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Even on a steamy seat...

A two-run homah in his first game and two singles in his second, then doubles in his first two at-bats last night against the A’s …


Not bad at all.


But let's not kid ourselves. This club is still in need of a big bat.


Seriously. We have not seen the last of the green fumes of the beastly butt hole odah that this offense can stink up the place with.


Pungent pits? Foul feet? How do you stop the stink?


That's right. We need a mega-dose of Aspray.


Let's literally prevent odahs befoah they staht.


Hmmm A-Spray and A-Gonz

Eerie coincidence? Oh, I think not.


But you bettah hurry, Theo, an offah this good won't last.



When I saw "A-Gonz", I got all excited and thought we were getting back my favoritest shortstop of the past 5 years. He kinda sucks in the batting department, but I think he is available.

Where's Billy Mays when we need him? Oh Vince...

I'm gonna do this in real time.

ShamTheo picks up Cola, water, Toronto pitchers...he works wet or dry. No other GM wipes up like this.

(Of course, when the Skankees offer him 8 quadrillion dollars over 2 years, he'll take that. But look! That's where the mildew is.)

Two moves. Get AGonz. Start having Larouche take balls in right field. Drew looks worse than Smoltz.

Hmmm, how do we get AGonz AND Halladay...it's in there somewhere...just have to find it.


Daisuke says we're ruining his ability to pitch. Who knows, I'm sure it can't get any worse. Let him do whatever he wants to get back into shape and on the mound again. If it works, then someone start translating for Smoltz...

//how do we get AGonz AND Halladay//

may I present you with the keys to Pawtucket and a condo on Munjoy Hill

Kaz - I just read the story also re: dice-k. Have to agree with you. The Redsox may want to dictate some training given their investment, which is understandable. But so far, 3 seasons in, $100+M is buying nothing more than an inability to throw a strike by a pitcher whining like a teenager that its all so unfair. Let him train his way - maybe he'll actually perform again. the money is already burnt. Of course, if it doesn't work, then a whole new conversation begins about Japanese talent away from the land of the rising sun.

Agreed Jeff,let him do it his way and see what happens.

Not my money, so I don't really care if Dice-K ever comes back. Even if he "trains his way," he's still going to be excruciating to watch. Growning grass, drying paint, the whole thing that The Kid brought up on TV.

Excruciating to watch no doubt. I'll take the win if he can do it, but it won't be a win I witness - I'll have fallen asleep 3 hours into the first inning waiting for him to get the 2nd out.

As Agent Smith said to Neo in The Matrix: "As you can see, we've had our eye on you for some time now, Mr. Anderson."

FWIW, Eklund (the guy who runs hockeybuzz.com and is an "anonymous" source for trade rumors in the NHL) Is saying (from a source) the Sox have a major offer for Halladay, but Jays are saying it is a bigger deal than it really is.

For anybody who has been dead for the last few weeks: there is a Soxaholix convention organised for this Sunday at
http://www.yelp.com/biz/durty-nellys-boston "> Pete's Pub now Durty Nellys. Meeting about 1-30pm or so (Baltimore game on the telly). Bob's organising Pizza from Reginas; I'm bringing berrocca and 'soxdownunder gift packs' for those attending. Plus I understand beer is available. Kaz - if you're gonna be late, can you make dinner later; I'll be stagering around someplace?

Matt, the deal appears to be:

Buchholz, Bowden, Westmoreland for Halladay.

I like it. I hope the Jays do too.

SDU, I don't think I can make the afternoon on Sunday, but I'll see about evening. It all depends on how soon I head back with my friends from their family's house in western NY state and traffic, etc. I'll e-mail you my cell # and maybe we can talk more on Sunday about any arrangements.

I'm hoping tomorrow's strip is not "words ending in z part 2"

Bowden, Reddick and a PTBNL for Cliffy

sounds better than giving up Bucholz as long as Doc goes to the NL.

sonomasox, Bradford at WEEI just retracted that statement on his twitter feed and claims someone hacked his account to post that...so the Cliff Lee thing doesn't seem to be real.

What a fucked up loss, that was. Was Francona at the game?

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