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Right Guard will not help you here

So I go into the Sox game last night expecting that any minute they'll announce the Halladay deal, but, no, I go all 11 innings with nothing then toss and turn all night absorbing the meltdown loss and still imagining Halladay in red stockings …


Only to wake up this morning to discovah there nevah really was an offah in the first place.


Yeah, this has been a real Halladay in Cambodia.


It's tough kid, but it's life.


Somebody needs to tell that to Matsuzaka.


Ah, yes, Dude-san with the magically superiah Japanese shouldah. Heh.


Yeah, well, you just wait until the next WBC. Then we'll see who's laughing and who's crying.


Absolutely. When Dice-K was with the Seibu Lions his pitch count went to infinity. Twice.


That's right. Rent a rising sun, bitches.



Nobody puts Dice-K in the corner :)

21 flippin hits last night?!! WTF?! Really just how good do people believe this pitching staff is? 2 great starters and then what?

Dead Kennedy's. Nice, H.B. I was in the Longshoreman's Hall in Long Beach, California one night when they played. First (and hopefully last) time I was tear-gassed.

BTW, I hear Orlando is on the market. After last night, I'd really like to see him at short.

God that sucked.


We all know what happened the last time we traded for Orlando... Theo take note, not that we dont love our lil Nicky Green, but when he literally "throws" the game like that...

haha lil' nicky reference.

as for the rest, this team has not soul.

I'm looking at you nancy, and Paps

When a team plays well, they're said to "click".

The only clicking I heard last night was from me grinding my teeth.

Exactly why wasn't Lowrie in at short in the 9th? 3 whacks with a wet noodle, Tito.
what? We have no wet noodles? Use Drew's bat, close enough. (I kid, I kid)

Like shooting pool with a rope.

Ok, here I go.

Buchholz is stupid. Shaking off catchers like he is a 5 year veteran. You stupid fuck, if you are just going to throw a meatball to get a strike, do it on the first pitch not 6 pitches later at a full count - its inefficient. Ever hear of that word?

Drew - can't he just go ask the ump to call him out as he steps to the plate and save us the time and agony?

Bay - costs himself $100,000 on his next contract with every at bat.

Demarlo - There's aggressive base running, then there's wanting to go back and sit in the dugout a bit too much. WTF with sending these guys to home without an asshole's chance at a gay pride parade of not getting tagged? That play with Bay at the plate may have given us the extra run to survive Papelbon if he had been held up. Just sayin'.

Home Plate Ump last night - Where the fuck did this guy come from? Glad Geren decided to fall on his sword instead of Francona, but someone needed to.

and Papelbon. I do not even know where to begin. How about trying a fucking warmup in the bullpen instead of when you are facing your first batter? Every go damn time he comes into the game he walks the first guy he faces.

Tito - Laroche PH'ing for Papi? what?

At least Don and Eck are hitting their stride together. Pretty funny shit between them right now.

I love the Redsox. But sometimes...

Didn't Drew hit 2 doubles yesterday, nearly hit a walk-off and have 3 hits? If Hale wasn't an idiot, Drew would have set up 2nd and 3rd, no one out in the 8th.

He's better (and younger) than those fucks Ordonez and Abreu that the Boston clowns want to replace him with for some reason.

That was the worst loss of the year, including the clusterfuck in Baltimore.


Papi left the park to be at the side of his daughter in the hospital. According to TFrancona, he (the manager) told him to go.

It was not a pinch hit situation.

Jeff - Papi left the game when his daughter went to the hospital. I was shocked at the move at first thinking Jimy or Grady was back at the helm.

God, I keep forgetting how the formatting works on this site. Just pretend the paragraphs have spaces between them.

Also, the pen hadn't allowed a run since the break till yesterday.

as someone who was AT that clusterfuck in Baltimore, Devine, I can assure you that as bad as last night's game was, it was absolutely not the worst loss of the year.

at least the MFYs lost too- it could have been a lot worse

Still don't have a good reason for taking out Bard after the 8th and I have asked all the day-after-manager types...I think this kid has the goods and I think Papelbon gets to see his replacement at work (or fell his breath on his shoulder if you prefer the "Oz" reference)

Know who didn't lose? The Texas Rangers, 1.5 back in the wild card.

ok. I recant on the Laroche for Papi bitching. Maybe I'll invite them all over for a beer to smooth things out - I hear that's a good way to apologize for talking smack when you don't have all the facts.

Can't recant on Drew though - he drives me nuts - yes he did hit some yesterday, just enough to maybe think he is going to start one of those stellar months he has each season. But money says tonight its back to 123strikesyourout.

Don't take me too seriously though, I'll be back to happy with the next win.

But while I'm in a funk, I'll go ahead and say this re: potential trades this week - I sure hope we don't get Gagne'd again.

Will Buckholtz and Bowden and westmoreland turn out to be as good as H. Ramirez or as good as Halladay right now. Just saying last time we traded away top young talent, what did we get in return? 97 ws champs. developing the farm is great when some of those players step right in and produce. Thats not always the case. Halladay deal is a no-brainer.

Another loss like that and I think I'll just stay in Santa Monica.

silver lining - Pap blowing it last night probably strengthens the front office stance that Daniel Bard is off limits.

Maybe not Right Guard, but I could use some Pepto...

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