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Dynamic Inertia

So I'm disappointed to learn that Martha Coakley is not a membah of SoSH.


One of her handlers needs to shove a bloody sock in her mouth because every time she opens her mouth to speak she drops another couple points in the polls.


Hey, I'm the last person to defend a Taxachusetts lib like Coakley, but I'm not especially unnerved by her Schilling gaffe.


I mean it's the US Senate fercrissakes.


You think that dipshit Al Franken has ever heard of Brett Favre? Of course not, but it doesn't stop the most honorable Senator for Minnesota from casting votes along with the rest of his brain dead colleagues.


OK. Enough friggin politics. Let's get back to something that actually mattahs.


Did you hear that Dice-K is in the best shape of his life?


Once pudgy pitcher
Now taut, a crouching tiger –
O Shake Weight success!



Shake Weight!!!


"In a matter of seconds you'll feel it really working...."
*sigh* sad, but probably true

Comment to the first part - Coakley wanted to call Schilling a dick, but instead used the first synonymous thought that came to mind.

On to baseball,

Shake Weights, Easy Curves
Big tits bad pitches make, Blind
with hairy palms worse

"Best shape of his life."

Trust me, that's entirely relative.

After one day on Biggest Loser, those "people" are in the best shape of their lives, too.

Now pass the Moose Trail ice cream for my coffee float.

I'll steal from myself here:

Due to the high number of voters expected in the upcoming Massachusetts special election for US Senate, voting will be held on two days; those who intend to vote for Scott Brown should go on the 19th, while those who intend to vote for Martha Coakley should go on the 20th or use absentee ballots. Let your friends know.

Don't blame me, I voted for Offerman.

da kine-

The truly scary part is how many people actually thought that bit was true last fall

The weird thing about this special election is that it seems the Dem Party somehow didn't foresee Teddy (not Ballgame)'s demise in time to, say, groom a replacement? What the hell? If they really wanted to throw-in behind Coakley as it seems they did once the Primary had begun (leaving the FAR more capable Capuano out to dry), then why weren't they prepping her to take over by having her help get involved earlier and cleaning her act up so that she became Senatorial in speech and stature? It felt almost as if this ENTIRE process snuck up on the state officials...they should be taken out back and shot for this complete mishandling that has let a teabagging, MA antithetical liar like Brown even come close to their candidate in the polls in this state.

Ah well, regardless as to what happens there, it's only about a month to baseball.

I like Scott Brown. He seems like a good enough bloke when I hear him on Howie Carr's podcast.

Remember Tooky Amirault and vote for Scott Brown!

Making Scott Brown a Senator doesn't keep Coakley from being the state AG. If you really wanted to think of all the Tooky Amirault's, wouldn't you vote for Coakley?

I would disagree with her but wasn't Coakley simply using an euphamism for 'asshole'?

One could fault the MA GOP for shitting the bed for 30 years, but bottom line: One party machine governance is never a good thing.

"Past a diving Jeter?" I like that.

Oh, wait a second: Jeter's UZR/150 for the full 2009 season was +8.4. "Defensive Wizard" Marco Scutaro's? +1.0

If even the good folks of the people's republic are willing to give a republican a fighting chance at Teddy's seat in order to stop ObamaCare, you might think the democrats in the U.S. Congress ought to take another look what they are trying to force down our throats. But no, what they actually do is dispatch Bill Clinton, the Special UN Envoy to Haiti, (where some real bad sh*t is going down) to campaign for Coakley last Friday. If you think these folks have your best interest at heart, you must have made a recent trip to NJ for medical supplies.

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