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Yeah, we're stilll here

So it just took the Angels a bit longah than usual to fold into an origami shaped like crippled rally monkey.


Hey, they could come back.


In theory, yes.


Though something tells me this year just has a big numbah 27 chiseled into its cornerstone.


Well, I'll continue to hope somebody will knock 'em down before then.


Yeah, or something, Go H1N1.


That friggin balloon boy had the right idea.


Time to hide in the attic until this bitch blows ovah.



Go Phillies?

That's right, dk, GO PHIGHTIN' PHILLIES!

are we?

Not so many as before,lc

I appreciate the post-season strip. Doesn't look too likely, but I'd love to see Torre, Mattingly and Manny sitting in the New York dugout next week.

some of us are still basking in the 59-0 smothering of the Oilers Titans yesterday.

Re: postseason baseball: yaaaaawn. :) Although, yes, definitely appreciate the continued strips.

Headed to see the Patriots at Wembley next weekend. My attention has fully turned to football (American football, that is. Still trying to get into the EPL). Go Pats!

It is amazing how the Soxaholix has permeated my being. When I saw the promotion of the Pats in England I immediately wondered if Natalie was going to the game.

Glad to hear that you are going Natalie. Just don't start cheering for the Yankee version (Man U) of the EPL.

Yep, it'll be my friend visiting me from the States, two zany British friends with livers of steel and I headed out to the game, meeting up with a whole crew from Southie who made a pilgrimage of this event. Pray for me. I may not survive the (very fun) Sunday. And no worries, jar, definitely not a United fan. I picked the Spurs since they seemed the most like the pre04 Sox- underdogs with the potential to contend but a checkered history. If and when they DO win, I want to ride the wave.... Of course, that means I need to actually watch and know more than one player (their goalie= Gomes, that's all I got ;)

are we to assume said goalie Gomes has quads of steel?

*sheepish grin* - bwf, I have no idea. I have watched all of 5 games this past year. I am far from a real fan. ;) The reason I know his name is I watched a Cup game in March against Manchester United that went to penalty kicks and Gomes did not do so hot...


Looks like Gomes has the goods.

Nat, you naughty bird, you.

Yes! Balloon boy makes Soxaholix. This is, hands down, the oddest story I've ever dealt with in 22 years of daily journalism.

jar - very true...and a little odd especially when the wife asks who's Natalie after wondering aloud if she was going to the game. The explaining turned to teal dresses and the wife just walked away.

I said to the wife the other day, "Wife, it only took the Angels 3 more playoff games than normal to play like the Angels we all have come to expect." Amazing how season after season they can win so many games in a weak division, have everyone think they are awesome, then play like the mediocre team they are once the real deal is on the line. Quite a consistent streak. Well, not amazing so much as poorly managed. The Marv Levy of baseball.

Becuase, dammit, if the Redsox couldn't stay around long enough to challenge the skanks, somebody sure as fuck should have.

Gomes has the goods? Three of those pictures show him "grimacing" in pain. Fuggin' pansy soccer players. A bunch of floppers. That's what keeps me from enjoying the Cup games. Go Pats!

Go, um, Angels? Nah. I just can't say it... They should have won that second game three times over. They ought to play in the EPL, the fugs!


Let's try "pansy".

Fuggin' "pancy" typist!

You think we are delusional? I just got an email from StubHub with the following Subject Line:

"Get great seats to any Washington Nationals playoff game"

Please buy them, Lou. i need the $$$


Earlier today, an email promoting Washington Nationals postseason tickets was sent to you. This, unfortunately, was a mistake. We regret the error and apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.


The StubHub Team

Between the Redskins and the Nationals it must really suck to be a DC sports fan. I live here, but couldn't care less about the local teams.

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