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My timing is off

Your omniscient author in absentia:
It's only an hour, but doesn't matter if we're springing ahead or falling back, the hour diff frigs up my routine. And my creativity is inextricably tied to my routine.

So nothing for you today.



In case you missed it, this was genius: http://yankees.fandome.com/video/116306/Johnny-Damon-Steals-2nd-and-Then-3rd-in-the-Ninth-of-Game-4/

Well,you ARE on hiatus ;)

You suck, Mahty!!!

Mahty does suck. But on a worse note. Do we still get to call A-Rod A-Fraud?

even a blind squirrel finds a nut in the garbage

A-Rod put a lot of giddy-up into that late inning shot. He wasn't horsing around any more in the playoffs. He gave them a real chance at the whinny. He's very hot to trot right now.


No strip for you, one year!

I'm actually kind of glad the Y's are going to win this thing. Mostly because the Phillies, while a good team, are not some dynasty in the making, and the Sox will still be the only team to win 2 this decade. Also, it makes the AL east look good. It's a tough fucking division, and this is a good reminder to everybody that winning 90+ games in the AL east is no laughing matter (unlike the AL West, which is laughable, HA HA).

It's like if Duke won the Nat'l championship. It would hurt to watch, but at least the ACC looks good...

First Lou Clinton comes with the primo shit, then Kaz knocks me over with the hilarity, then Bob kicks my funny nuts while I'm down.

Holy shit, I'm LOLin' like a MFer over here.

Mahty - a heads up play by Benedict Damon, yes. But, frankly, "genius" is way over used in describing what all players should do. Keeping one's head out of their own ass is not quite the same thing as Genius. Might be the first time genius and Damon were used together in a sentence, though.

Now, how can I get the same message to Tim "that was pure brilliance on the part of _______" McCarver?

@Go Sox.. I hear what you're saying. However, I'm having an inner struggle with implementing the actual kind of glad part of it. If anyone hears about an instance of spontaneous combustion in SE NC, then I was unable to... damn, it's getting hot... gotta go.

Yep, A-Fraud was and is funny. Slappy McBlue Lips is even better. But this Centaur shit is just fucking disturbing.

Yeah, maybe 'glad' isn't the right word... In fact, the first time some MFY fan brags about their WS win, 'glad' will go right out the window.

There's still a chance for the MFYs to win twice in this decade.

The Centaur portrait just proves that A-Fraud is a closet furry

"The Centaur portrait just proves that A-Fraud is a closet furry"

Suffer not the furry to live.

And lo I have got to stop playing Warhammer 40K.

Is the Centaur stuff disturbing?


It appears that last night's hit-by-pitch might have done more damage than previously thought.

He's now day-to-day with a bruised hind flank and stifle.

I hate the Yankees.

Yeah, 2000 is not part of the 90's just as 2010 won't be part of the Aughts. But keep trying to feel good.

Let's go Yank-ees!

Team of the Decade!

A rhetorical question for Rob - Will Yankees fans be happy when their favorite team wins a World Series, or does their happiness depend on everyone else joining their fraternity and liking the Yankees, too?

If you need us to like your team so you can sleep well at night, you're going to have to start liking another team.

If you just want to needle Redsox fans, don't worry - we're still here and will continue to be here, annoying you like flies around a Centaur's ass.

"Let's go Yank-ees!
Team of the Decade!"

Yes, but I'm pretty sure we're all in agreement that the 50's were 50 years ago.

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