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Have a Happy 4th!

I'm hoping most of you are off today for a long weekend, as that is my excuse for extending my vacation a bit. See you on Monday and enjoy the weekend … — H.B.




Working right through Monday. Ahh,the joys of retail :((

OK! Here I am. Early enough to get in on it. Ready to yak about something fun. Let's do it! Oh... wait a minute...

(crickets and tumbleweeds)

Harwich, right there with ya. Have a safe one, y'all

Aw...I don't think Wakefield's gonna get the W tonight. :( But at least he's not taking the L either. :)

Happy fourth to you all.

http://www.collingwoodfc.com.au/newsfeatures/news/newsarticle/tabid/5586/newsid/79982/default.aspx "> 'Pies won a good one last night.

Ramirez sucks.

coming in from california-will be in fenway thursday night- wife wants to see tall ships during the day- whats the best way to do that?

tie her to the mast

Yaar Matey

do you think she'll get suspicious when we are are the train and i have all this rope?

RIP Steve McNair-"Missed it by THAT much"


what buck said


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