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Mental Health Break

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I'm feeling about the way Wakefield looked last night, so I'm mailing it in today.

I'm not sick or anything (as far as I know), just really beat.



I was just fucking with you last night.


Thanks Big J. :(

Pathetic. That's all I have to say.

Beat as in tired? Or beat as in the Manny DelCarmen red-headed step-child in K-Mart?

Hopefully just the former, h.b. As Bill Clinton once said, "I feel your pain."

Sometimes, you just have to take it easy. Me mom always called it a mental health day, but it wasreally more of an exhaustion thing.

Regarding last night: Blegh, blah, ug, and WTF?

One of the few Skankee fans in the office came in and did the "phew" motion across his forehead.

Missed opportunity.

You're entitled.

Wierd night. Sox blow a 6-0 lead, and the Dolphins dominate in time of possession by better than 3 to 1, and lose the game. The sports gods were having fun f*ing with everyone's head.

Look, Red Sox, Anaheim did their thing last night for us. We can't expect them to always beat the Yankees in California. We can lean heavily on the favored odds, but we can't expect. Let's stop letting teams like the Kansas City RoyAAAls beat us, even IF the weather sucks worse than BigBri's mom on a 2-for-1 special with a coupon.

I promise that whipping Detroit while watching Anaheim and New York mutilate each other will be more fun than testing our luck against the Angels in yet another postseason this year.

"sports gods?"


I just hope that something good comes out of this, and that game convinces the Red Sox powers that be that Wakefield and Delcarmen don't belong near a postseason roster. I trust Saito so much more than Delcarmen right now. Not that Bard sucked any less last night.

"sports gods" (little g) as opposed to God (big g). I never invoke God in sports because I have to believe he is not a sports fan, because if He is a sports fan, then it wouldn't be to hard to figure out which team he is a fan of... And that's just too depressing to comtemplate.

The only thing I ever pray for in sports (of any kind), is that both teams play to the best of their ability and nobody gets hurt.

Then it's on.

Amen to that Bob.

Baseball is in the Bible, folks! Genesis 1:1 -- "In the big inning God created heaven and earth."

From your lips to God's ear, Bob.

Just when we thought we had our foot in the door.

The Sox still have their foot in the door, this team loves making it interesting. There's a good chance that the LAA of A could sweep the mfy, and the Sox should be able to take the other three games at the big K. Then they only have to win the series in NY and the home series with Toronto for the division. Gosh it's very possible

Jesus sounds a lot like LC ;D

Put Nick Green in the bull pen.........

"I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Del Carmen, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the innings to kill by ball, predictability and driving you fucking insane, and by the wild pitches of the earth."

"Jesus sounds a lot like LC ;D"

We don't talk about that brother; he's named Larry

royals are 12-3 in their last 15, if you can believe it. bad time to run into them, unfortunately. meh, what can you do.

//meh, what can you do.//

bring back Sean Casey...I'm pretty sure he was stoned during the late innings.

After KC warmed up on Wakey, not confident in Byrd's longevity tonight.

Both the loss last night and the debacle against the Orioles a while ago began after the heavens opened up.

In conclusion, blame Jesus.

I've got broad shoulders.

Guess what my playoff tix are for:

ALDS Home Game 3.

You have got to be shite-ing me.

So if the Sox don't catch the Skanks, I don't get any playoff tickets???

I'm going to blow a gasket.

Evidently, if the Sox get out of the ALDS, I'll be able to get tix to the ALCS.

@Bob, I'm confused. If the Sox don't catch the mfy, they play games 1 and 2 in Anaheim and then game 3 at Fenway, right? So aren't you screwed if they DO catch the mfy?

Yeah, Bob, on the 10th Man Plan if you don't see an ALDS game because they win too fast/don't get home field advantage for a Game 3, etc., then you'll get ALCS tickets instead. This happened to me in 2004, where I got to see ALCS Game 3 against the MFY. Yes, THAT Game 3. *shudder*

That having been said, I got GS Section 6, Row 6 (not seat 6, thank Satan) tickets for ALDS Home Game 1 this year.

Steve in MD, Home Game 3 would be Game 5 if we had home field advantage or non-existent if we don't. Not Game 3, but the third Home Game instead.

If Bob blows a gasket, does he leak Jameson's do ya think?

ummmm, a little help here jesus.

"Byrd's Longevity", now there's a contradiction in terms.....


Ah, I see. Of course, there hasn't been much discussion of playoffs in the local media around here for say, oh, a decade...

Yeah I'm pretty much going to settle for WC now.

I'm leaking Jameson right now, Buck.

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