Hypothetically, if we could have gotten Damon for the same price, would you have done it if you were Theo?

Larry, I don't think so. The difference in defense more than makes up for the hitting. Plus, didn't Johnny effectively burn all the bridges between NY and Boston a while ago?

After having named our son Damon (born 9 months after the '04 WS), I couldn't be happier today. I'm just ticked that both he and A-Rod finally got their rings with the Skanks last year.

Oh well, I can't have it all. On a lighter note, didn't Damon lose all his investments with Madoff? He will have to play somewhere until he's in his sixties.

One Idiot Short... Ha! A well deserved contractual situation (or lack thereof) for Mr. Damon. Well played by Boras. 3 wks in a new club house and Damon will be talking shit about the Yankees, 4 wks after that and he'll be talking shit about the Yankee fans. We've seen this story before.

Today's trivia from the desk calendar - What is Philadelphia Athletics pitcher Bud Thomas' claim to fame from April 23, 1939?

Mr. Thomas gave up The Splendid Splinter's first home run

It's National PECOTA Day! Congratulations to the Rays for their first place finish in the AL East (96 wins). Our beloved Sox finish in second with 95 wins and the wild card. And a great big fuck you to the defending Yanks on their 3rd place finish (93 wins).

Glad we got that settled. Saved a lot of money on scalper tickets this way. See you in October everyone.


Great last panel today h.b. (not that the whole thing wasn't good, the last one just really tied the strip together - and because of the content, not gratuitous MD high beams. Mostly.


So the last panel would be the area rug to today's strip?

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