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Have you ever not seen the rain?

Anothah day anothah stiff twig up there hunched as wet black rook arranging Arranging and rearranging its feathers in the rain.


Yep, the wait's begun again. The long wait for the angel, For that rare, random descent.


Watah watah everywhere. And all I do is drink. Whiskey.


The weathah is ruining my summah!


I swear if it wasn't for Josh Beckett I would have already rode away like Elijah on a wheel of cloud.



Several references in today's strip: Rooks and angel goes to Slyvia Plath and "Black Rook In Rainy Weather." Al's variation on "Water, water" alludes to the famous line from Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," and Doug's "Elijah" is a nod to Emily Dickinson and her poem "Like Rain it sounded till it curved."

I feel smarter today just for reading this.

That isn't exactly a big accomplishment, but still.

Excellent idea. I have my head in the oven and it is warm & dry!

Nice Plath allusion, SAC!

I went to engineering school- this strip is way over my head.

hey, heading up for my annual game at Fenway this Saturday, should get there around 5pm - what would you knowledgeable folks suggest doing beside hitting bars?


Sausage, peppers, onions, sriracha. (Teal dress optional.)

I prefer Kenn Nesbitt over Plath and Dickinson.

Pretty nice job by Beckett last night. And despite the score, I still think our hitters need that all-star break asap.

BTW, while I'm not a gamer, I do like to dabble now and then. Has anyone played Spelunky? It's f-ing amazing.

I have, of late, been bitching about the wet humid heat down here. Then I saw you poor fuckers wearing jackets in the rain last night. I miss a lot of things about Boston, but Jackets in July is not one of them.

Go Beckett, Go Bay, and for God's sake Master Bates, Go hit a home run with that swing of yours and get it out of your system.

and in case noone else saw this little news, The MLB team Roberto Clemente award for giving up games to make others look good is on hold for now - the A's designated Eveland for assignment at the end of the game.

>>the A's designated Eveland >>for assignment at the end of >>the game.

Damn, I really thought the A's had a shot. Maybe tonight's matchup between Wake (who should get individual honors before he retires, seriously) and Cahill ((5-7) 4.55 ERA 45 SO) may get the Sox and A's back in it.

Check this link out!

Sox fan got thrown out of Skankee Stadium for leaving his seat to take a whiz during God Bless America.

Sorry, can't get the link to work.

Here it is:



Where in the Cackalacky are you? I am in Charlotte and moved down here from Western Mass. in 2000, and my parents have since moved to Columbia from Central New York, the venerable misery capital of the world. One of my dad's first comments: "It's always so... sunny down here. I don't get it. I have seen the sun more in four months than I have in four years." As I like to say, you don't have to shovel a heat index.

I'm not a literary person, unless you count Neal Stephenson


I'll just keep my keyboard quiet about the weather. Although I've been trying to channel some sun east.

Glad to see Beckett rock and Papelbot put the last guy down on 3 pitches.

HB - our poet laureate.

h.b., you feel inspired today? That was quite the allusory post. Haven't seen one of those in a while. Nice.

just booked my MA trip for August and I have to say I'm looking forward to getting out of the over 100 heat index into some cooler weather. And I may just show up at Pete's if I can convince someone to watch the kiddies for me.


Funny you should say that. I had nothing today, absolutely nothing. And was about to give up when I thought maybe I could make something out of rain. Then thought of the Plath black rook image and from there it was easy.

@ DuBois

Thanks for the link. I dislike this new tradition that the Skanks have started. All it really does is ice the opposing pitcher while that fat guy sings. Stick to "Take me out to the Ballgame" and let's play ball!

Nola, I can get one of the Halal market guys next to Pete's to watch the kids for a few hours.

He can show them how to butcher a greyhound (oh, sorry, "lamb.")

I can just imagine my daughter saying "what happen baa baa black sheep" (or "doggie" as the case may be). But I guess that's what therapy is for.

I don't know how siracha goes with Andouille but I'll bring some if I make it there.

"You do not do,You do not do"

Pro hitter, I make my home over here on the coast near Southport, about 1/2 way between Wilmington and the SC line. Knee deep in sunshine and enough sweat dripping off the brow to quench the thirst of the Fremen of Dune. Although, to be fair to Nolasox, its hotter and wetter where she is - if you stick your tongue out too long in NO, mold starts to grow.

Right on, Jeff. I lived in Nags Head for a couple years before I apparently developed a mental illness and moved away from the ocean.

And, re: Nola, I think you're lucky if mold is the only thing you end up with after your tongue is out too long in N.O. I can think of a lot worse things.

Nola, Sriracha goes great with andouille. I have that combo at every Pats' tailgate.

lc, i saw neal stephenson read chapter 1 of anathem when he was touring to support the book in cambridge. he's the top of the stack in my book...

Drip drop drip drop drop drop drop.

NolaSox - you gotta be at Petes! Bob, does Petes not welcome children and surely you can do better than the halal guys; not that there's anything wrong with that (God is great.)

It's time to get a bat for this anemic offense - namely Adrian Gonzalez. Theo needs to trade Ellsbury, Buchholz and cash for Gonzalez. We are fooling ourselves if we think this offense will scare a front-line starter such as Matt Garza. Right now this is half a team. All pitching and no offense. I'm confident Theo will shake things up very shortly.

SDU, it kind of depends on who's behind the bar. Most will let kids in during the day if they sit at one of the tables and eat lunch (or breakfast). But I don't know any of them who'll let a kid in during the night.

SDU, I'm hoping Grandma can watch the kids in the afternoon maybe take them to the aquarium or something. I'm not sure if pubs in MA are anything like the one's here where if they serve food and don't have video poker out in the open, kids can go. Is your 5 year old making the trip with you?

Wait a second, did Paddy just self-profess optimism? About Theo??

Dogs and cats living together...

yea, but eventually the dog is going to eat the cat. happens every time.

speaking of "every", Van Every Man got designated for assignment today. bummer.

vasoxfan - seems like you were right no target. Mr. 4.5 ERA has his game on...for now.

NolaSox - no, I'm afraid the now 6 y/o sox fan will stay at home. He'll be seriously pissed off when he realises where I am.

...at Pete's?? :)

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