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I'll take "Words ending in 'Z'" for a thousand.

Well, the weekend got off to a great staht with taking 2 from the O's and the pageantry of Jime Rice's induction in Cooperstown.


I like the way Bob Ryan put it, "This was as happy a Jim Rice as we’ve ever encountered."


Yep. But then, unfortunately, we had to pitch Smoltz bringah of Weltschmerz.


Not to kibitz, but Smoltz is definitely on the fritz.


Can we get an ersatz for Smoltz?


Ah, Christ, seems like only yestahday that we had the schmalz for Smoltz.


If only it were just Smoltz. I mean look at our rotation.


Seriously, any day now I expect to see a picture of every stahtah not named Beckett and Lestah on the friggin' Fail Blog.


Beckett and Lestah and pray for a Northeastah.



out early today h.b.?

muzt have been zaving the Z's for the ztrip.

Nice play on a zeriouzly zketchy pitching zituation.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

Come back, all is forgiven
Summer surprised us.

Smoltz has pitched like schmutz.

Spahn and Sain and pray for Halliday's rein?

BTW, schmalz.

I'm Cathlic, but with an east german family on my dad's side. Schmalz is what held my grandma's headcheese together.

Best thing you'll ever eat with an eyeball in it.

Smoltz hat keinen Blitz.

Don't forget they score a whole 2 runs yesterday. Lotta punch there. In the Bronx, the other team's 6 runs early just means the Yanks will have to score 7.

yesterdayz lack of batz = megahurtz

Well, that's enough of making Atlanta look like geniuses, giving the Orioles a little charity on the weekend, and toying with the Yankees by letting them take the lead only to yank the rope and pass them in the end.

Rope-a-dope's over, Theo. Now, it's time to get serious and play some baseball.


Ah well, that was just unsatisfying, eh?

Congrats to #14 and to Ricky and to that broad with the curly hair and to T. Kubek's nose and some guy from SFO that nobody ever heard of.

Oh, and Koufax looks like he could go 7 strong innings tonght. Let's take a chance on him.

By Popular Demand

Just me reading the headline and immediately thinking of the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy sketches? "It looks like this is my lucky day! I'll take "The Rapists" for $200, Alex."

t-minus 4 dayzzz 12 hourzzz and counting

Counting on Theo.

Nice update LC.

So a silver ling is shimmering into view as a result of the steroid era.

From Ginzzzburg leaving us flabbergasted that he tried pot, to the now famous Clinton method of smoking but not inhaling, to the current "meh" response even among conservatives when it is discovered that an intelligent person partakes at the partay, we have the decriminalization of things once heinous.

Selig doesn't think Rose's gambling was so bad now, relatively speaking.


not sure what a ling is.

Early on Friday, early today. I love coming home and finding a new Soxaholix waiting for me...

I titally did the SNL Joepardy thing too, but this is the one I usually think of-
Connery: Well, the game is afoot. I'll take anal bum cover for 1,000.

Trebek: That's An album cover, not anal bum cover.

Connery: I can read, Trebek. That says Anal bum cover. I've spent five years of my life trying to invent an anal bum cover, failing to do so is my greatest regret

Er, titally = totally.

Must be contagious, and rather titillating, no?

Count me worried...I can't help but examine precedent i.e., the balls required to cough up a $50 million posting fee for Matsuzaka. Now the clock ticks and your front office talks to Ricciardi while instructing Gammo, Stark and the rest of the shitdick red sox media lapdogs to create a giant diversion, repeating over and over: "the sox have a very small, if any, chance at RH."

Yeah right: And the Yankees had no shot at Tex either.

love the new range lc!

I'm sorry, J.O., did you say something? I was just daydreaming about the names Lester, Beckett, and Halladay over and over again...

No homo.

I'll take swords for 500 alex. Thats "s" words Sean. What future hall of famer is currently pitching like a single A call-up? Who is Smoltz?!

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