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We can't wish them away

In his penthouse lair, Marty and a friend enjoy the spoils of victory …

I know, I know it is eminently satisfying.


Order has returned to the universe.


Not only are the Yankees World Champions... again.


But also we once again get to watch the highly entertaining schadenfreude folly known as "Red Sox Try to Sign a Yankee."


It's like Lucy holding the football for poor, dumbass Charlie Brown.


That's right — Never. Gonna. Happen.


But how enjoyable it is to watch the proles aspire to create a roster speckled with those chosen ones who have worn the Pinstripes.



Theo don't play that. We've already got an overpaid, declining Japanese superstar, thank you.

This being the worst Marty has to offer continues the theme of #27 being not all that painful. Sort of like getting a shot at the doctor's office: it stings a bit at the time and leaves you with minor soreness for a day, but it won't kill you.

Marty has hairy knuckles

I hate Marty, but I must say that his rotary dial Bakelite phone is fantastic.

Of course, it should be shoved up his cartoon ass, but still.

Marty has hairy palms to match his hairy knuckles :)

The irony of course wis all the former Red Sox the Yanks have hired over the years.

Everyone likes C Brown. Lucy is a bitch. Everyone knows that.

Oh come on Jeff, Lucy was hot! Psychiatric help for 5c too. But Marty is a Blockhead.

Maybe. But she created the psychiatric problem to start with. Never liked her. She made me angry! I guess I was more of a Peppermint Patty kind of guy. That sounds a little wierd. Always kind of liked how Schroeder ignored her for the piano.

And yes, Marty is a blockhead.

Jeff, I have bad news for you. Peppermint Patty is not into boys.

Yes, I know that NOW. But when I was a wee little tyke, I was not in tune with these kind of things. I did not realize she played for the other team. Didn't even know there was another team.

She kinda reminded me of young Tatum on the Bad News Bears - you know, before breasts and all.

In any case, y'all still can't make me like Lucy - especially since I now associate her with the Yankees. A fine connection there, h.b.

Marty's "again" line gave me the shits.

Matsui? um, no thank you...

Today's comments had me perusing the 6 year old fan's marvellous recent acquisition: 'Celebrating Peanuts 60 years'. On p. 221 there is this dialogue (note the use of the term 'flip') - Patty to Lucy:
" - I have a problem Lucille. I think Chuck likes me.
- Why do things like this happen. Chuck's a nice guy and all that but golly...
- I mean how could I ever flip over someone like Chuck?
- I could strike him out on three straight pitches. "

And as for Patty and Tatum O'Neill - how about this: http://totallylookslike.com/2008/09/09/jodie-foster-totally-looks-like-peppermint-patty/ "> jodie foster totally looks like peppermint patty


Now I am going to have to seek therapy. Damn that Charles Schultz.

I splitting work a little early today (haircut, finally).

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

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