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Blast from the past

Hey, Red Sox, June 4th, 1989 just called, they want their choke back. Heh.


[Back from the beach but still very much in vacation mode, hence the one panel razzle dazzle - H.B]


I felt like I was watching "From Dusk 'til Dawn". Starts out all loud music, tequila, good times, Selma Hayek in a Bikini, then she gets all vampire face and its not such a good time anymore.

I was laughing about Masterson deciding Markakis was a gimmee and picking up the ball to go on to the next frame, then... Kaz - you're Jean-Luc Piccard thumbnail pretty much summed it up.

It was funny when the Sox walked off the field. Except to Los Birdos who said 'we stink, but we aren't your bitches'. Clearly the Sox had penned in the win. It will be real funny when they lose the wild card spot by a game.

At Pete's, after the tarp when on after 4.5 innings:

"Shit. 9-1. It's be a shame if this game wasn't official."

At home, after 9 innings:

"Abby, bring me my absinthe and a asp."

(Good Lord, my spelling today reads like something from a Kanye rap.)

I've always imagined that Abby has a great asp.

Bob - your grammar is a bit off as well. So you are batting 2 for 2.

or abs

Only, if it were a Kanye post, Bob, it'd be IN ALL CAPS. And you would have thrown in some reference to how YOU ARE THE GREATEST MUSICAL GENIUS THAT EVER LIVED. He's a piece of work.

Glad I missed that game last night. Sometimes the time difference does me a lot of favors. :)

That left a horrible taste in my mouth last night.

Not me, Colin. That game slapped the horrible taste right outta my mouth.

By the way, I'm going to chalk up last night's game to some kind of "Red Sox Tribute to the US Men's Soccer Team" and hope that they got a good laugh out of it and move on.

Guess we were lucky it didn't go into extra innings like 1989....

@Kaz: Ouch. But well played.

Maybe Tito and Bob Bradley can split the cost of that "play hard until it's over" seminar..

Haven't seen Gedman's name in a box score in a while - good times.

Beckett tonight - brand new ball game.

better leave now ray, it's a day game

//Bob - your grammar is a bit off as well.//

I'm a copywriter, that's what we do. Now buy...buy...BUY.

Oh, and H.B. she has a spectacular asp.

It does bite though.

My son, who is 8 and only knows what it's like to win, watched in horror with me last night. "See Max,this is what it used to feel like all the time. We could never watch a game and feel confident of it's outcome." He's finally getting the concept. Incidentally, his 4th birthday was 10/27/04 the same evening of a spectacular lunar eclipse. Oh yeah, and also the first WS victory for the RS in 86 years. The kid is charmed.
Welcome back, HB. 1st day back is like crawling from a wreckage, innit?

Seen Ortiz's line in 75 June ABs? I am now prepared to receive my week long triumph (think Marius in Rome after defeating the Cimbri) from all of you.

1) A strip could be dedicated to me.
2) 75cl bottles of Duvel are acceptable. (that's bottles, plural)
3) Heidi Watney dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

Jason O does very much deserve some "I told you so" vindication re Ortiz.

JO, Heidi as Dorothy is all your's if you can deliver unto me a bookishly ravaging Amalie Benjamin dressed as a librarian.

I go to sleep, it's 10-1 and Savior-of-the-Bullpen Bruney has just blown the hold. Then a little while later the kid needs changing, and I just figure I'll check the scores before going back to bed . . . bad idea at 2am.
It's ugly and it's painful, but it happens. On to the next one.

//Then a little while later the kid needs changing, and I just figure I'll check the scores before going back to bed...//

Ponch, a perfect example of "shit happens."

welcome back, HB

If HW as D of Oz is your thing JO you've got more issues than that team you follow.

Kaz - AM is always dressed like a "bookishly ravaging" librarian.

Anyone catch the size of that donkey whose balls got sucked last night.

Nat - the time difference worked miserably for the left coast.

As long as Ms. Benjamin isn't actually putting words to paper, or stammering through an on-camera appearance, she can dress in a cloth sack for all I care.

New This Week

Jason O - Tip of the hat to ya. I also apparently have issues b/ HW as Dorothy sounds tasty.

lc - nice new product line. very timely. however, having already seen the bullpen episode of "How It's Made", I do not want any more of that.

Lou - simply priceless.

I'm getting the Better Business Bureay after L.C.

His site says I can rent Clay's GF, yet even after weeks of following her around everywhere, leaving messages under her windshield wipers, secretly videotaping her, breaking into her condo and stealing underwear, still nothing.

Oh. My. God.

I just realized I stole Clay's underwear. They're panties, but with "Clay" written on the band.

Don't hate, Soulie. Her interviews are about the realest thing on TV these days. I like her as a reporter who's not quite "limelight comfortable". Her twitter feed is also usually full of humor and the kinds of "back stage" stuff in the clubhouse that is always fun to read.

I happen to like Amelie. And not just because of her "when I take off my glasses and shake my hair down, I'm no longer a journalist but a porn star" looks. She seems to know what's she's talking about.

I get it about Amalie Benjamin: Catch a movie (about a cross-dressing Iranian journalist trying desperately to hide his secret, it was the sleeper hit at Cannes) at Kendall Square, discuss movie over a drink at the Blue Room afterward, maybe the conversation turns to NPR or Proust or her aspirations to work for the BBC someday: followed by a really meaningful kiss at her door.

I'd rather have Watney (in Dorothy outfit) whip me with her remote microphone cord, but that's just me.

them bitches are professionals, don't lets commoditize their naughty bits.

or something

LC, is that your impression of Kanye or Flight of the Conchords?

Given that I do not have the remotest interest in any player's love life, it is now all too clear why Buchholz is chomping at the bit to move up to the big club. His option on the girlfriend is probably expiring. Hanging around with a AAA player during your prime earning years is foolish.

When someone asks the trivia question "what is the largest comeback by a last place team over a first place team in major league history?" I can say I was there, saw it with my own eyes. Ugh.

Their bats awakened
Orioles hang upside down
Sucking our Sox blood.

careful Bob - CHB may hire you to title his articles

American Express Travelers Checks. Don't leave life without them.

baseball is a crazy game. just sayin

How do you answer a devestating 7th/8th combined 10 run comeback loss?

With a 4 run top of the 9th the next day to knot up the score at 5-5....it's a start.

Geez. Has Jason Bay struck out 5 times today?

Kaz, I'm sorry, but poor Amelie can't write her way out of a wet paper bag. I don't much care if she's "new media", she's just a terrible, terrible writer. It took me awhile to realize it, what with the glasses and hair and aw shucks hotness and all.

well today is payback...

LUGO! Worth every penny....lol

Bah, kjc, Ellsbury would have been safe on that Kottaras line drive to Pie just now. We don't need Lugo.

And yes, Bob, Bay is wearing a platinum sombrero right now in the dugout.

Well, I guess the bloodsucking Orioles have gone back to their bird-feed and worm ways.

Nice little comeback.

And that, is how they say, that.

It aint over 'til its over (or why I love baseball) part 263:
- Yesterday I went to lunch with a 9 run lead after 5 innings. I didn't even check the score at, or after, lunch. Hours later I went online to see how NY (AL) fared. It took me some time to take it all on board. Ug. I said fuck a lot.
- Last night, I woke in the middle of the night, checked the score. Down 5-1 in the seventh. Ug. Woke up and we are live in the 11th with a one run lead.

Peculiar game, this.

stick that raven in your pie hole.

Perfect, absolutely perfect response to yesterday. Especially the bullpen coming up so big today.

The Sox have had SO MANY late inning comebacks that this game did not phase me one bit. Call me a homer but I am also the guy who sat here thinking they were coming back today with 2 outs in the 9th and you know what, they did.


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