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Make way for wankers

Meh. If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times —


I cannot respect any sport that does not permit the use of the hands.


I mean, c'mon, opposable thumbs, people? You know, what sets us apaht from lowly beasts?


For me, the actual sport involved is beside the point.


Is there no end of pimping out of Fenway?


Seriously, when's the last time you've seen a rock concert at Notre Dame or some exhibition sporting even at the Vatican?


Fenway's a motherfucking shrine, people, treat it as such.



On The Onion radio news, they do an ad for Onion Sports that says (and I paraphrase): keep up with soccer and other women's sports on Onion Sports. That about sums it up for me.

I attended a quarter final game at the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, Brazil vs Nigeria I think. Anyway, I gained a whole new respect for the sport after seeing it live with 80,000 fans that really cared. I still can't watch it on TV though.

@ Kaz, in re: yesterday's Liverpool comment - we were watching that match and the WTFs were flying through the living room.


I spent three years of my childhood living in London, arriving the summer England won the World Cup. As a twelve-year-old I began spending Saturday afternoons in the terraces at Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) or, when they were away, Loftus Road (QPR). There is nothing as moving or rousing as a terrace full of Liverpool fans singing "You'll Never Walk Alone." The problem isn't soccer -- it's passionless American soccer.

Liverpool? "I'd rather walk alone"

He's half a boy and half a girl
Torres, Torres
He looks just like a transvestite
Torres, Torres
He wears a frock
He loves the cock
He sells his ass on the Albert Dock
Fer-nan-do To-rres
Carragher's bit on the side...

I guess there just isn't much money to be made in shrines these days :((

I thought Manny being Manny would have been the theme for today.

Sorry. Too lazy to fix the link. Here it is:


"Make way for wankers" made me laugh aloud. Now there's an, um, adult take on a children's classic.

I appreciate what I perceive as Doug's and Bill's hyperbole with honest intent, but I prefer Fenway not be a 'shrine' or even a 'lyric little bandbox' anymore. Yes, the days of Sox quaintness and provinciality are over, (thank god, in many ways), and while I will miss the "classic" feeling Fenway had when I started attending games there in '93, Henry/Lucchino et al make us competitive every year and have brought us two rings to date. As an avowed capitalist, I say good on 'em for diversifying their revenue streams: I like the idea of watching a concert or the EPL in Fenway in the off-season...

As a season ticket holder who has seen almost no ticket price increase in a decade, if they want to pimp out Fenway for hockey, futbol, concerts, women's lacrosse, I don't care. I'm pretty certain I'm paying less in 2009 dollars for my seats now than when I first got them in 2000.

The only thing worse than being a nation of wankers is being colonized by a nation of wankers!

For once and for all, it's not a shrine, it's a shithole. I saw the Pats play the Broncos there in November 1964, and nobody gave a damn about the field. I think they should start a midget field hockey league and have the whole season there.

Is it time of the hiatus yet?

"Hurry up, please. It's time!"

Time for rat's alley. And A-Rod as World Series MVP.

2004 and 2007 will be dust in the hands Tiresias. Dry bones can hurt no one.

We are provincial, bitches. One hit wonders. A heap of broken images, where the sun beats.

I am the hanged man.

Awesome Wasteland reference, hb. I always say Eliot got it wrong and February is the cruelest month (with no baseball or football) but maybe it's dismal Octobers with the Sox out of the playoffs. Sigh.

Trainspotting. Nice, Chops, very nice.

still trying to imagine midget field hockey from top of the bleachers...because you know it would sell out.

Gotta agree with ParkerStPete - the problem is lack of passion, not soccer. My son plays in a competitive travel league and let me tell you - the competition is intense, the skills of the better players are pretty amazing, and for the "the sport is too low scoring crowd", I point out the edge of seat, teeth grinding excitement of a 1-0 baseball game.

and the pimping of Fenway works becuase the johns are lined up for their go at it.

As an attendee of many, many musical events of all shapes and sizes, stadiums are the very worst place to see/hear anything. Followed closely by Hockey/Basketball arenas - not saying there are not exceptions to the rule, but...

I do not want to see soccer at Fenway or any other baseball stadium, or see baseball played at the LA coliseum. It's stupid. But, if it helps buy a little Bay, a little Halliday, a little A Gonz, then let's get stupid, relaly stupid.

Heck - let's pimp it out for weddings.

Hmm. I had you figured for covering this item from Deadspin.com today, h.b.

Hmm. Wonder if the workout occurred down at the squash club?

it's the nascar-ization of baseball--

regrettable, but how else to afford those player salaries & make it to the post season every year

Yikes, Rob, I just ate lunch and would have appreciated a warning that I was going to look into the eyes of a batspit crazy fat broad.

Years back when I was working on the Big Dig, we had an engineer get arrested after an FBI investigation - he was taking bribes from a contractor to approve construction changes for more $ than they should have been. He was charged with taking $7k worth of bribes. He was managing a contractor on a $200 million portion of the job. $7k? WTF I said.

Steve Phillips, reasonably good looking chap, making decent $ I assume, has some modicum of fame, ... and that's all he sets his sights on? WTF?

The Lee Corso dump story was funnier. If you like that sort of thing. and I do.

Where is Bob?


wdu = "wonderingdownunder"? "where's-da-undertaker"?

And sorry, lc. That really wasn't very nice, huh? Gotta agree with Jeff. WTF?!? Not worth breaking up a marriage over, for sure.

Lisa the Temp? Maybe.

Worried down under

Just looked on Bob's Facebook page and other friends are wondering about his whereabouts. Color me wil- Worried in London.

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