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This is when...

Well, you've seen it on the schedule since wintah ଎


2 at the Tropa-Mall-a then 4 in the House that Taxpayahs Built.


And a combined 18 games with those same 2 between now and the end of Septembah.


Time to grease up your favorite "adversity" cliche and prepare it for conversation insertion.


You said it, guy — This is where the Sriracha meets the sausage.


This is when the deposit is due to reserve your bitch's rented sunset.


These are the times that spry men's no-no holes.



I was hoping that no-no holes would make another appearance, but I never expected it to be so soon. Brilliant!

I didn't want to derail the meetup recap yesterday so I'll post this now. I now understand why everyone says Camden Yards is a great place to watch a game. Simply a beautiful park. Sadly not a crabcake to be found inside.

Niagra Falls!!..Slowly I turn..step by step..inch by inch...(sorry Kaz)

I realize it's a tough schedule for most of the rest of the season. But those teams have to play us, too.

BTW, Nolasox, your picked banana peppers are going to be taken and used on some sausage, peppers, and ONIONS, at the next game. Outstanding. (Unless Abby eats them all in the meantime.)

@ Matt. I always bought crabcakes outside that ballpark along with anything else I could stuff in my face. The eating continued for the duration of the game. The drive back to Philly was always a fun one. Just a great all around experience. Food, atmosphere, bars... fighting with the mascot. That park has it all.

The key to eating at any park is to eat the stuff outside. Every sausage vendor outside Fenway is better than the average crap inside. Boog Powell's BBQ outside Camden Yards, same thing. Remy's kid's new House of 'Roids and Chicken? Same thing.

Boog's was fantastic. I made sure to stop there for both games. The triple slider plate was the best - beef/pork/turkey. Outside the park there weren't many food vendors (compared to fenway), mostly drink hawkers due to it being ball-soakingly hot and humid down there.
(Yes Bob, I had a small reservoir of Sriracha in my undergarments - it's now all bottled up.)

...And gentlemen in Mannywood now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods...etc.

Long time reader/enjoyerer, first time commenter. Also enjoyed Camden Yards for the first time Sunday. Had to see it with my own eyes to understand how the Sox fans take over. Crabcakes at the Diamond Bistro on the club level, Matt! And for the EEI listeners, I promise I'm not that Marcy...

Manny probably thinks that's the Rice Crispy Day speech.

BTW. Billy Lee Riley died. Very sad. Fab musician and a weird man (wich we should always celebrate).

Bob - can you email me or check your hotmail account. Abby - your voicemail is full!

Aw, man, did you guys see this? The 'what ifs' are staggering: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/marinersblog/2009591133_mariners_turned_down_three-way.html

Srsly Natalie. If I've said it once, I've said it 1000 times: Never turn down a three-way!

With or without the blonde wig,h.b. ??

Ha ha ha ha! Rice Crispy Day! Ha ha ha ha!

Thank you, Bob. You have made my day.

from Baseball musings: "Peter Abraham notes plant life in the stands of the deserted Yankee Stadium"

Shit, you can find that in just about every seat of every game the new Stadium, too.

I had a blast on Sun - later wished I had berocca when the marguerita (sp?) finally reared its ugly head around midnight. Bob and Abby, glad you liked the peppers. Thanks for posting the pics, sdu. Too bad you didn't get one of the phantom Bill Lee. I now have to relinquish the computer so 5 year old can play Diego game.

Jeez, forgot about Bill Lee. Buckner swears to high heaven The Spaceman walked through Pete's (from the alley to the front door) on Sunday. I only caught a glimpse, but it could have been him. I guess.

I'm tellin' ya- it was him. Even through the haze, I'd recognize him. sorta.

Oh, ponch, sawthat story on another site:

Old SkankeeStadiumWithSomeWeirdFungalDisease

(In best Charleton Heston voice): Soylent Green is Skankee fans!


Another cool link today: Doug Glanville's take on the steroids controversy. He was just on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Cool, articulate, interesting guy: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/04/opinion/04Glanville.html?_r=2

Never turn down a 3-way!

That depends, h.b.

Only if it's a menage et twat.

I'll leave the devil's three-ways for Jeter, A-Rod, and Suzyn Waldman...

I have to agree with Kaz on this one. Trust me; there is nothing worse on the face of this earth than hearing a good buddy say, "I can feel you."

(Shudder, vomit in mouth, gag. And apologize.)

Matt - Camden is best park in the mid-Atlantic (certainly better than that craphole in DC). I got a terrific crabcake at Charm City Seafood on the ground level behind the home plate seats. I almost coughed it up with all the runs Buch gave up in that one inning.

Why, Tito? Why??

Just because,Kaz,just because :(

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