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C'mon Kansas City, you're supposed to be beaten down and ready to rollovah for the true royalty of American League.


What's with all this end of season resurgence and trotting out young, Cy Young worthy studs?


Seriously. Where the frig is Kanye when you need him?


"Yo KC, I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Red Sox are one of the best teams of all time!"


OK. So you know how people say "It ain't ovah until the fat lady sings"?


Well, I'm here to tell you that's not true at all.


No, it's not ovah ovah and by ovah I mean ovah in the Mayan calandah 2012 Ahmadinejad gets the bomb Jesus returns swingin his smite stick aliens copulating with humans sense of ovah ovah until...





I don't know what's worse. That this album actually exists or that there are people out there who rated it 5 friggin stahs!


"Can't get enough FOX game of the week? Your iPod lacking in folksy narratives? Order yourself a copy" Are you shitting me?


Hey, it's "Transplendental."


You know the friggin craziest thing is realizing that when McCarvah sings "I Wish I Didn't Love You So" he's thinking about Derek Jetah.



Tuscan Whole Milk, Jubaz pants, three wolves moon shirt, Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank, and now Tim McCarver. Gotta love Amazon reviewers with too much time on their hands.

OMFG almost says it all.

A quote from one of the 5 star reviewers..

"I thought Mr. McCarver had reached his apex with his brilliant baseball analysis but I was pleasantly shocked to discover that it pales in comparison to his musical talents."

By that standard he doesn't have to sing any better than William Hung.

BTW, along these lines, everyone with any musical ear should check out William Shatner - Has Been. You will be surprised. And who doesn't love Bill Shatner? Maybe he could take over for BuckMcCarver on Fox.

"I'll be tired of you" - really, Tim, cause we're already tired of you and it's not even playoff season yet.

I'm sure his rendition of "Day by Day" brings new insight and passion to that musical equivalent of bamboo under the fingernails.


Tim can be proud that he is outselling Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop.


Wilfred Brimley, talking, not singing:

"It's not easy being green...

Or blue or yellow or any color like that."

Best album since Shatner's Talk-Sing.

Anyway, I kind of knew what was going to happen last night. Byrd -v- Cy Young?

Royal flush?

Is William Hung?? heh

Ask BigBri ;)



While I know that many loyal Soxoholix talk about coffee coming out of their noses they laughed so hard at some of your strips and while I find many of them very funny, I don't typically laugh out loud at them. Today was the exception. By the time I got to Jesus and his smite stick and aliens copulating with humans, I was on a laughing jag that lasted a good minute. And that was BEFORE I knew Tim wasn't satisfied with audially abusing Americans only during baseball games. Great strip.

Let's see which Beckett we get tonight. Hopefully, he's going to hit the playoffs on a role.

and by "role" I of course mean his role as ace of the staff. Or perhaps it was a typo....

I see him teaming up w/ Leonard Nimoy and Jim Nabors for a holiday CD. That should make jesus weep a bit more.

I will not rest until every reader has had the experience of at least one nasal beverage expulsion.

Just don't do it with the Jameson-Berocca combo.

It burns.

Green Gatorade comes out green. And you're not sure which part is Gatorade and which part is just snot on your monitor.

@Kaz Wow, that is completely disgusting. And incredible. Mainly, though, it's disgusting.

Yea, that tooth-eye thing is pretty weird.

My friend Reed asked,
"Does she have to brush it?"

Sorry - this calls for a little of Matthew 18:9.

That passage could also apply to Tek lately, yazbread.

Ugh. 7/52 in August and 4/33 in September.

Heidi Watney just asked VMart about his "comfortability" with Beckett on the mound. Ok, she's wicked hot, and for that some liberties may be granted. But if she's really that stupid, she should be required to deliver her reports naked.

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