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Caw. Caw.


Is it just me or does it feel like we've been playing the Royals for weeks now.


Yeah, it's that getting antsy time of year...


The pitching is ripening like a gourd, the leaves are tinting, and the magic numbah is dwindling.


And we just can't wait to be done with the regulah season and get to the post.


There is no bettah feeling.


Seriously. Delicious playoff bound autumn. My very soul is wedded to it.


Hell yeah it is. If I were friggin bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive postseason autumns.


And shitting on Yankees fans from above as I flapped my goddamned gossamah wings.



Note: The bird flying bit is a twist on a George Eliot quote that I came across in a tweet from a reader.

I can feel my gourd swelling already h.b.

If I were friggin bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive postseason autumns.

You could also have said "If I were friggin Paul Byrd..."

Yes, now that you mention it I can hear the somewhat pathetic bird song of the of the second place finisher: Complete with that Qaddafi-UN-speech or Mackenzie-Phillips-book attempt to rationalize a situation gone wrong.

Gossamer? More like Mr. Van Dreissen's Lesbian Seagull.

In the alley just behind Pete's Pub, birds fly, high above

Seagulls and blackbirds
And prostitutes with wings,

But on the TV the Red Sox sing,

Chirps of hits, then shit on your head, one time you're happy, they other time, dead

But in the end, you wipe it off your hair,

And leave it to L.C. to curse and swear.

Every Soxaholix is invited to Pete's Pub, on November 8th, the day of my love.

Three to seven for an open bar,

And the horror to meet Bob Shiffrar.

(Too broke to send out invites, so consider this it.)

Anyone remember when Jason O 's comments were funny and not angry?

Can we get that Jason O back? Or is the pressure of needing to win a WS just too much to endure these days for even the intelligent Yankees fans like Jason?

Not that JO is one, but will this be the beginning of the parade of trolls, as they try to deal with the massive pressure of winning a WS this century? Listen closely, and you can hear the tap tap tap of the keyboards in the basements...

There are some Yankee fans out there that do not have their heads in their arses.

A NY Post piece yesterday about the Redsox fan who is suing the Yankees for when he got pummeled at Yankee stadium (multiple eye surgeries, etc.) and is balking at having to pay $6k legal fees so the Yankee organization could afford to send lawyers to his doctor's office for deposition, starts with the writer's comment "quit your bellyaching". With the exception of 1 dickhead, all the yankee fan commenters to the piece found the yankee organization's position on this to be embarrasing, and the writer's comments to be disgusting.

2nd place beats the fuck out of 3rd (where the Yankees were last year I think).

Bob, Miami is at New England at 1 PM on November 8th. I love you like a brother and you know I want to have a drink with you...but can I have your Pats tickets instead?

Haha. Just playin'. ;)

But, seriously, maybe I could make it back by 8 to join you...

Naw, nah, man, you know I'd rather drink at Pete's than go to what would be only my second Pats game live ever.


let me see what I can do about changing the time of the game

Kaz, the fact that I'm getting married on the day of a home Pats game should tell you how I feel about Abby.

BTW, those tix are long gone, unfortunately.

Jason O.'s post was trollish, but I have to admit, "Mr. Van Dreissen's Lesbian Seagull" made me chuckle in spite of myself. I had completely forgotten about that whole Beavis and Butthead bit from the movie. Mike Judge is a funny man.

For a while now, I've wondered whether or not we had a J.O. imposter aboard, but I think only the "true" Jason would have put that up. ...which, I guess, actually makes me sad. I'd come to expect so much more.

Kaz, the fact that I'm getting married on the day of a home Pats game should tell you how I feel about Abby.

Yeah, "fuckin' bitch". Amirite or amirite?

;) I kid because I love.

Kaz, you better just pray to God that Abby doesn't log-on today.

She is freakishly strong. And mean.

And she has your address.

Hallelujah! My sister won the ALDS ticket lottery and will be hanging out in the Virtual Waiting Room tomorrow to try and score a pair of seats. And I have first dibs on her companion seat! I had so much fun last year when I had Bob's tickets to Game 3. Can't wait.

Bob, I can't wait to see pics of you, Abby, and Linda in her flowergirl getup. Reed's not ring bearer is he?

No, little Graeme's the ring bearer.

Why not come up and enjoy, Nola?

Open bar at Petes...mmmm.

Meanwhile, sydney turned into Mars yesterday. Check out this http://www.smh.com.au/multimedia/national/dust-storm-swallows-sydney/20090923-g19h.html "> 'Herald slideshow. Jesus, what have you done?

http://picasaweb.google.com.au/soxdownunder/PetesPubEtc#5365734794593124610 "> Little Graeme

I work in mysterious ways, don't I?

that's the pllar of reed behind graeme. hi sdu.


that's the pllar of reed behind graeme. hi sdu.


Abby doesn't have a proofreader like I do.


You can count on Jason O for about three or four troll-like comments a year. Postseason is postseason, baby. You were in 2nd and 3rd the last couple years, while the Sox were winning the Series and making an ALCS interesting, so whatevs. Winning in '04 via the wild card didn't feel any less good (of course that whole scenario was pretty darn special).

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