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The devil and idle hands

Nah, nobody here is talking about the Red Sox right now. It's the fallow period.




Oh, you know me.


I'm staying busy by bogahting the dank and fantasizing about Carrie Prajean.


Yeah, that's right... "Daddy's Bible belt is getting really tight, so why don't you saddle on ovah heah and unbuckle it."



I am not opposed to seeing the former Miss California diddle herself on video. Such a tape exists but is not on the intartubes, which I consider to be a miscarriage of justice.

I'm not sure they (TMZ?) can actually publish it since she was for certain a minor at the time so doing so would run afoul of child porn law.

Meanwhile da kine thank you and every other veteran on this Veteran's Day.

I feel like a dink for not giving a shout out in the strip itself. My excuse is that I actually wrote today's strip yesterday and set it to auto-publish, so I wasn't thinking of today as Vet's Day at the time.

With beauty pageants no longer attending to Ms. Prejean, and Fox News certain to lose interest before much longer, I give Playboy no longer than 12-15 months to publish a fine pictorial of the aforementioned young lady, sans bikini avec airbrush touchups as necessary to keep the tongue wagging.

I doubt it'll be the tongue doing the wagging at that point, Jeff.

Fox News won't lose interest.

She'll have her own show leading into Beck, et al within 3 months.

I think the Sox should opt for swidden rather than letting the team lie fallow.

I'm not sure I agree that it is Fox News that is keeping the Prajean story going. After all, it is TMZ that is doing the "sex tape tease" and it was the douchebag Perez Hilton who turned this into a big deal in the first place.

And she's simply too young and too shaky to play any sort of role for Fox News ala a Beck, Hannity, or O'Reily.

She also lacks to the gravitas to become a regular contributor like "Factor Girls" Lis Wiehl and Megyn Kelly etc.

The only Fox News show I watched when I was back in ye olde States was "Red Eye", which picks its female guests based on looks and...well, that's about it, so Gutfeld will have her on his program, I'm sure.

Well, yeah, she'll be on as a news interest story as long as she remains a news interest story.

But my point was that it isn't Fox that is keeping her in the news. Indeed, I'd forgotten all about her entirely until TMZ started the sex tape tease.

Agreed. Fox News had basically already lost interest in her once the shine on the "another example of good religious upbringing being shat upon by the mainstream fillintheblanks" story line wore off. TMZ makes hay out of any A-D list celebrity showing there bits, much less a hot blonde. Which brings her back into all news network's sights for a few moments, then gone again. Not a lot of championing her cause from Fox now though. But a platform on Hannity to explain that as long as you "call it whatever they want", and not masturbation, then it is still an attack on conservative women. Shesh, I'm sure even Barbara Bush has had some happy sexy times all by herself.

And on to dong, er toungue, wagging, with the nudy shots.

Got laid off last week and just catching up here. Glad I missed that douchebag Rob. I'm expecting that soon I will be "Laura the Temp." On a positive note, my house is cleaner and my dog is happy to have me home during the day.

Yes, Nolasox, my brother was laid off a while ago. His house is in great shape, his landscaping looks awesome, his garden was well tended this year.

Here's Prajean's future, the miserable bitch: She'll find some dumb older guy to marry her and soon you'll see her again on Toddlers and Tiara, pimping her children out as she lives vicariously through them while appearing as a special guest judge to the onstage child porn. Or maybe she can just get sent to a place where women have little freedom or choice in their lives, and we'll learn if she's intelligent enough to detect the irony.

I don't like where this is headed.

I'm going back into hibernation.

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