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Planning ahead

It's gotta be tough be Baltimore fan when year in and year out the Orioles are Septembah's bitches.


Seriously. In Baltimore all the sunsets are rent-to-own.


So is Buchholz turning into our Octabah surprise?


That’s three quality stahts in a row by Buchholz, and six in his last seven.


The 3rd game startah in a playoff series debate is now over.


1) Beckett the Craptastic or Beckett the Spectacular. TBD.
2) Lestah.
3) Buchh.


What no love for Dice-K?


Yeah, I think he'll be busy painting stalks of grass.


But in between his non-stahts, Matsuzaka will throw 600 pitches in a side session, you know, just to stay fresh.



All true, h.b. But no love for the bats last night?
I know it was Baltimore and all, but holy smokes! Pedey with his first 2-bangah game? Papi closing in on Frank Thomas' DH Homah record? Lots of good things there...

Oh, and 600 pitch side session from Dice-K? Funny!

Game 4 stahtah: Dustin Pedroia's fucking bat.

10-0. Even against the Horriables, that was nice.

Thanks for the link. Shouldn't Matsuzaka be planting rice, not grass? Or did I miss a reference?

// But no love for the bats last night //

Good point.

But recall that the strips aren't "news" but instead most days are entirely built around a laugh line or concept.

So lots of good stuff, like last night's offense and Papi tying the all time record for DH homers, falls to the wayside so I can work in things like a "600 pitch side session from Dice-K."

Yeah, David, this is an allusion to a previous strip and a line lifted from reader Abby (that's Bob's Dear Abby) -- "Watching Dice-K pitch is like watching grass grow with paint drying on it."

It's a tenuous reference, but makes a nice "Easter egg" of sorts for the erudite Soxaholix reader.

Gee, nobody's ever called me erudite before... (Wonder why?)

Completely understand your response, h.b. Guess that was more my way of working in the "news" of last night's performances. No criticism intended. If I decided to take umbrage at anything, I'd just ask for my subscription fee back or maybe write my congressman. :-D

Yeah, hb, that paint/grass line was a little "inside baseball".

Don't forget to tip your waiters.

Rent to own! It is a shame that the Orioles franchise can't get their act together. They have a great ballpark and a solid revenue stream. They should be able to put together a competitive team every so often.

A morale booster beating up on Baltimore, but that doesn't cure my apprehension about playing bigger teams down the road, particularly LA.

We need to be this way against teams like NY and LA if we're to succeed. This really proves nothing except that we're like the Yanks beating up on the bottom rung.

So true about the Orioles. They should be able to put together a competitive team on a regular basis.

I wonder why the CHB hasn't written a Curse of the Bambino book featuring the Baltimore Orioles, seeing as how that was where the dude grew up and how he was cherry picked by the Sox to play there. Even though the current team can trace its roots to the original Milwaukee Brewers and the second incarnation of the St. Louis Browns. I know they have three World Series rings but more often than not they're happy to finish 3rd at best in the division. CHB start spinnin a new curse yarn.

I think Peter Angelos is the modern day version of Tom Yawkey. I don't see los Birdos doing much of anything in the absence of an ownership change. A shame since life does not get much better than a day at Camden Yard/Inner Harbor/Federal Hill/Lexington Market.

Angelos is Steinbrenner...without any baseball knowledge or talent.

The Orioles will suck shit until the day he relinquishes control of the team. It's very unfortunate. It has a lot of history that is just languishing now. Even when the Red Sox were not winning it all, they were giving the fans a reason to keep hoping and remember the history. Angelos has raped that aspect of the O's ever since he got his shiny new "everyone loves it" ballpark.

"erudite Soxaholix reader"

r u shittin' me?

I shit you not.

I want to be excited about beating the O's 10-0, but I feel like the kid who gets a beatdown from the 8th graders, so he goes and punches a few 3rd graders to feel big again.

C'mon, folks, enough of the hints of doom and gloom.

Haven't we already established that all that counts now is making the postseason and then go from there?

If so, beating Baltimore and protecting the wild card lead is all that matters.

If you want to moan and groan about how it's "just the Orioles" might I remind you that it was "just the shitty White Sox" that recently kicked our asses.

Savor every win. Think about the postseason. Enjoy life.

I feel better now. Thanks h.b.

..or as Warren Zevon put it,"Enjoy every sandwich" :)

and those O's took 3 of 4 from the Rangers. Loved the win, the bats, the pitching and owning the sunset.

Here's hoping the grass painter turns into D-Lowe ca. 2004.

"YEAH, I THINK HE'LL BE BUSY PAINTING STALKS OF GRASS." I got a good chuckle out of that line because I was wondering how long h.b. has been planning on using it in his strip.

Nicely placed h.b.

h.b., I hear ya. But the id and super ego within have told the ego to go fuck itself - I want instant gratification and I want it now and anything less will cause me to sit on the floor and scream until someone (the Red Sox?) fix my problem.

I am currently deep into the role of Eyore to h.b.'s Tigger. Trying to get back to being a happy simple Pooh Bear.

After Matsuzaka (and don't forget the Igawa massacre), Yu Darvish's stock has gone down faster than:

A) ESPN on the Red Sox
B) "Bending the health care cost curve"
C) Me after 8 Duvels
D) This guy at 0:39

Jeff - you forgot the "Thanks for noticing me..." quote on Eeyore. You're welcome.

Jason - Who you going down on after 8 Duvels?

Was beating Tampa Bay not good enough? That felt pretty fucking good to me.

Also, the Sox only face 3 good teams the rest of the season (TB, LAA, NYY). You're not going to get many chances to savor victory over a good team; enjoy the victories over the bad teams!

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