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Blockbuster Deals

You know I loves me some irony as much as the next guy...


But seriously the same day we drop our 5th straight game, acquire Lyndon LaRouche, trade albeit worthless Lugo for worthless Sandy "Oh, hai! I hit with one eye" Duncan is the same day an "injured" Manny Ramirez comes in to pinch hit and lines the first ball he sees into the leftfield stands for a grand slam? Really?


Hey, you know, it's a marathon not a sprint.



Didn't we start the first half at about 1 and 6? Still, our boys really suck right now. Hold on, I'm coming...

(you must be up early today hb)

Yes, good analogy. when playing at this level the marathon is really just a long sprint.

But hey, I'm getting more sleep - no fear of missing a late inning comeback lets me get some much needed shut-eye. Once the 3rd run is scored by the opposition the game is in the books.

Lyndon Larouche, shit h.b. now you've done it. I'm going to be mentally naming him Adam La Douche and the poor guy hasn't even had the chance to slump with us yet. Maybe he'll give us that fresh spring feeling?

Frankly I'm shocked we got something better than a reanimated corpse for Lugo.

Truck Day brings us hope.
And now, the summer dog days.
Fuck me in the ass.

Thankfully we still have 10 games left against the Yankees.

Meh :(

Good line, Matt.

And H.B., the Sandy Duncan reference was priceless. (Or should I say sightless?)

Didn't Sammy Davis Jr. have a glass eye, too? What's up with celebrities asd missing eyeballs?

Watched the game in a packed Pete's last night. Irish singer saying a four-letter word every other inning while keeping one (non-glass) eye on the TV, with me saying that same word every inning and getting repremanded by Linda-Matilda, the surly but lovable bartender.

i'm just happy i went one more day without seeing the building with the big dollar sign on it and the restoration hardware bakalite phone. that's a phone call i am _not_ looking forward to...

I'm sure Mahts(and BB)will be stopping in any time now.

Matt, check this out:


When do we hit the part of the marathon where the runner's high kicks in? I could use it today. Ever since BOTH my work computers succumbed to the blue screen of death this morning, I have been questioning my career choices. That guy who trained the dolphins we played with off the coast of Honduras had the right idea....

panic does not become us, and we shall not become panicked. I refuse to freak out about a 5 game losing streak and being 2 games behind Team Steroid in late July despite how poorly they've played as of late.
Now if you'll excuse me, my unicorn has arrived to take me to the Queen of Heart's tea party.

Howzabout we focus on the positive?

1 4 6 8 9 14 27 42

alright, you want a fight? I love Jim Rice, and he deserves to be a HOF'er. I don't think he or pesky should have their number retired. It cheapens the whole thing.


ps, and the Red Sox are very disappointing to me.

nice, buck...now I can ponder what color scheme JimEd will don during the ceremony rather than our mendoza line batting order

Wait, Lost is already coming back on, BWF?? You're right it *is* a good day!

Lou, do you seriously think that Carlton Fisk did more for the Red Sox than Jim Rice? Fisk was a compiler. There was never a day when both were playing at the same time, that anyone would have traded a Fisk baseball card for a Rice card. That's why Jim Rice hit cleanup and Fisk hit 6th. Also, look at career MVP votes. How many times was Fisk ever considered? Rice had MVP-type seasons in 1975, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1983 and 1986. Fisk? Hardly any big years. He just played 24 years, and turned his back on the Red Sox, too. Rice was a true Red Sox, never bolting for another team. Fisk cheapens the whole thing, not Rice. And while we're at it, Dewey Evans deserves to have his "24" retired. The only hitters that could touch Rice from approximately 1975-1986 were Brett, Schmidt, Henderson, Winfield and Murray. During those years, I don't think Stargell, Yount, Dawson, Murphy, Molitor and a few others were in Rice's class. That's an exceptionally strong 11-year period for Rice. We've all seen the list that Bresciani has released in which for 11 years Rice is first in basically every category except batting average. It's very simple. Rice dominated for 11 years and never fully recuperated from being hit on the wrist so that he could continue on. 11 dominant years beats 24 compilation years any time, particularly when half of it is spent playing AGAINST the Red Sox.

paddy24. agreed. I wouldn't include Fisk either.

Williams, Cronin, Yaz. That's it.

oh and Lyndon laRoche of couse

heh heh heh lol nice turnaround lc of course laRoche gets up there

You are spot on. Watching Dewey, Jim and Pudge, in their primes, the pecking order is clear. Jim Ed was a man among boys. Dewey was spectacular in the field and contributed at the plate. Pudge was fiery and very respected for his innings. But without that game-6 walkoff homah, (which I witnessed, btw, and which Gammons called the greatest game ever played) he may not have gained ledgend status... I'm just sayin'.

In his defense, Fisk added more spark to the team than either Rice or Dewey. I remember in his first full season in 1972 (still considered a rookie) he publicly blasted unnamed veteran teammates for not hustling - the implication was that the comment was directed at Yaz and Reggie Smith. Everyone took notice. Evans, on the other hand, seemed to be the one that everyone pointed to when they talked about the '25 players, 25 cabs'.

ok, who posted crappy html code and broke the comments?

Dwight Evans is my favorite RS player all time. For a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that during the years when I got free seats, they were always in the RF "grandstand", so basically Evans was the only player I could see with the naked eye.


Mark Buehrle pitching a perfect game. Stay tuned

Mark Buehrle PITCHED a perfect game.

Thanks for the update. I turned the game on in time to catch the ninth and see the great catch by Wise.

Hey Harwich Rich - I am no troll.

Guess who Wise made that great catch against.

Our old friend Gabe Kapler.

Puehrfect game?

Puehrfect game?

Puehrfect game?

Echoooo...sorry about that, dropped the mouse.

BTW, DUH!!! I got the baseball card reference backwards!!!

Billy M.-not directed at you. I was thinking more of the man in the tower of Babble {not a misspell)

Gotcha, thanks Harwich.

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