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September Bounce

How much did I love this weekend? Let me recount the ways …


Beckett appeared to have his mojo back.


Buchholz continues to mature before our eyes, earning his seventh quality starts in his last 8 appearances in game 1 of the double headah.


And then Lestah comes out for the final game of the Tamba Bay series and eclipses both Beckett and Buchholz.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I've got your short series 1-2-3 right heah.


And let's not forget the offense continuing to grind away at the opposition.


Meanwhile, as expected, Texas is stahting to ride off into the sunset.


Seriously, the state of Red Sox Nation is good, very good.


Are you kidding me, if things get much bettah Kanye West is going to come out and take ovah the watah coolah.



If things get much better, Serena Williams is going to have to shove a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO_jlXjgxN8 "> fucken spherical object down someone's fucken throat

hb, Beckett pitched Saturday. I know. I was there. In a 2 hour rain delay without rain for the first 90 minutes!!

Hi, Dick Vitale. Oh, you love the Rays? Have front row seats at The Mall, right?. Hmm. Funny, you're on Mike and Mike in the morning every Monday except this one.

If he didn't have an interesting voice (and by interesting, I mean incredibly annoying), he'd be selling used cars in Detroit. Which is essentially what he did during his one significant head coaching job.

Crap...the game I'm taking my gf to has Matsuzaka as the SP.

Too late for a resale I guess. D:

I'm all thrown off on days due to having Monday off but having to work Saturday.

Kanye must be a Yankee fan. No such thing as bad publicity, right?

I equate this with Borat "accidentally" landing in eminem's face at whatever lame-ass awards show that was. And Em pretends to get pissed- just make sure you buy my album that's dropping tomorrow. and, oh yeah- go see his craptastic movie, too

Anybody who believes "reality" shows or award shows have any reality or award to them is crazy.

The only reality show I ever watch is The Soup.

Today a British Holiday, h.b.?

Yeah, on TV, the only thing that ever happens unscripted / unedited is the final appearance of the person speaking the words. Producers are all part of a cult of control freaks who operate at levels the rest of us cannot imagine.

The weekend series made my weekend bearable, I have to fire someone today and have been dreading having to do it. Nice enough guy, but has been messing up projects for a while and it's starting to cost the company. I HATE this part of my job.


Pedro is 5-0. Just sayin.

Wake me up when the playoffs start.

I was waiting in vain for the rain delay to end on Friday and my husband called to have my baby girl talk to me before going to bed, I couldn't hear her over Jim Carroll on the jukebox. RIP In his case I don't think the p stands for peace - punk perhaps.

I saw Jim Carroll at a Cambridge club open for Ray Manzarek.

My best buddy Robert (who's about 8-9 years younger than me) was awestruck. I just felt old.

Kanye wasn't scripted any more than Commerford climbing the set back when Fred Durst was winning Best Rock Video (gag...) or Bonaduce slamming Johnny Fairplay into the stage knocking his teeth out at the 2007 Reality Awards (gag again...).

The guy is a classless douchebag and between his music and his thinking that Beyonce's video was good at all, he obviously doesn't have an ounce of taste.

Plus, I hear he's a gay fish.

Ma Men spoof is pretty funny:


That Eyetalian feller, Mr. Lukiner, invited me over to that outhouse with grass over there at where the electrical sign say SEE-IT_GO in the night and such. Well, technically, it weren't a formal invite, but it did have that Jewish feller with all the l's in his name and
the bald feller that looks like a pony and plays second base on the ticket. I got my federal money to pay fer the ticket and didn't have to deal with them drunk hoodlums from the South of Boston to get in the door of that place. I was sposed to go there at 1:30, BUT something about there being a rain storm on that last friday we had and all of a sudden, I had to wait until 5 pm, which is deep into my likker time, but I made an exception and didn't get pie eyed until I got back. Turns out I sat next to some fat girls who didn't watch the game much, but I did and I saw that Lester boy throw him some nasty throws. He might have got hissself a nohitter, save for a liner than the cuban feller with bad knees couldn't jump up
to catch, and then some other gentlemen seemed to get a good hit real late in the game. I went especially to see my cousin Billy Wagners throw the ball, cause I heard that my other cousin J Pappadapas had threw in another game they played earlier in the day. Well, it turns out, Ma Wagner's boy had a chance for a save, it being 3-0 at the time he warmed up, but that feller from the country with the socialist doctors, mr. jason, hit a long fly that seemed to wrap around one of those pesky yellow markers that sticks straight up and before I know it, it was 4-0 and ma wagner's son is just mopping up things. which he did, quite well, but the blonde girl on the TV decided to talk with the polish feller, mr. varitek, cause he had
hit a ball that the man on first base couldn't catch and even got a hit ot of it.

I enjoyed Jim Carroll's Catholic Boy album when it came out and I had it on endless repeat for months.

However, it's one of those records that, for me, didn't age well. I never found myself wanting to listen to it much, if at all, in later years.

Not sure why.

Maybe because the Catholic Boy got too old for your tastes, Cardinal.

maybe, Kaz, but it's still a very calculated move on Kanye's part. He didn't suddenly materialize on stage- someone (i.e. the producer and/or director) must have seen him coming, and rather than fade to black they stayed with him, which he knew they would. Like I said, no such thing as bad publicity

Maybe the White House could get Kanye and Taylor Swift together for a beer summit to talk about what happened, you know get some healing...

And maybe Serena can come to the beer summit, you know, to shove a fucking ball down someone's fucking throat.

Can I tell you how much DirecTV sucks? Sunday gets rescheduled and I am able to watch only from 1:30pm to end of game 1 and none of game 2. How fucking hard is it to push a few computer buttons and revise the scheduled opening for me to watch NESN when the games are actually on. and when you call DirecTV, they say it's MLB's blackout rules (their explanation for everything, even when you are trying to watch hockey). And when you explain that the game is at Fenway and it's always sold out so blackout rules aren't in play, they just answer with "lalalalala I can't hear you!" Funny how the blackout rules seemd to apply to TB's broadcast as well.

From what I READ, the games were great.

nah. she'd get called on a beer foul when she ordered a Zima. then the secret service would have to bounce her from the party after she threatened to bust the mothuh fuckin Zima over Obama's skinny mothuh fuckin head and punch Michelle in her shiny teefs.

I figured they would invite Serena to serve.

I'm gonna have to second ezseattle's suggestion above for this new MA Men spoof from Joey McIntyre (yes, that NKOTB Joey McIntyre).

If you view it at work, be sure to do so with headphones. TRUST me.

"I went especially to see my cousin Billy Wagners throw the ball,"

Holy shit. I am laughing so hard right now. Nice job lc/

Mayoral candidate Michael Flaherty as clip art. Alright, which one of you is in advertising and made Flaherty into a Soxaholix character?

Oh MY GOD, Bob!?! How could you?!

I'll 3rd the MA Men spoof. Good laughs there. As center fielder is balls deep... my 5 yr old (unknown to me that he was watching from the doorway) is laughing very loud. "shit. don't tell mom about this kiddo."

Parking lot. Foxboro. Kobe burgers

And one big "phew."

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