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Now things are falling into place

Ah, at long last our Red Sox Nation nightmare is ovah, the prodigal Steinberg returns.


Hey, laugh if you must, but we haven't won a World Series since he took his pink hats and Sox Appeal to the West Coast.


So what are you saying, that he's Luchinno and Henry's Mr. Nelson?


Hey, if the little shoe fits...



Didn't Nelson die??

...or was that Hanson?? ;D

I think he did pass. But not sure I get the point. We are talking about the Dentist and comparing him to Nelson vis a vis being a good luck charm.

Or am I missing something?

When i see Steinberg's name, I think Steinway. Then, that automatically leads me to think of Steinberg in a cocktail dress sprawled out with a mike on top of a baby grand. Then, I throw up and pass out. Then, I wake up, throw up and pass out again. Then, I get lunch.

CS is back, can Geffner be far behind?


Kaz, I think there is someone you could see about that.

Speaking of throwing up, I just did so in my mouth at lc's comment. That guy, there are no words for how bad he is. I mean... I just... I can't...I'm almost speechless at the idea.

sorry, did I somehow add an unclosed bold tag. Hoping this gets rid of it.


Wonder if they'll bring back the old-time ball girls to run around and sweep off the bases between innings. I hear Theo was not a fan of that bit.

Natalie broke the comments! Natalie broke the comments!


I thought the dentist was Jim Lonborg.

Sorry h.b.-didn't mean to confuse.I just thought I had heard he was no longer with us.

The piano has been drinking, not me.

Love Tom Waits :)

I thought Tara was the highest ranking female in MLB?


Taking today, 10/16, off.

BTW Got rid of those stupid abstract images on each comment. I guess if your logged into a TP account, those would be replaced with a pic of your choosing. Seems superfluous to me.

Hey all. I just started playing with the new "lists" feature of Twitter.

I made a list of all of the Soxaholix tweeps (readers and characters) that I know have accounts and that I follow. If any of the rest of you have Twitter accounts and want to be on the list, just let me know and I'll add you.

You can find the list at:

You can also find a list of "Boston"-related Tweeps in the "other lists" that I created if that interests you at all.

Hey Kaz, love the list!

Hmmm, link does not work for me. Why????

I don't know why it wouldn't work, Natalie. I know that if you're not logged in, it will take you to the Twitter login page, but if you're logged into Twitter, then it should take you right to the list.

the list feature is still in Beta testing, so not everyone is cool enough to make lists.

Yesterday's only-in-Colorado Balloon Boy story led a colleague to tell me of a Broadway show where the actress playing Anne Frank was so bad that when the storm troopers came onto the stage the audience started yelling "she's in the attack". I laughed.

Trying hard, without success, to find our twitter list. Plainly, insufficiently cool.


Twitter + Balloon Boy: http://twitter.com/BoyInTheBalloon

Thanks for the link Kev - that's excellent. Did I mention that I hate that Yankees? And Jo [F]uck? And Tim McDickhead?

As do we all,Peter ;)))

That was football the way the Patriots were meant to play football.

Holy 59-0!

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