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Al is worse than Hitler

So is Matsuzaka back for reals or it this just an Indian Summah?


*Indian* Summah? Al, you motherfucking rascist!


Oh, Al. [Sigh]


C'mon it's just an expression from childhood. What am I supposed to say?


OK. Let me rephrase it for you …


"So is Matsuzaka back for real or is this like some hegemonist end of summah blanket 'giveaway' such that the peaceful and loving indigenous people will be cruelly struck dead from small pox come autumn?"


Meanwhile, ah, was last night's performance a hahbingah or an aberration?


Can I get a haiku? Woot woot.


The tree hidden fruit
sips slowly the summer roots –
juicy september!



Ook-Ook-Ka-Chook ;D

Effective pitcher
From land of the rising sun
Who saw that coming?

or is this like some hegemonist end of summah blanket 'giveaway'

Would those be small pox-infested blankets? :-)

Nice outing last night. It warmed my cockles to see Mothra pitch so aggressively and with such positive results.

And how about those Jays, eh? Loved the rumble in the Bronx. Posada lost for at least a couple games, Girardi winds up with contusions and a bloodied ear. Stay classy, you fucks.

Hitters fooled by heat.
Is this the same Dice-K san?
Keep dreaming, fan boy!

Personal chauffeur
Also a massaging guy
Oh, and pitching coach.

That was fancy last night. Encouraging. Although don't you get the feeling it'll ultimately be painful? Somehow? In the new Toilet Bowl? At a pivotal point?

I get feelings sometimes.

Like the burning urination this morning.

Abby, have you been, uh, doing something with, uh, someone else?

It's not just Dice-K-
A's always lose key matchups;
Can he do it twice?

Oh, right! I've got to get my hegemonist myths right -- it's small pox not syph. I made the change for the sake of historical accuracy (and by historical accuracy I mean bald faced lies).

Once worn out tired
the dead arm reawakens
in the late autumn

Every couple of years the debate comes up to change the town of Amherst's name, since the namesake used that blanket scheme once or twice. Doesn't make ol' Lord Jeff look very good, but the nothing ever happens.

I was monitoring a class taught by a subordinate on the history of biological warfare back in the 1980's once. The presenter mentioned the Brits giving away smallpox infected blankets to the Indians. There happened to be a British exchange officer in the class. He rose from his seat and said "That story is a lie! We DID NOT give smallpox infected blankets to the Indians..." As I was bracing to come to my LT's defense, the Brit continued, "We sold them."

if daisuke doesn't fit the phrase 'utter mystery', i don't know what pitcher can. whether he is walking the ballpark and somehow wriggling out of more jams than you can find in a smuckers factory, or coming back from wbc noodle-arm to exceed everyone's expectations, ESPECIALLY mine, he is if nothing else consistently a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in seaweed and seasoned rice.

Nice history lesson h.b. The Pilgrims would never have established a colony if the Native had not been devastated by disease brought over by the European fishermen in the early 1600's. Reas "Lies My Teacher Taught Me" for an excellent account of the "real" story of Plimouth.

Amherst to be renamed Smallpoxville?

Mothra: enigma
Late spring training work on arm
September rising?

Prior to the game I had this feeling of Vu Ja De, then it all turned back into De Ja Vu all over again.

Can I get the 'motherfucking racist' panel on a t-shirt? I lost half my diet Pepsi down my front because of it and need a new one now.

Let us not forget that the Pilgrams did not come here for freedom of religion. They came here to practice their religion and had no interest in freedom of religion for anybody else. Then there is that whole selling Native American women and children in slavery thing during King Phillips War.

Fine folks those Pilgrams were...

Run to the hills

Run for your life

They didn't listen, smallpox they got, along with a taste for rum and whiskey, and Iron Maiden gets a legendary song out of it all.

and we got some great fairy tale stories of our humble beginnings as Americans.

New topic.. the Yankees are back (reference Posada's fuckery from last night's fight). It is ok for the Yankers to hit your batters, but absolutely not fucking ok at all to throw near them.

ok, not nbew, just back to Rob's comment of earlier in the day

// Fine folks those Pilgrams were... //

Somebody had to get things started. The Puritans opened the way for subsequent settlement by other colonists from the UK and Protestant Europe and it was on the backs of these Scots/Irish folks that much of the current USA was formed.

Just look at the success of the Scots/Irish/German blooded colonists compared to, say, the Spanish.

For example, beyond the northern frontier outpost of San Antonio de Bexar, the Spanish pretty much gave up on the area we now call Texas as "impossible" to settle and tame.

Yet the Scots/Irish and the Germans came in and kicked total ass doing more in 50 years than the Spanish had done in the previous 300.

Spanish pretty much gave up on the area we now call Texas as "impossible" to settle and tame.

Same holds true today...

"We'll take the n*gg*rs and the ch*nks. But we won't take the Irish!!" -- Samuel Johnson, Blazing Saddles, 1978

Yet the Scots/Irish and the Germans came in and kicked total ass doing more in 50 years than the Spanish had done in the previous 300.

Coming from a Scots/German heritage, I fully endorse your comment, h.b. (But don't look for my family name on the Mayflower's ship's registry.)

// Somebody had to get things started.//

True, and we here have the luxury of the lives we lead and the country we live in as a near direct result of their efforts. That does not mean that as a group they were not also some shitty people. They persevered and kicked ass and were successful as a result of extremely hard work, belief in their endeavors, ruthlessness, unabashed bigotry, a bit of luck, intolerance for others, clarity of purpose,... It was not providence - that's just a place in RI where a bunch of people live near each other. My point is that we needn't recast who they were in order to see them as the successful to other's failure except to address our own squeemishness at the truth. Their success and our current descendant society is evidence of their superior efforts.

Pretty hard to be a dominant colonial power when you unfurl your banner and it reads 'manana'.

Resolved White over here. My own ancestors probably would've supported burning me at the stake.

since im in california and your all in bed back there, how about coming back twice in the 8th and 9th to beat the angels- this will make work so much easier tomorrow- lets sweep to put them back into a trance until the playoffs.

3 games? Three fucking games? Bob Watson still wears pinstripes to work I see

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