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ALDS Coming Soon

Time to lube up your monkeys and thundahsticks Angels fans, 'cause here come the Red Sox.




Lestah in game one, the journey's begun.


Beckett for two. Gee, Mike Sciosa, what are you gonna do?


And, oh yeah, a some kid named Buchholz for numbah three.


Bettah bring a broom to sweep up the debris.



I'd like to thank the Cleveland Indians for quitting sometime last week.

And, if you are wondering who Niuman Romero is, I guess you didn't attend yesterday's game.

Yes, that was me yelling "Hello Niuman" throughout the game

I think Bigbri has been lubing up his monkey stick for a while now ;D

Channeling Dr. Suess, h.b.? I DO like the playoffs, Sam-I-Am.

Pumped for Octobah ball here in the hinterlands of CT.

Red Sox=Milan Lucic's fist
Angels=Randon Hurricane forehead


yeah...make that randoM

H.B. is goochy today.

Just saying.

Sorry, the CHARACTERS are goochy.

Still a gooch though.

Or is it a reverse gooch considering I personally believe the Sox are doomed and will lose to the Angels without much of fight?

Holy crap, h.b. just put us all in a gooch-adox.

Is it possible to strap a pitching machine to the side of V-Mart's helmet? That is the only way the Angels will steal less than 10 bases. Unless our stellar pitcing keeps the Angels off the basepaths.

Remember the feeling going into the '04 playoffs? heading into the '04 WS? all of '07?

I don't have that feeling at this point. The boys in the strip have that feeling. I want that feeling but it is eluding me. or maybe it's Bucholtz squashing that feeling with each dinger he gives up.

Vermonter I have fond memories of the middle school/high school days of Bob Probert, McSorely, Domi, Stu Grimson et al in their primes.

Lucic is a marked man this year, it will be interesting to see what transpires with Laraque, Ivanans et al.

Am I the only one chunkily crapping(TM) myself? It makes for a nice story if things work out, you know? Shitting yourself at the beginning only for everything to be okay. Otherwise I just end up with a load of corn flecked chocolate in my pants. Awesome.

Technically, a reverse gooch would be:

"The Red Sox don't have a chance."

This strip could be considered a double-reverse gooch, although H.B. reveresed the reverse by calling a reverse gooch.

This has taken us into the almost-unknow territory referred to as The Reverse Double-Reverse Gooch.

A vortex is forming in my office.

Actually, we have the Mobius Strip Gooch. Also known as the Escher Gooch.

Do you think the announcers will think to mention Nick Adenhard? Over-under? Five game series. My early line is 58.

I'm not so worried about the Angels running on the basepaths as I am about them trotting around the bases. Way too many homahs lately... Especially by players who haven't hit many all season long.

And BTW, it's good to see that Mr. May hasn't lost his abilty to pile up his personal stats in a meaningless game.

@Pseudosanity, from a thorough reaming to pinching a loaf to chunkily crapping and corn flecked chocolate in my pants, you are my new favorite person. Not sure what all that says about my sense of humor, but I do not fucking care.

Seven rbi in an inning in the last game of the season will be even sweeter when A-Rod disappears in the playoffs.

I am TOTALLY feeling it this year. Though the Angels and Yanks are stronger than they have been in years past, so if the Sox lose, it won't exactly be a surprise.

Last year, I didn't feel it. This year, I do.

Jason, as a coni...conny...caunisew..loverof hockey fights, I think the Bruins have two of the toughest guys in the NHL in Lucic and Thornton. I know I speak for them both from my cozy little office when I say, "bring it on, boys".

Milbury in the stands? O'Reilly challenging an entire team? Poetry.

Bob, h.b., et al, Angels will be sweeping the Sox by a combined 36-4. Hope that helps the gooch vortex.

Everyone should check out the pics and player descriptions at the "Cursed to First" blog of Beth's. Cool event, and enlightening about player attitude toward fans (at least on that day).

I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling it this year...Pitching/Hitting too inconsistant...Halos/Adenhart destiny thing going on, etc...Btw how many times will McCarver say something like"...and Adenhart isn't playing tonight because he died, which means he's dead, which means the Angels can't rely on him...."

Hoping for a repeat of 2007. Go Sox! Go Rox!

so along the lines of typical McCarverisms, I liked this from a recent game. I guess it could have also been Joe Morgan - I get the two confused (imagine that).

Paraphrasing.. "It just goes to show you that if a team executes its pitches, plays solid defense, swings at the good pitches and not at the pitches off the plate, they'll win more ballgames than they lose." WTF?! Are you saying that if a team plays good they'll win? Christ, I'm sure glad you told me, Tim. Now it all makes sense.

and how long before McCarver starts using the line re: Adenhart, Angels in the Outfield?

I suppose he'll sing his sentiments to us.

Oh, Jeff...let it lead you where it may, I won't complain. What can I say? We're all in this together right? Shit or no shit. And hey, Natalie! We're local, me and the husband have a comfy couch! If we make it to the WS we have a totally awesome projector for the watchin' of the games. Contact me for a burnin' eyeball good time!

Pseudo- now you are MY new favorite person! I will take you up on it...

Also: got my Keeping it Teal tshirt in the mail today. Seriously good looking.

Blue Ridge - took me a minute but I finally remembered where I read it...Jerry Remy's book "Watching Baseball". Talks about the Angels Stadium groundskeepers moving the bag 6 inches closer to first base when he was there. Unnoticeable by the naked eye, but a lot of bases swiped by mere inches.

Classic Auerbach more that you have to appreciate.

OK...begin the extra 6 inches jokes here>>>>

Nat- I hope you do. If only for someone else to explain the Sox glory to my newly indoctrinated spouse. He says 'SHE'S FROM BOSTON! Wa-hey! She might be a tea leaf!' Okay, so the British version of hospitality is diferent, but anyway. If you don't pee on our front carpet I'm sure you're welcome. Whatever the circumstance.

During the 3 years Remy was with the Angels (75-77) no Sox player stole more than 14 bases, and only 6 got to double figures. Things are a little different now. If Gathwright makes the ALDS roster we'll have 4 guys that can take just as much advantage of a shortened basepasth as the Angels.

psuedo - from the sounds of your comments today, I'm guessing you're looking forward to that reaming your husband is gonna give you if the Sox fall in the first round...


Sure Rob, but not as much as the one as the one he'd look forward to if we win the CS and the WS, fo sho.

Gooch vortex
Warming for autumn play offs
Favre to sting Pack

the stutter....purposeful. Hopefully. Purposefully.

I could understand worrying a little about Beckett and Buchholz, but not the offense. The Angels have scored 11 more runs on the season than the Sox...and I'd wager the Sox offense has done better than theirs since V-Mart got here.

Yankees ERA: 4.26
Red Sox ERA: 4.35
Angels ERA: 4.45
(Tigers: 4.29, Twins: 4.50)

Total runs allowed:

Red Sox: 736 (41 unearned)
Yankees: 753 (46 unearned)
Angels: 761 (46 unearned)
(Tigers: 739 (54), Twins: 760 (39))

The Angels have the best road record in the AL at 48-33, and the Yankees are second-best (46-35).

THERE'S something to be concerned with as the wild card team.

The ghost of Donnie Moore versus the ghost of Nick Adenhard. Now that's the way to market this series.

Just seems so weird to me to call a team "inconsistent" (Joe Morgan) when that team wins 95 games, has the 3rd-most runs scored in the AL, and the fewest runs allowed of any AL playoff team.

The ghost of Demi Moore vs. the ghost of Patrick Swazye sayz the lot of us is full of shit. I believe Patrick.

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