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Crying down the 101

Well, the way I look at it, last night was due in paht to sympathy.


I'm sure nobody wanted to endure anothah Sciosa-led Angels crybaby fest.


Seriously, seeing Nancy Pelosi in tears was enough California-based treacle for one day.


What the frig is wrong with Californians anyway?


They live in the most temperate climate in the US, are only a car ride away from mountains or beaches or vineyards or desert and yet at the slightest sign of adversisty it's all Waa Waa call a Wambulance.


I know just look at Schwarzeneggah fercrissakes.


Guy goes from being a groupie banging, Terminatah-playing, orgy loving Austrian muscleman bad boy to what?


To being Maria Shrivah's p-whipped houseboy and whiney Governah Nanny to the biggest Nanny-state of all is what.


You know who I feel bad for are the ex-pat New Englandahs living out there.


I mean it's gotta be tough for a stoic, steel-balled minus 10 in wintah and 3 months of summah Masshole to put up with the incessant candy-assed piss and moan fest out there.


Seriously. Look what it did to Simmons.



Agreed, h.b. I've never understood the whole Cali mind set. My East-Coaster bias is showing through, I'm sure, but WTF? What is it they say? Easiest job in the world is weatherman in SoCal.

As to Simmons, I blame marriage, kids and the advance of age. (Goodness knows I've felt those effects.) Still enjoy reading him, though. Kinda the Dan Brown of sports writers...

Yeah and look what it did to Seymour just at the thought of going there.

Ah the Californians...there haven't been many that I've wanted to punch or berate. I don't know what exactly, but when they've come up to BU or I deal with them elsewhere, the bratty and "easy and do-whatever-we-feel" lifestyle is annoying.

To be fair, that was really a gratuitous cheap shot at Simmons. He just happened to be the first well known New England ex-pat in CA that came to mind.

As for his alleged decline, I've only heard that second hand.

I stopped reading Simmons in 2004 because I found he was so good/funny that it was difficult to not be influenced by him. And the last thing I wanted was for Soxaholix to come off sounding like a Simmons wannabe site.

WTF is up with that icon??? Stupid TypePad. I'm off in investigate.

oh, only shows in preview mode. still stupid.

It's appropriate that his CA site is sponsored by Lite beer. If he was still here at least it would be a real beer like Sam or something

Hey, I went to college in Los Angeles (Go LMU Lions).

That said, California's a state made out of plastic, botox and wild fires.

Combustible, and a stupid mix.

and for those who may be interested in these sorts of things, re: the Bruins Winter Classic(tm) jersey: not so much, IMO. Played it a little too safe and marketable

Oh, and Rob, the easiest job in the worls isn't a weatherma in Soyuthern Calfornia. It's being a weatherman in Hawaii. They don't have them. The anchorman-woman just says something like, "early morning mauka showers followed by 85-87 degree clear skies. Good evening Hawai'i."

although the ad is pretty good

Cam really needs a shave.

I thought you meant Richard Simmons ;D

Isn't Arnold Austrian?? Check with SDU for a ruling on this.

@Harwich: Yes Arnold is Austrian. He was born in Thal, Austria.

It was fixed a while back to read Austrian. Hit refresh already.

Am I having a stroke, or doesn't it say Austrian in the strip?

Okay, Bob. Then I guess I'm Hawaii-bound.

Aloha! Rob Cumonawannalaya here with your Accuweather forecast for Honolulu today...

Look, I get that they wanted to incorporate something from all of the Stanley Cup uniforms, but there are just some things that look like shit and that 25th Anniversary crest is one of them. What is this? Rocky and Bullwinkle? That cartoonish B looks like a brain fart of the late 60's/early 70's Hanna-Barbara hero animals...

But Kaz, when you look at the new team photo, you can see where they're going with this:


Boston Bruins.
Makin' up a mess of fun.
Lots of fun for everyone.

Bruins Hockey Rules.

Is that what you're trying to say, Bob?

exactly, Kaz. and what the hell was so special about the 25th year of the franchise, anyway?

Oooh, nice spirograph logo accompanying my post preview. Speaking of the 70s

Someone's got to point out that SoCal and Northern Cal are two entirely different entities. As a Bay Area dweller (that's right -- I'm a transplanted Jersey boy), it's funny to hear someone complain about California and then says something about L.A. Likewise, Orange County folk don't like being blamed for our Bay Area sensibilities. The state is so big that it's about as good a comparison as equating Philly to Savannah.

That said, it was fun to read the Soxaholix take on CA.

I do believe that Nancy "Don't Cry for Me" Pelosi represents the Bay Area, no?

She wasn't crying, her botox was just leaking out.

I just got back from my semi-annual California tour, from SF to San Diego (though thank all the gods that this time I got to take the 101 between SF and LA and not I-5). It always amuses me to play "pick the transplant" on the freeways. Did that guy who just cut me off originate in MA or NY? If he cut me off and then flipped me off, he came from CT. It's fun.

Thanks for the 101 reference explanation, Meredith. I missed that.

That said, I take umbrage at your CT vs MA driver comparison. My experience has been that Mass-holes are right up (down?) there with the worst drivers, ever. Anytime I see someone on I-84 weaving in and out of traffic, brakes lights (when working) nearly screaming as their old Chevy Caprice squeezes into a space between vehicles that wouldn't fit a Smartcar, I can guarantee you those are Mass plates on the back. All said, I'd rather drive in NYC traffic than Boston. I kid thee not.

re: Pelosi

As a Bawlmer native, she'll probably be rooting against us for the next 3 days, too.


//She wasn't crying, her botox was just leaking out.//

Nice one Kaz! Question: what's more fake: her face or the words that come out of it?

I've had 3 family members make the move from MA to CA (all work related). None of them wanted to. One was San Deigo, one was San Francisco one went to the Monteray/Big Sur region. The only one who never complained? The NoCal family member. Can't figure out why, that's just the way it was. Today, they have all since moved on from the CA adventure, and seem to be much happier (is it related? can't tell ya). Seattle, Cambridge (back to MA) and Melbourne, respectively. And I'm told (as I'm sure sdu can confirm, maybe) the Aussie love for the Sox is second to none for some reason. Go figure.

Got to weight in here as a former Ca resident (2 yrs in Bakersfield - not the armpit of the world, but yes, you could see it from there).

The 5 is quite possibly the worst road in the world. The 101 is a great drive.

Northern part of state is great, SD is great, most points in between save the Mojave suck. although Venice beach has its charms.

All other things aside, you can not, no matter how far you look and how hard you try, find a good pizza in California. To be fair, same is true of Mexican in New England.

Moved from Cal to Mass - neither state knows how to plow their snow. We don't even try in NC.

Worst drivers - may have to give the award to the Floridiots.
CT drivers are ok, but won't go over the spped limit on account of the Nazi popo there.
Mass drivers - not hard to spot. They are the one's fucking up traffic.
Louisiana drivers - what fucking red light? well at least the cabbies anyway.
NC drivers - Goin to get some milk honey, be back tomorrow.
Cal drivers - only place I ever looked over at the car next to me at a stop light to see a nice young woman with her seat belt splitting her two nekkid breasts. I like Cal drivers.

"You know who I feel bad for are all the ex-pat New Englandahs living out there."

Thank you for that.

Of course you are right h.b. re: Pelosi. I was more commenting on the comments than on the strip itself.

I'm with Rob in CT about driving in NY over Boston. I've had some crazy scary experiences driving in Boston. Granted it has been a long time.

pseudosanity78 - 90% of the people I associate with on a day to day basis are transplants, mostly from the Northeast. And probably more than 90% of those people love living in the Bay Area -- this is truly a great place to be (no matter your politics). The main drawback is cost of living, but we deal with it.

Frankly, this area doesn't seem whiney to me, except when it comes to protesting conservative policies (and what would our country be without those whines?). Pelosi is not my dream candidate -- she's also not representative (so to speak) of most Northern Californians' behavior.

There's a (napa valley?) "whine country" joke in here somewhere though, I've gotta say.

Incidentally, there are tons of Yankees and Red Sox fans here, and any time those teams come to Oakland or S.F., the locals are overwhelmed by the visitors' fans. It's almost sad, haha.

@ Jeff, have you ever seen the way people in Seattle drive? Less people, more traffic, whole lotta clusterfuck. Even the ferries don't help. Fuck, I could swim faster through Puget Sound than most of these people can drive through SoDo. At least those in the NE understand the theory of MERGE. @Billy- as I live abraod I can kinda agree with that (I deal with a lot of expats). There something about that area that does something to people. SoCal makes you crazed, SF makes you chill. Are there loads of weed fields they burn daily? Hot dog runs at 1900? Who knows.

//To be fair, same is true of Mexican in New England.//

Jeff, have you been to Angela's Cafe in Eastie? I think it'll change your opinion about Mexican food in New England.

I have not. Don't tell too many about it though or la migra will put an end to it.

Bah! You've not had shazz Mexican food until you've experienced it in the UK. Truly rubbish. Except for, I'm told, Daddy Donkey. Trying it this weekend, will be very judgemental.

More traffic talk. I have always considered myself a good driver, in fact better than most, because of my ability to handle Boston traffic. Especially rush hour Boston traffic. Especially rush hour boston traffic while the Big Dig was in play. If you can drive Boston, you can drive wanywhere.

Then I tried to drive in Rome. I will never try to drive in Rome again. Walking will be just fine.

If you're going to Angela's, make sure you have your MS-13 tattoos showing, vato.

I would move to Northern California in a second

I'll take a bullet for Angela's mole.


I'm going to try and split a little early, since all the big-wigs seem to be missing in action.

Have a great weekend all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Except for, I'm told, Daddy Donkey. Trying it this weekend

There's a joke in there somewhere. Donkey:Mexican vs cat:Chinese?

@ Jeff, in re: LA not L.A. drivers - it's not just cabbies and would explain why they have been putting red light cameras up everywhere.

And since you found my contractor tribulations amusing, my shot up a/c is finally replaced and running but the plumber who repaired a "design flaw" left an opening in the ceiling ("we don't do sheetrock") and in a bizarre chain of events, two motherfucking pigeons on the hunt for dog food managed to get in there when I left the outside door open and one stayed in there for a day. (I was proud of my fearless 6 year old, when he instintively ran to his room, grabbed a big plastic bat to help get the first one out). And then when I was leaving my parking garage, some apparently deaf girl saw a parking space behind her and reversed into my front bumper. It has been a great month.

I just realized I embodied the whiny part of today's strip. Please ignore previous post. However, is it possible to be irritated to death?

Yep Harwich, Arnold Swartzenegger, Mel Gibson, Cate Blacnett, Nicole Kidman, Bryan Brown, Rose Byrne, Peter Finch, Grant Balfour, Rusty Crowe and Meryl Streep: all Austrians. Stupid vikings. (Actually, Meryl just does a really good Austrian accent.)

Yep Harwich, Arnold Swartzenegger, Mel Gibson, Cate Blacnett, Nicole Kidman, Bryan Brown, Rose Byrne, Peter Finch, Grant Balfour, Rusty Crowe and Meryl Streep: all Austrians. Stupid vikings. (Actually, Meryl isn't really Austrian; she just does a really good Austrian accent.)

Buck - agree 100% on the lame-o jersey. And the ad.

I just cringe to think of the hours #8 spent sitting in "just-kill-me-now" fashion design meetings this summer. There is no life after hockey.

Buck - agree 100% on the lame-o jersey. And the ad.

I just cringe to think of the hours #8 spent sitting in "just-kill-me-now" fashion design meetings this summer. There is no life after hockey.

Buck - agree 100% on the lame-o jersey. And the ad.

I just cringe to think of the hours #8 spent sitting in "just-kill-me-now" fashion design meetings this summer. There is no life after hockey.

@Nola - sounds like you have a pantry design flaw too if the dog food hunting pigeons scored their treasure in the hole in the ceiling by the plumbing. Ha! Great story - unless of course you are the teller of the story. You been squashing bugs lately? This all has the feeling of a Karmic imbalance.

I'm almost giddy, I know its only the orioles, but gosh, could the Sox go 11 for the last 11 make the division a race again? Put fear into the aging MFY hearts? Its almost a bit too much to hope for, isn't it?

http://picasaweb.google.com.au/soxdownunder/MaggiesCampaignEndeth# "> This is how the season ends

"> Not with a bang but a grave and very expensive disappointment

There's always next year. Thanks for you support.

And yes madraider - it IS to much to hope for (I have suspended hope for a few days after my bitter visit to Melbourne last night. Hope hurts.)

Let's get through the Angels and worry about the Yanks in the ALCS. Should be a cracker!

a 50-metre penalty? Yikes. Bob Watson must be moonlighting down under

I hate the Yankees, I respect the past of that orginization and now its just a cheap caricature of it's past, but I positively loathe the Jets.
What's with that cheer of theirs, like they're in eighth grade and finally learned how to spell their own first name without messing it up for the first time. HATE THE JETS.

Here's a little fodder for the clubhouse motivation session...

"We just have to try to keep playing well," Johnny Damon said. "Lately, we've been losing some close ones and it seems like no one is trying to beat Boston; they're having their way with the Blue Jays and Orioles."

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