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Mike brings the word. And the word is good.






Befoah we continue on this pigskin piss and moan fest let's remembah something …


The Red Sox went on a rough patch this summah, remembah?


Remembah the mediocrity? The on pace to win 88 games on a papah and when watching the actual games it look like they'd be lucky to win 78?


Remembah the rented sunsets? Remembah El Popup?


Remembah watching grass grow with paint drying on it?


The Sox are nearly a playoff lock with an outside shot at 100 wins and we can still honestly considah the possibility of winning the Division outright.


This is the nature of sport -- it's unpredicatable. And that's why we watch and root and soak in the feelings both good and bad.


So cheer the frig up people!



Thank you Orioles for stinking soooo bad. I love this quote from the Globe.
"The only unfortunate part of yesterday for the Sox was that they said goodbye to the Orioles, whom they outscored, 130-68, during the 16-2 season series." Wow, that is really bad. Bring on the next door mat!!

Now it's on the Kansas City for four, while the Skanks play the Angels.

And yes, I am ignoring the Pats' game. Because I have to for mental health reasons.

BTW, for guys (any maybe some women) of a certain age, it was great to see Ken Howard, The White Shadow, win his first Emmy last night.

Fuck the Patriots.

The series coming up against KC, combined with [email protected], should (operative word - should) cause the weekend series @NYY to be The Series That Determines Who Wins the AL East. Fingers crossed.

by week 14 Rex Ryan will need a Rascal to get from the tunnel to the sideline. He makes El Guapo look anorexic.

And just what the hell was up with the fucking air raid siren at the Meadowlands? You could hardly hear the announcers over that thing. Right out of the Colts playbook...

Oh, on a happier note, my Yankee buddy here is truly sweating bullets about the relative directions of our two teams. He quickly changed subjects to the Giants win over Dallas when I saw him this morning. Brightened my Monday.

Bring it on, bitches!

Sucks about the Pats but the way they played made them not deserve to win. No offensive coordination worth praising whatsoever.

Now with the Red Sox, that's a team showing some mettle as of late. I would love to see the Yanks play the Angels in the ALDS in some delicious irony. However, realism is still getting the best of me and my hopes are still low for the AL East, so forgive my pessimism.

Appreciate what you're trying to do here, but losing to the Jets SUCKS and always will.

You are forgiven, my son

Well beth, think about the last time the Jets won anything significant compared to this pretty good decade for the Pats.

My solution to football frustrations is to stick to baseball.

Yeah, not really sure why I even alluded to football. Desperate I guess. Was dragging this morning and was real close to just taking the day off. Hence the soliloquy by Mike, i.e, no character interaction is much easier to do.

Besides the extreme longshot chance at winning the division, I'm glad the Sox are playing the Yanks this weekend because they'll remember what it's like to play a team that is playoff-caliber. Hopefully they remember the Royals are the Royals (and manage to do something in the Greinke/Byrd game...hooo boy).

My solution to baseball frustrations is to cuss a lot. Then get fed up and boycott a few games. Then still have a few dozen remaining to watch in case they get their shit together. And their shit does appear to be together again.

Was talking with another NC living Sox fan about possible WS matchups. I told him I'd love to see a Red Sox-Dodgers series - Manny may hit a few homers in a series like that, but the "welcome back" from the crowd would make Damon's look pleasant. He wanted no part of Ramirez having a chance to walk out a winner. He of little faith.

And while I'm a Torre fan, I'd like the Redsox to be the bane of his career.

I don't understand why we are using Byrd as our number 5 starter...September is the time to see what our future is about. Bring on the youth. Let Bowden pitch 5 plus innings understanding he is on a limited pitch-count after a long season followed by Bard for 2 innings. Byrd is the past.

Our simulation-based odds at taking the division instead of the Wild Card have nearly doubled every day for the past 3 days.

From about 1% of the million simulated seasons to 2.25% yesterday to 3.88% today.

Just sayin'.

If the Yankees finish their last 12 games at 6-6, then the Sox have to go 12-2 in their last 14 left for 101 wins for each team...and we win the tiebreaker.

Just sayin'.

If Anaheim and the Sox can both take 2 of 3 from the Yankees this week, then the MFY will have to play nearly lights out against KC and TB to keep first place so long as the Red Sox continue to destroy sub-0.500 opponents like TOR, KC, and Cleveland, just as they did to Baltimore.

Just sayin'.

Also, I should point out that being in Loudon to watch the Sylvania 300 yesterday, thus missing the football game, does wonders for my spirit. I didn't have to watch the Jets win, so it didn't happen, thus not affecting my mood today.

It also helps that the rest of my fantasy team picked up the slack left by the shitjob that Tom Brady pulled yesterday to still get me the win for the week. So, there's that too.

God...Cleveland...makes me pity Masterson so, so much.

don't you know about the bird? Everybody knows the bird is the word.

Bird, bird, bird is the word.

The division is almost entirely in the Red Sox own hands. If the Angels can take one of 3 from the mfy at home in Anaheim, and the Sox win out, they win the division. BUT, is it worth winning the division, when the playoffs are assured anyway, and we can set up our rotation instead?

absolutely worth winning the division - home field the whole way and the Paper Tigers in the first round, not to mention sending the MFY out to their own personal house of horrors in LA.

So, yes.

Is this a bad time to mention I'm a Giants fan? ::takes cover::


Win the division, play Detroit, and more than likely move on to the ALCS while the Yanks play their favorite buddies the Angels and potentially have LA run train on them? I'll take that. I will never grant NY the satisfaction of making it far with the way they operate.

I will provide

Jeff, if the Red Sox had their shit any more together they'd be constipated.

Then here's to staying just on the loose side of constipated for the duration. Shots of Immodium for all!

I think now would be a perfect time to hear from paddy24 as to what he thinks of the current season.

paddy has been banned from the computer for a month for wetting the bed for the 5th straight night. I'm tired of doing his laundry all the time, even if his bed is right next to the washing machine in the basement.

Hey Jesus...got any linebackers hangin' around?

Hey Jesus...got any linebackers hangin' around?

Guess we need two linebackers!

I dunno - if winning the division means your ALDS games one and two starters are Dice-K and Byrd at home (vs. Detroit) vice Beckett and Lester on the road (vs. the Angels)? I'm leaning towards winning the division, but that is definitely my desire to see the NY headlines in the wake of the mfy not winning the division versus any sound baseball logic.

Manny DelCarmen = Teh Suck!

I know KC has scored the most runs in the majors for the past month and all, but Hayzoos Khristie!!! Dammit to hell.

watching the royals score 9 runs with 2 outs and have all the bleeders drop in was too much. i told off the little lady and almost lost the flat screen. flipping to the yankee/ angel game doesnt help much.

'Pride goeth before destruction' - some old bloke

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