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Don't go away mad, just...

Ah, how fitting. Just as the tabloids are running Brangelina break up rumors, the Globe runs a "worst breakups in Red Sox history" bit.


Yeah, I flipped through the list and was like, who the frig is Reggie Jefferson?


Yeah, I think the Globe could have culled that list a bit.


I mean when I guy storms off into the sunset, career in tattahs, and is nevah heard from again, does it really count as a historical worst breakup?


If a Reggie Jefferson strikes out in a forest, against a lefty, and nobody is there to see it, does it make a sound?


For that mattah, does Jason Bay really count as a bad breakup?


Seriously, how can Clemens and Bay even be on the same list?


Exactly. The Clemens breakup is the equivalent of a domestic dispute you'd see on COPS...


You know the ones where the police roll up and there is a dude lying shirtless on the side of the road streaked in blood and moaning in pain...


And then the lady is standing in front of their place sobbing and sobbing, mascara black as her exposed hair roots running down her face and inside the apartment every single item is broken, even the coat hangahs.


And the Cop says, "Mrs. Cordero would you like to press chahges?"


Al shoots, Al scores!


Heh, well, what I was going to say is that compahed to Clemens, the Bay "breakup" is like two divorce lawyers having a formal disagreement ovah who gets the summah cottage on the Cape.


You know who is conspicuous by absence on this list?


A fellah named Babe Ruth. Perhaps you've heard of him?


Hey, we're ovah that stuff now.


Absolutely. We can forget the loss of the Bambino and the umpteen Yankees World Series wins as a direct result, but you know, I'll take hurt of the breakup with Joe Kerrigan to my dying grave.



anybody else getting double images? (mac osx Safari/FF/Chrome)

I don't know what was up with that. Fixed now. Had to delete and then re-paste the strip in.

Haven't read the article yet. Is Sean McDonough on the list?

Reggie Jefferson??? Wasn't he married to Weezie for a while??? ;)

How about Reggie Smith or Hawk Harrelson?

Anyone else chuckling as Damon can add another team to his list that 'doesn't know how to treat their stars?' I would find it wonderfully ironic if he ended up back in Kansas City.

I'm so effing happy this morning even with the Full Moon chased with cheap wine hangover and sausage, cream cheese, and Rotel dip taking revenge on my innards. I admit the whole Who Dat Nation must be irritating for the rest of the country, but at least we don't have thundersticks or a rally monkey.

or mini fucking cowbells.

Yea, not sure how Grady Little is a bad breakup. Following the model, he was kind of the dude who took the chick out on a date to a nice place, really impressive restaurant, great time, lots of potential for fireworks, then blows it late in the evening when she is tired and really wants to go back to her place for drinks and whatnot. He misses the obvious and keeps her out drinking too long. She vomits all over the sidewalk outside the bar. Date over. Not so much a bad breakup as much as it was just needing to never do that again.

Personally I am still heartbroken over Phil Plantier. Or Rob Deer- Christ, that was a crusher.

Speaking of Kerrigans:


Speaking of Cops. Today's extended riff on the typical Cops episode reminded me of this classic Bill Hicks bit:

You're keeping good company, hb.

And Ned Martin.


Where's friggin' Pedro? He had to be one of the bigger cancers in recent history. Bay was here for about 12 minutes but Pedro going to the Mets doesn't show up on CHB's radar.

Happy Australia Day, sdu.

Oz breaking away from the UK - that has to be a top 10 break up.

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