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Not a great weekend

I guess we just witnessed the end of the Patriots dynasty.


Seriously. By the second half I kept expecting the camera to pan to a shot of Nero with fiddle.


Wearing a tricorne.




And if that wasn't bad enough, I give you one Daisuke Matsuzaka.


What the fuck was he thinking?


This is like running into some chick you hooked up with a few times in the past and she tells you, "Oh, yeah, back when we were together? I had the herp. But, you know, I didn't want to be the centah of concern or anything, so I nevah mentioned it."


Here's today's haiku:

My leg really hurts
But player trainer same dude
Enjoy the silence


I don't like how this decade is getting stahted.



Better to go out quietly like the Pats did then to fight back as the Packers did only to lose in OT the way they did. I had "resigned" myself to a long off season just a few minutes into the 1st Qtr yesterday. Talk about NO cylinders firing.....
Oh well, spring training fires up next month.

There isn't a bottle of Allen's Coffee Brandy large enough to drink away that game.
It was like watching a 37 car pile-up happening right in front of your house.

A Haiku day? Maybe it'll take the edge off of yesterday's debacle.

Fans were quite nasty
Deservedly so me thinks
Feed them Dice K's leg

The Redskins apparently found a way into the playoffs, by wearing Patriots uniform.

Dice-K: "It wasn't the pain that killed me, but it was the regrets and guilt that filled my mind."

How poetic.

Patriots blew it,
Red Sox look kinda shitty.
Go Celtics? I guess.

The Pats might have won one game in the playoffs with Welker. They were not going any deeper. Massive rebuilding rather than fine tuning is the order of the day.

Daisuke handled the situation in a very Japanese way- "not wanting to cause trouble" is a classic group-society type of comment, where not making waves is important. Obviously you can see the downside to this way of going about things! Bottom line is that he seems to have learned a lot from his mistake, and by all accounts he has been really working hard down at the API and is in great shape. When he says 2010 is going to be a great season for him, believe it! He has a lot to prove, and I think he'll do great. And, being the number 5 starter should take some pressure off. Look for great things from Matsuzaka-san next season!

"Patriots blew it,
Red Sox look kinda shitty.
Go Celtics? I guess."

Do the Sox look that shitty in your mind, da kine?

I guess defensive minds don't bode well here in the Bean.

I thought they looked shitty last year. I think Jim Rice should do a few laps, get out his old gear, and step back on the field.

If we're going to do the small ball thing this year, then great...but even Anaheim has had its share of big bats within the lineup.

Papi had better be fall 2009 Papi and not spring 2009 Papi. V-Mart had better bring his A-game and not let us pine for the days of Varitek at bat. Beltre is hopefully bringing more than just his glove.

One thing that never felt "comfortable" in the past year or so with the Sox was the feeling that any inning could just turn into a rally. It always felt like there was at least 1 guaranteed out coming to the plate in the next 3 batters no matter where in the lineup you were looking...and that just demolishes any per-inning momentum that can lead to runs for a small ball team looking to edge out the opponent due to its defense instead of overwhelming offense.

So, I'm looking for that from the team this year, hopefully. Everyone participating at the plate at any given time.

Interesting perspective, Jerry. Here's hoping you are right about The Dice. A strong comeback year would be a welcome occurrence.

Turned off the game yesterday at halftime. Just couldn't bear the carnage...

I thought there was a somewhat decent hitter referred to as Youk on the Sox, but I've been wrong before.

exactly, Kaz. Had that conversation yesterday during that JV football game. I'm optimistic that 1 - 9 guys can keep a rally going. Not as many long balls but still scoring runs.

Dice K will redeem
Or future hari-kari?
The Pats really sucked

So many doubters
Of the Sox talent next year
Am I alone here?

McGwire just admitted he used steroids.

What a shocking, shocking revelation.

Sox win ninety five
yanks win a hundred and one
playoff matchup looms

John, Josh, John, Dice, Clay
Will blow the yankees away
Brian Cashman weeps

McGwire? Steroids? You don't say.

Much like the joke, "I prayed to God for a new bike. Then I realized God doesn't work that way. So I stole one and asked his forgiveness", this seems to be the ticket for stronger bodies, steroid use and foregiveness. And we, yes we are all part of the collective we even if we dissent, grant such forgiveness.

Jeff - There's a certain ironic "truthiness" to the (intentional?) "foregiveness" [sic] typo in your post. There does seem to be a certain amount of calculated fore-thought to McGuire's fore-lorn admission.

He ought to go back to the links and swing away instead of managing for the Cards.


It's hard to be too down on the Sox at the moment, that rotation and the depth they have in it looks pretty good. Who woulda thought the Sox would've won the series in 04 with Mueller, Millar, Captain Caveman Nancy-arm, Mark Bellhorn. Granted, had Manny and Papi in the middle of the lineup, but there is better projected speed in 2010 lineup as it is constructed at this minute.

Pats need to blow up that defense and try to draft a decent running back to take a bit of pressure off the Statue of Tom Brady.

@ Jerry - Well, hello, Mr. Optimist. I like your style!

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