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The Frazee Code

Is it me or are the Sox stahting to show evidence of having a late-season mystical aura about them?


And how about this numerical symmetry — the Magic Numbah is now 11, that's a 1 and a 1, and they are 6½ back of the Yankees for the Division and 6½ ahead of the Rangahs for the Wild Cahd.


Wow. I expect to look up in the stands and see a tweed sport-coated Robert Langdon sitting there.


Seriously. The Red Sox have all the makings for a formulaic Dan Brown novel.


Wizened, handsome, incredible rich old yet still virile dude running everything from behind the scenes?


Meet John Henry.


Classy, attractive, super-smaht, female lead who holds the key to unlocking the mystery?


Bonjour, Janet Marie Smith.


Right the same Janet Marie Smith who while going doing the renovation of Fenway discovahs something almost too fascinating to describe …


The dimensions of Fenway which Updike referred to as "a compromise between Man's Euclidean determinations and Nature's beguiling irregularities" actually hold a fah deepah mystery!


Absolutely the height of the wall, the left field distance, the Pesky Pole, the Triangle in deep centah are not mere coincidence.


Oh, no, dear rubes, they are the result of a, pick one [Secret Catholic Cabal, Secret Illuminati Cabal, Secret Pagan Cabal] and Fenway is the very epicentah of hitherto, ancient, top secret, Key to All Things!!!!!!


OMFG what a page turnah!


And, of course, let us not forget Brown's favorite stock antagonist — the vaguely foreign narcissist with an awesomely sculpted body and bizarre sexual fetish that eventually leads to his downfall.


Ah, Mr. A-Rod, your reputation precedes you.



Crazy game last night. The message boards, esp. the MFY's for some immature reason, were on fire about that pitch call. I hate to say it did look like a strike but hey I remember last year when a Yankees pitch that was clearly a ball against Mike Lowell was called a strike. BS goes both ways so they should stop their bitching.

Bob tired.

Game long.

Nice strip though, H.B.

BTW, that Updike quoute: //a compromise between Man's Euclidean determinations and Nature's beguiling irregularities//

It perfectly describes my wedding/reception plans.

Let's jyst say that Abby's parents are nature's beguiling irreularities.

The game last night really was interesting. At Pete's, everyone was ripping on Byrd. Yet I thought he threw a good game. The offense just wasn't dialed in yet.

And then it was.

Did NESN show the Amica Pitch Zone™ on Green's ball four? I had the Angels broadcast recording on my TiVo (didn't see the end 'till about 1AM), and they didn't have anything like that.

It was definitely close, no question, but I wonder what the Pitch Zone™ had to say about it.

Oh, and I guess it was on ESPN, also. Did they show its location?

Saw on one blog this morning that Green might've gotten away with that check swing. That maybe he broke the plane.

a couple of things, and then I'll go.

Janet Marie Smith is gone, having been supplanted by Mrs. John Henry, whose talent, beyond a mid-20's ass and rack is that she is part of a big real estate family. So, naturally, she knows more about developing Fenway.

I'd like to thank the RS for eliminating The LAAofA from the ALDS last night. Enough with bitching about strike calls, Mike Squishya. maybe if you hadn't been whining about everything since you showed up at the ballpark on Tuesday, you're complaints would have more credibility.

They are so done, they'll never come back from that, even if they qualify.

Epic win last night, based on pure guts. We had 'em all the way.

If you remember, and I know you do, I was telling you in August that this was going to work out well.

So, you're welcome.

See you in the Series.


Typos are just that;
A rip and a rap of prose.
Too quickly put down.

Rob T.: The Red Sox got a member of their board of directors appointed by MLB to whitewash the team's PED history. Donnelly, the "only" Red Sox player in the Mitchell report, was "granted free agency" on December 12. Report released: December 13.

Dan Brown would consider that plot thread and think: "Naaah, that's too fucking obvious."

Relaxing a strike zone here or there is trivial.

Jason, I've seen plenty of games where the Yanks got a lucky break, the game I referenced with Mike Lowell getting K'ed when it was clearly a ball being one of them.

I thought the magic # was 12 for the wc - the yankees magic # is 11.

rob t nesn did show the pitch zone, and it was squarely at the bottom of the zone, not even on the white. we stole one.

Love the strip today h.b.

It was painful watching Byrd pitch last night, but I think he has one more gem of a game in him. When he pulls that out, I hope it is a meaningful game that the Sox really need.

And yeah, Green was probably out two times over. The check swing was borderline, but I've seen umps call that a strike without hesitation. The ball 4 pitch was obviously a strike, but I think Napoli had something to do with it, since he pulled his glove up after catching it. Amica pitch zone showed it clearly as a strike in the bottom half of the zone.

Who cares, we'll take it :) Too bad the skanks yanked theirs out as well.

Slate.com had a Dan Brown automatic plot generator in an article a day or two ago. I plugged in "Boston" and "Major League Baseball" to funny, if formulaic, results.

Is it bad that I enjoyed his other two blockbuster novels? I know I was reading at the beach and all, but they were a quick easy read. I found it fun imagining all the deep, heavy conspiracies to be true - kinda like Jason O.'s.

JO; a Skankee fan complaining about PED issues? That's like the addicts who hung out in front of the methodone clinic next door to my former office building.

They'd apologize for blocking our door, and then ask for money.

Don't feel guilty for reading them. It's just entertainment. I'm half way into the latest right now. Hah.

h.b., a beaut of a strip today. thank you.

Quit yer whining Toriiiiii, Fuentes et al. That's baseball. That's why they don't have replay. Shit happens. Get over it.

Can't say I'm as fired up as CHB is today. Even if we get past the LA-LAs, we still have the MFYs. Nuff said.

Yes, the Magic Number is actually 12. Somebody fooled Adam Kilgore into posting an item on Extra Bases saying it was one lower than it really is, but the writer's logic was wrong.

"Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes, well, he eats you."

brian d i love how you capitalize Magic Number - you show it the respect it deserves!

I'm sticking with 11. I have a poetic license which allows me to do such.

I'm also allowed to shuck corn on the Sabbath and smoke the chronic. It's a nice perk, really.

Loved the Dan Brown parody. I did read and enjoy DV Code and A&D. Best description of DV Code: "the worst book I've ever been unable to put down."

Dan Brown: okay reads (I finished A&D), but I can't read anymore because I want to edit approximately every page.

When DV Code first came out, I was working in the book industry. The advanced readers' copy was absolutely dreadful - factual errors which any nine year-old Skankee fan with access to Google could have picked up. He hasn't got a whole lot better since. Digital Fortress was the kind of book I couldn't pick up once I'd put it down.

Nice strip h.b. even for those of us who don't read Dan Brown. I prefer A. Conan Doyle for a good detective story.

A question for the baseball experts here. Why the fuck was Nick Green even in the game? He said in his post-game interview that he couldn't even swing a bat?! Was the bench exhausted?

And to think that I thought I was the only person who thought Dan Brown was a hack. I think I made it through three pages of the DV Code. I mean he's no Nicholas Sparks.

h.b. -- great strip today. Having read Deception Point a couple years ago, having just finished DVC a couple weeks ago (I know, I'm late to the party) and having just started A&D a few days ago, this was a personally timely strip. While formulaic and at times trying to portray speculation as fact, Brown in my opinion writes a very good novel.

I think Dan Brown was inspired by Clive Cussler.

Back to a previous rant of mine... STOP THE PRESSES!! A STRIKE HAS BEEN CALLED A BALL!! THE HORROR!! Is there a whinier fucking baby ass manager than Mike Scioisia in all of baseball? Not even lovable Lou comes close. If his team just played a little better, then maybe he wouldn't have to cry about how unfair it all is.

and like John "the better team did not win!" Lackey of last year, Daisy Fuentes is following in his manager's footsteps. Buck up son, when you start dating the hot blonde sideline girl and can promise some nudy pics to the umpire after the game, you'll get the calls too.

Isn't Dan Brown from New Hampshire?

"Live Free or Dei."


Henry Gibson died.

Which I find very interesting.


LMAO hb!

Bob, silly question- but are you gonna be at Pete's tonight?

h.b. I was curious was your choice of the phrase "mystical aura" a nod to two dancers at a NY night club?


That wasn't intentionally, maybe subconscious?

Buck, strangely, I'm actually going to be at The Four Winds this evening (on Atlantic, right across from my office at 2 Atlantic. Waterfront, North End).

I did have two beers at Pete's at lunch though. And some jalapeno poppers. The beers were much better than the poppers.

we're at the Garden and thought we might stop by after

//I did have two beers at Pete's at lunch though. And some jalapeno poppers//
I had a five dollar turkey sandwich there once and I'm still getting over it.

hb, great Strip and loved the kayne link as well.

Rob T - they showed the Amica Strike zone on NESN and it had Ball 4 as clearly a strike; but my (entirely objective) eyes had it just below the knee. The bar, well, he ate the Angels last night.

Well, The Four Winds is only another five minutes or so from Pete's.

Yow, I remember that sandwich, SDU.

It was turkey, but I think it went through you like a goose.

Fantastic strip. And LORD JEFF strikes again, second day in a row. Brown=Class of '86.

Duquette tomorrow maybe for an Amherst trifecta?

Hart --
Always like it when your literary bent takes control of the strip.

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