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Happy Late Year

Well, that's it then, the Feast of the 3 Kings is in the books and the 12 Days of Christmas are officially ovah.


How did Santa treat everyone?


[Sings] ♫ On the 5th day of Christmas my Jewish GM gave to me... a frickin insane smallball defense ♫ ♪


One smallball defense ♪
♪ Ellsbury moved to left
A pitcher scared of Fenway...


♫ And a guy-uy named Boof Bonserrrrrrrr.


Load up the truck, bitches, 20 mofo 10 is on!



Nice to see you back Hart!

I like the part where the Red Sox are probably going to suck next year. Still, we got a guy named "Boof".

As far as I'm concerned, today is the start of 2010. Welcome back Hart.

Life is as it should be again.

I think Boof's nickname should be Bourguignon.

"Boof Bourguignon." I love it.

And here's to hoping that one day Chia-Chu Chen gets called up so that when he comes up to bat the crowd can chant:

January brings hope for the season and a welcome return for the Soxaholix. Welcome back, H.B.

Cautiously optimistic for '10, but I've been a fool before.

Ahh... talk of truck day. All is right with the world! Welcome back.

welcome back. life on the inter-webs begins again.

Ok continuing the french sauce thing. How does Daily Roux (rew) work?

welcome back h.b.!!

will Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia announce "you following me camera guy?" prior to stepping in the box?

and then Jon "set it and forget it" Popeilbon will close it out? ShamWOW!

Psyched to finally be warming my cold cold hands by the heat of the Soxaholix hot stove. That its just over a month to Truck Day makes winter almost bearable. Welcome back, hb... And hi to all the Soxaholix. Missed you guys!

Welcome Back, h.b.! You were missed. Hope everyone's holidays were happy.

Boof Bourguignon. Heh. Bob, you haven't missed a beat.

It is Christmas all over again! I'm glad you are back H.B. and I hope you had a well deserved break from the creeps and recharged. Did anyone else see the YouTube video on Beltre's defense? I know you can make anyone look great but that boy can play.
Here's to a great 2010 and see ya later 2009.

So, what you're saying, h.b., is:

Chia-chu, I choose you!

Also, 36 days until Truck Day. I should have bought up some of the leftover $0.01 advent calendars at Trader Joe's for repurposing.

Also, if anyone heard a friend of their's bragging about finding a bottle of this year's Sam Adams Utopias in the back seat of their Budget car rental over the New Year holiday, please feel free to punch them in their face for me. Then, all I need is an address and I'll take care of the rest. Thanks.

Also, Adrian Beltre evidently doesn't wear a cup. So, that's something.

Also, I'll be at Fenway tomorrow night to watch BU vs BC. I got shut out of trying to get into the Winter Classic (what a hell of an awesome game!), so I'll settle for second best.

cool, a strip.


"cool a strip" =

Oral topics.

Happy New Year! Welcome back HB - that test pattern was getting old.

Both kids back to college as of yesterday - thank god. Hopefully neither one is home for the summer. (What a rotten parent I must sound like). My wife and I have settled into life sans l'enfants and we find it quite enjoyable.

Artie Lange is an idiot. Nuff said.

H.B.'s back, Soxaholix is/are back, and I just paid my Sox tickets invoice.


Defense and pitching wins championships. Well, it wins championships if you're not in third place at the end of the year...

I'm looking forward to watching a good defensive team lose lots of games by one run! Not that I'm cynical or anything. Let's just play the games and see what happens, eh?

>>I'm looking forward to watching a >>good defensive team lose lots of >>games by one run!

Too bad we aren't in the NL west. That kind of team can win there.

"Artie Lange is an idiot. Nuff said."

Maybe, but Arte Johnson was a comic genius... :-)

Verrry interesting. ...but schtupid!

For you ticket holders, if there happens to be a weekend game you don't think you'll be able to go to and want to sell your tickets to a fellow Soxaholic please let me know. The Wife and I usually journey up from Jersey at least once a year and I'd rather buy from you all than Stubhub. I'm not picky about opponents - hell, we saw the Royals last year.

thank you HB and welcome back.

The bright, shininess of a new strip makes it a great day...it even has that new strip smell.

The new year as truly commenced. Beltre wants a second year, Beckett in a walk year...the boys will be revved up. At least I am

All of the Soxs' offensive problems have been solved. They have flipped Kotchman to the Mariners for the stellar batting prowess of one Bill Hall, a minor league catcher and some dough. It's Bill Hall To save the dayyyy. He just needs a cape and mouse ears.

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