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Working on his knight moves

Ah, hello Red Sox, loosing 3 straight and being tied with the Yankees is not where I want to be 4 games aftah the break.


Last night the bats were awful and the pitching even worse.


Is it time acknowledge that the Smoltz experiment is a failure?


Seriously, Theo's plan to resurrect Smoltz is looking evah more like NBC's plan to resurrect Knight Ridah.


But at least Knight Ridah had Deanna Russo.


Yeah, not all of Theo's ideas are going to work out. For every Schilling, Beckett, and Lowell, there's going to be a couple of "New Cokes" like the closer by committee and Bartolo Colon.


And Julio Lugo.


And Renteria.


Renteria isn't Theo's New Coke or Crytal Pepsi, no, that's his Sarah Palin.





Holy Jack Clark Renteria!CHB is at this moment working on his "Curse of the Lugoini" column.

...but does he wear lipstick???

Congrats to Uncle Kaz(not to be confused with Uncle Hulka)

I say Smoltzomania is over. Dude coughed up more meatballs than a drunk sqak at Subway.


Smoltz is through. Welcome back, Clay

That nice long rest during the all-star break really seems to have helped.

(Where's my sarcastic symbol? ~.)

Oh, there it is.

Crappy rainy day, crappy Sox loss, crappy shitload of work.... AWESOME Bog Seger title. One of my all-time favorite songs, although since a recent episode of 30 Rock I always wind up signing it "working on my night cheese." :)

Just read a cool article about ESPN offering extensive local coverage. They piloted it with Chicago and are rolling out to some other cities soon (not Boston). I think this is awesome. Anything to dull the voice of Shaughnessy and breathe new life into Boston sports journo....

Hi there, Nat. Wanna hang out with me, Bog, a couple weeks from now?

(Now I have to remember to change to name back to Bob. Which unlike some people here, is actually my real name.


your point?

Isn't he the king of swamp rock?
(and if you have never heard 'Live Bullet' you are missing something).

"great to be back in Boston..."

Hey Natalie,

A heads up: Do you get Setanta (or what was formerly so)? If you do you should know they're now broadcasting ESPN US on it with LOADS of baseball. In fact, I think that's all they've had on it thus far.

I still prefer the NESN coverage on MLB.tv but it's nice not to have to hook the 'puter up to the tv to watch the game and it's a good alternative when their service goes wonky too.

As far as the last few games go I have to say I fight with myself every day wondering if it's worth it to stay up til 3am to watch them live or just catch the highlights the next day. Is it better to wake up tired and upset or just go to bed disappointed?

Okay, L.C. now I have to tell everyone.

Lou Clinton is actually Roger Clinton. Yes, the former president's wayward brother.

Sorry, L.C. You drove me to this.

(And to Monica's condo one night, but what happens in Duluth stays in Duluth.)

Oh Christ, there's a typo. Yes, Bog, I am looking forward to hanging out with you. :)

Hey, Pseudo, yep, I get ESPN America (formerly Setanta) and it's great, I DVR the Red Sox games when they come around every so often, but often by the time I get around to watching them, I already know the outcome so it's not as fun. The time difference is the killer... But not enough of a killer that I would stop paying my 13 quid a month for it!


did you enjoy my performance as Mayor Bubba in Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings?

Thanks for coming

L.C., not a big fan of Pumpkinhead II, but I think your performance in "The Gardener" as Dr. Nels Frankle was transcendent.

Smoltzie is a 5 inning pitcher. I blame Francoma for not recognizing that and pulling him after the second hard hit ball in the 6th. Homer - double - single - homer - homer, and then he decides to pull him? Right now with Penny and Smoltz he needs to have someone up and ready to go at the start of the 6th regardless of how they're pitching - and for not having someone ready, I blame Farrel too.

When you just don't seem to have as much to lose...strange how the night moves...with Autumn closing in.

With a payroll more than sixty mil, above what John Henry and Theo will, it's not so strange how the Skanks move.

For God's sake, at the start of the season, if you were told the Skanks acquired the best pitcher and best power hitter on the market, where would you have guessed they'd be right now?

Bet you'd be surprised they weren't in first outright.

So Renteria's coming back in 2012?

After the 2nd hard hit ball I had the same feeling of throwing my hands in the air that I get when, dare I say it?, Timmeh begins his meltdowns. Differnece is I get how a knuckler can have it then not in an instant. I do not get it with a normal pitcher. What the fuck? (well I do get it - it usually means the pitcher sux)

And on a seperate note, I like Jed, but he better have to earn his spot back and not just have it given to him.

And as for being tied for the pole position, it means nothing. That 3 game lead left us faster than shit through a duck.


Losing sucks, but it only sucks with one "o". Thanks for the daily entertainment and frequent brilliance from a reader who doesn't post much.

Thanks, Harwich Rich.

He'll be the first of the next generation in our family. I'm gonna race my other brother, who'll also be this kid's uncle, to see which of us can teach our new nephew the dirtiest words the fastest.

I'm gonna start with "Damon", "A-Rod", and "Lugo" and work my way to the softer stuff like "fuck" and "shit" from there.

Be sure to buy him his 1st Sox hat-never to early to start his education :)

LOL, my brother would kill me.

Smoltz will get better and be the 3 or 4 starter. He'll extend those 5 innings into 6 and 7. But I like putting Penny to pasture, bringing up Clay and trading for Powah! The offense is weak.

still unsure about any of the three - Clay's given us only one and the other two, well, this might be all they have.

would love a big bat but Doc would be better.

hb, I had nothing, I was trying to figure out what you'd do today and was blank - great strip: making something out of nothing

Not looking good for the Sox. Go Rockies?!

Hey Bitches!!

How does 2nd place (and my xxxx) taste?


[Edited for language. Trolls haven't earned the right. -- h.b.]

2nd place is temporary. Remember, Baby Huey, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

As for the taste of your dick, according to your poodle (Precious is his name, isn't it?), it tastes like peanut butter......

I give up shithead,your mom's box??

Sorry,lc-I fed the troll.

Better watch out!
I'm a Yankee fan who gloats!
So don't cry
And don't pout!
Absolutely now way you'll win!
Go Yankees

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