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I wish I hadn't gone to high school during the pot smoking era

You know, I'm almost nevah surprised to learn of steroid use...


But I confess I'm always totally surprised at the absolute pussification involved in "coming clean."


I mean we get the teary-eye Giambi Juice apologizing for a transgression he's too afraid to name.


We get A-Rod's boo-hoo "I was under so much pressure."


And Clemens' "it wasn't me, it was my trainer!"


Then there's Manny's "Duh, I thought a stairway meant that thing you go up?" dumbass routine.


And now we get McGwire's "I wish I had never played during the steroid era." You know, like he's a fucking victim of circumstance.


It's not his fault. It's that damn "steroid era" that is to blame.


Seriously. He may as well have said the fucking dingo took his steroids.


And to top it off he only decides to confess now because he wants a job as a hitting coach.


What a sorry ass spectacle this has all become.



And yet Selig is still commissioner? How is that even possible? I guess lack of accountability trickles down.

"Sorry ass" spectacle.


Sore ass, too.

Seeing the news that McGwire took steroids is a lot like waking up in the morning and hearing on the news that the sun rose in the East today. How very nice and calculated the timing is. After HOF voting, before spring training. Let it play out during baseball's dead time, while other sports rule the airwaves.

There's plenty of room in the blame boat, Natalie. The players' union fought the idea of testing tooth and nail to protect the slime-blall cheaters to the detriment of all those members who didn't cheat. Don Fehr hurt the game as much as Selig. Which is not to defend Selig. He's an ass. Where's Giamatti when you need him?

It's all like a badly planned and poorly executed reality television show. Problem is most of us have stopped watching and those of us that still tune in don't really give a shit. Yeah, yeah, we get it, it's everyone elses fault but your own and you're just the poor harmless schlub caught in the middle. Is there a 'mumbled bullshit' finishing school players have to go to before they make it to the majors? Love of the game, my red, hgh injected, sweaty ass.

pseudo- you left out pimpled. Can't ever forget the ass pimples. Grrrrr....Sexy.

Agreed, Rob. Unions can be horrible impediments to progress (just look at the US educational system for proof). I just hate Selig. Always have, always will.

Sure normally, but not this week Natalie. I got Proactiv- Arse Formula...patent pending.

PEDs saved baseball.

Fifteen years ago, MLB was on the verge of NHL status. Strike, declining TV ratings, et al.

Someone in the know told me in 1995 when I asked about MLB's strategy?: "Juice and juiced balls."

Then the magical summer of McGwire and Sosa.

MLB and Owners: Created the environment, encouraged it, and looked the other way.

Players: Take a random group of 1,000 people and promise that they will make more money by taking a drug. What do you think the majority of this group will do?

The media: My personal favorite...deliberately restrained the obvious questions from 1995-2002. (Sosa suddenly gains 30 lbs. and starts hitting 50+ a year?) Baseball's renaissance saved and enhanced job security/financial status of the BBWAA's collective.

PEDs saved baseball.

You had me LOL at Pot Smoking. But I'm sure glad I didn't go to school during the super high potency field of green era or I'd be a vegetable today... and it would be my own damn fault.

Nice conspiracy theory, J.O. I love it when you are overly arch. Uh, you ARE being overly arch, right?

(PEDs, teh Blunt, ass-pimples, unions and conspiracies... Firing on all cylinders today, h.b.)

Alright for a moment I'll grant that, for the sake of argument, PEDs and the reactions of the three stakeholder groups previously mentioned were completely spontaneous and unrelated:

PEDs still saved MLB.

Whatever happened to just saying, "It must have been one of those supplements or vitamins I was taking?"

Yep, at least Canseco manned up, even if for the wrong reasons ($$$$s). If it weren't for his book, we'd probably still be in the "steroid era" and the owners, union and BBWA would still be looking the other way.

"I only wish Dad hadn't died during the ERA OF STUFFING YOUR DAD'S HEAD IN A FREEZER."
- John Henry

Rose's Lime - the trouble to be had with the super high potency (available and always on hand while I was a college prick) is that you become an expensive date for life. Sure, a bit of vegetable behaviour for ahwile until your head gets used to being 8 miles higher than la la land. but once there - oh my. No more cheap swag for me. THAT is the problem - supply and cost. A way bigger problem than what to do with steroid cheats.

So here is what I ccurently miss about the baseball season. A game on the TV almost every night, sometimes with full attention paid, often as background soundtrack to the chaos I call my home.

But always there to pay attention to when I want to. Last night, Dad was over at the house and he brings up... Sarah Palin signs with Fox (yawn from me / giddy enthusiasm from him). Had I been able to turn my attention to the current bases loaded at-bat, a double play just turned, a dinger just dung, I could have been happy. But no, without this most American of distractions available to me, I was forced to engage this conversation and debate the meaningless merits and d-merits of the subject.

Please get me to opening day so that the silly news available each day - McGwire (no slight here hb), Palin, Reid, Sheen, Tiger, Uchitel, the tabloid life of the OMB director, Jeter marriage?, Pete Carroll trying the NFL again, blah blah blah - can be left where it belongs. On the concourse.

Fortunately and unfortunately, I, like many others (and I'm assuming possibly hb), went to high school during a "rampant" pot-smoking era (1971-75). In fact, high school was aptly named.

I say fortunately, because in many ways it was pretty fun, it no doubt reduced the stress of my teenage years and it introduced me to friends and certain musical artists whom I still enjoy today. Also, I was one of those persons that, while I smoked virtually every day, still performed at a (no pun) high level in school, always had part-time jobs and was otherwise a productive citizen. I say unfortunately because the vast amount of time and money I spent on pot could have been put to better use.

And although I was a huge Sox fan starting when I was 10 at the BEGINNING of the 1967 season (what a year to become a fan), as an 18-year old in 1975 baseball had taken second billing to Pink Floyd and Allman Brothers concerts. So, while I was vaguely aware that Jim Rice had broken his hand toward the end of the '75 season, I didn't pay very close attention to the '75 WS. Maybe given the outcome, that was a good thing.

A good result of the McGwire admission is that I doubt this will have a positive effect on his HOF prospects.

Great strip today, hb !!!

LarryE - amen.

In general, the decade has given me a lot more respect for Pete Rose.

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