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As we like it

Wow. One day the Globe runs its "Five things to know about Lackey" standahd offseason puff piece...



I didn't know Lackey's Red Sox contract included a "daily ball washing by the local media" clause.


The amusing thing, of course, is realizing that it'll be the same media that reams Lackey a new bungah the moment he faltahs.


Yeah, led by our favorite Curly Haired Boyfriend who, while resting his balls in a commemorative cup of irony, will hack out a piece in which he accuses the fans of lactating ovah Lackey.


And we'll relish every minute of it.


Relish and Sriracha.



Know when I read CHB? When someone on Soxaholix points out what a retahd he is for writing "X" in his latest column. Then, I click over, read it and reinforce my pre-existing opinion that he is, indeed, a retahd. But I relish not a minute of it.

because if you add enough relish and sriracha, you can make even the most bland (blandest?) and cliche CHB shit sandwich dish taste like relish and sriracha.

Certainly don't mind Krista Lackey if you know what I mean. ;3

Pride of UNH :)

Sriracha, CHB, Bungah...

Put them all together, and there's a great idea just waiting to be implemented.

As for Lackey, yeah, I have high hopes. For him and the pitching staff as a whole.

Let's face it, they better be great this season.

One problem I can foresee is Lackey trying to pitch through injury, a la Beckett, and giving up mucho taters in the confines. He's a pretty hard-headed dude, which is great when he's on, but can be a major problem when things aren't going right.

We're basically getting another Beckett, along with all the Texas tough-guy BS.

That being said, I'm looking forward to this team, just for the novelty of it all. New faces, emphasis on defense and pitching. Should be entertaining at least!

pitching is improved, as is defense. Can the MFY really have as injury-free season as they did last year? One hopes not.

Mmm, Sriracha. I just put some on animal crackers. Delicious, but I'm starting to worry about myself.

"Can the MFY really have as injury-free season as they did last year? One hopes not."

No team can run on all cylinders again. We thought that'd be the case after 2007. We learned something now, didn't we?

You know those Asian wasabi peas?

Well, I was in the Asian market the other day and I found a can of those peas but with Sriracha instead of wasabi.

They are whacky and good.


My ladyfriend is Korean. She doesn't fancy a lot of that Japanese and to a lesser extent Thai stuff. It's kimchi and gopchujang for her (and me by association). It's pretty tasty though.

Late to the party today (f-ing morning meetings! grr.)

Just about spit my Starbucks when I read "resting his balls in a commemorative cup of irony".

** in my best Mr. Magoo voice ** "Oh, h.b. You've done it again!"

Rob, I believe I should get some credit. BTW, heaven is great. I'm having foursomes with Natalie Schafer, Natalie Wood, and Bob Denver.

Oh. Shit. This is hell, huh?

I usually agree with you, but not this time. The piece may be "fluff" but it gives the fans info on Lackey and does not preclude the media from criticizing his performance in the future. I'm sure I could comb through past Soxaholix strips and find examples of what you might think is talking out of both sides of one's mouth.

I talk out of both sides of my mouth *and* my bungah at the same time.

Indeed, its often difficult to discern what I'm saying from what I'm farting.

heheh...Jim Backus said Wood...

@ Dead Jim Backus: You know why Natalie Wood didn't shower that morning? She decided to wash up on shore.

Oh Rob, you've done it again...

(and REALLY? Bob Denver? Really? What would Dobie Gillis say? Or Chatsworth Osborne, Jr. for that matter?)

@JF - who are you actually disagreeing with? Fictional characters that lean toward 18 yr old girls and another that just can't get rid of his golden chalice?

Odd indeed.

I'm liking the ball massage themes that have cropped up lately.

Rob, you nailed it. That phrase had me laughing out loud and my co-workers wondering what the hell was so funny.

Shouse is in the house! (again)

I always thought that Susan Walker should have asked Santa for swimming lessons rather than a house.

Larry - Heh. Glad I could brighten your afternoon. The oldies are still the goodies, eh? Just don't Google Natalie Schafer + Planters Cheese Balls. :-)

Peersonally, I thought that 'reams lackey a new bungah' was the line of the day but this stuff is SO subjective.

I bit Rob. Wish I hadn't...

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