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Visionary Experience

Well, here we are standing on the precipice of the second-half and the view looks pretty friggin awesome.


First place by 3, best record in the American League …


The best paht is despite the first-half success, I don't think I'm alone in feeling the 2009 Red Sox haven't even begun to hit their stride.


Seriously. These guys are like Icarus on a rocky outcrop on Crete ready to make a break for it, except their wings aren't held together by wax but some some space age polymer that bonds at the molecular level.


Theo is the bond.


Absolutely. I mean think about it. 54 and 34 headed into the 2nd half with a whole lotta room for improvement.


And don't forget the experience factah. Even though there are lots of new faces on the rostah, the Red Sox gestalt remains one of a team expecting to go deep into Octabah.


It's like Huxley said, "Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you."


Fuck yeah it is.



The Aldous Huxley quote is from the essay "Visionary Experiences" from The Highest State of Consciousness.

Let's hope that bond is Gorilla Glue :)

...and good luck to Petey in Philly{let's hope he gets his "respect")

Weren't those wings held on by wax?

Too busy and lazy (mainly the latter) to look it up.

I need some f-ing baseball by the way. Drinking at Pete's isn't that great when you're watching an On Demand rerun of the wreched Housewives of Orange County.

Yes, wax, which was the glue of the day. I'll change to make it more clear.

You know what they say Bob-"wax on,wax off"

In my case, it's usually wack on, wack off.

(I'm here all week, try the veal.)

Theo = Mighty Putty
Let's hope Tito is not Billy Mays

Funny. L.C.

Actually the first Billy Mays commercial I saw after his death for for The Awesome Auger.

Digging up dirt. So appropriate for a dead man, yet so, uh, not.

"These guys are like Icarus on a rocky outcrop on Crete ready to make a break for it, except their wings aren't held together by wax but some some space age polymer that bonds at the molecular level."

That image might just make the best heavy metal album cover of all time.


Sorry, I just had a Visionary Experience...

No baseball, so let's talk tennis.

More specifically, the bizzaro world of tennis:

//Richard Gasquet escaped a lengthy doping ban Wednesday when the International Tennis Federation's tribunal panel ruled that he inadvertently took cocaine by kissing a woman in a nightclub.

The 23-year-old Frenchman, who was cleared to resume playing after completing a 2 1/2-month ban on Wednesday, convinced the independent anti-doping tribunal that he ingested cocaine with the kiss with the woman he had just met.//

If you use the tennis logic, A-Fraud could be cleared by claiming he kissed Barry Bonds on the ass.

Oh. Wait. That's pretty much an established fact.

This tennis story is too good to give up (plus I'm tired of working on rehydration products for pediatric patients).

When she found out about the doping charge, do you think that woman in the nightclub blew a Gasquet?

(I'm here all week, try the Wellington.)

Haven't tried that one ;D

Aaah,the Gallic nose

Kiss-ce que se cocaine ho?

If your up for it I only wish we were 54 & 13. 6th panel down. Thanks for another great strip.

// he convinced the independent anti-doping tribunal that he ingested cocaine with the kiss with the woman he had just met. //

Oddly, two days later he became pregnant while swimming in a public pool.

The French, the French, a curious race .......

54 and 13? Wow. I'm losing it.

That's what I get for not having my morning cocaine laced kiss.

That story reminds me of being a senior in high school and coming home, shall we say, tipsy. I ill-advisedly sat down with my mom and proceeded to tell her some stupid story that would only be interesting to the very drunk. She looked at me owlishly and asked "have you been drinking?" and I went, "No, why?" and she said, "I thought I smelled something." My genius response: "Mom, you know how those school dances are, everyone there is drinking," the implication being alcohol fumes had, like secondhand smoke, gotten in my hair and clothes. My mom let me get away with such a blatantly ridiculous falsehood (like the ITF is letting this guy get away with the cocaine whopper) only because she *wanted to believe* I didn't do it and frankly didn't feel like having a confrontation. My brother's outrage over this free pass would last for years. :)

I once had the pleasure of processing new hires at a construction company - one guy swore the reason he tested positive for coke was because he slept with his crack using "wife"

I hear through the City Hall grapevine that the Red Sox have put in a permit to replace the Jumbotron in center.

It's about time they upgraded from 16 millimeter.


Weird. It's really not that demanding of a position.

uh, Bob, oh never mind

Okay, let's try it again:

It'sReallyNot ThatDemandingOfAPosition

classic Nat...my eyes were always red from the pollen. I had real bad allergies.

hb, u got mail.

Hey, hb, when you made the comment the other day about f*ck to duck with autocorrect on the iPhone, were you referencing this site?:


My brother just posted a link on Facebook to this hilarious site and this post has me cracking up:

seriously iPhone. stop autocorrecting all my fucks into ducks. you're making all my strong worded texts look harmless and adorable.


Wasn't thinking of that site at the time, but, yeah, I do like that site too.

Also this one: "Look At This Fucking Hipster"

Lugo missing from the team workout in Toronto. Could this be Theo's very early birthday present for me?

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