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Wonkin the wonks

Wow. Is Ellsbury on fiah lately or what?


Seriously. Washington hasn't taken such a beating by an Indian since the late 19th Century.


And what about Jason Bay?


Are you kidding me? Washington has been that beaten by a Bay since Cuba 1961.


What a way to staht summah vacation*.


Absolutely. The Red Sox are making fecund my summah!


*[I'll be taking a break from the daily strips to enjoy some vacation time until next Weds., July 1st or thereabouts - H.B] …


As some may know, the Nats are my NL team, so when the Sox play them, I want the Nats to lose but in an honorable manner. Ellsburyton and Crazy Canuck Bay made sure that didn't happen, but mad love to them anyway. The Sox win plus a Stankees loss made yesterday my favorite Tuesday for years.

//Washington hasn't taken such a beating by an Indian since the late 19th Century.//

Line of the year?

Have a great vacation, H.B.

L.C. will take it from here, on his newest site, "Sunset of the Yankees.com."

sure Bob, why not?

Not much a showing by the Nats last night.

During my visit to Nationals stadium earlier this year, I didn't notice the glue factory out past the Right Field pavilion. But, it must be there, since the Nationals' bullpen is headed there next...Wells, Villone, Tavarez, Mike MacDougal!?. Yikes.


It's my birthday and tonight I'm going to drink until the sun comes up.

I hear that might be Tuesday.

happy birthday, sir

Thanks, lc.

HB must have one heck of an understanding wife. My wife would be saying things like "we're on vacation, can't you leave those people alone for a week" or "sometimes I think you love them more than you love me". Someone should begin the canonical process for sainthood for that woman.

//"sometimes I think you love them more than you love me".//

Hmmm, strabegly enough, I heard that just this morning. About you creepy folks.

Happy b-day, Kaz.

Drink, my friend, driiiink.

Interleague Baseball
Feasting on the Nationals
Rains fall, lead rises

Happy birthday Dr. Kaz-

strangely enough, I am on vaca myself until next Wed 7/1 (or thereabouts). But, no, I am not hb (or his wife, for that matter). But I don't think we've ever been seen together, so who knows? In an alternate universe, I too could be witty and talented

happy b-day sir Kaz

happy vacationing HB

happy office, work day to the rest?

Who was the rest RS to have 2 triples in the same game?


That was Yaz, I believe.

Who was the [la]st RS to have 2 triples in the same game?

Are we talking whiskey here, Sonoma? Then it was me.

Happy B'day, Dr. Kaz!

Happy bday, Kaz!

Is HB vacationing on the beach in Argentia?

!Feliz cumpleanos, Kaz!

We share a birth month, but not a zodiac sign. Hope the Sox win one for you today!

(They had an off-day on my bday...at least they didn't lose.)

Holy asscrack sunshine...the U.S. beat Spain 2-0.

Haha, we never should have BEEN in that game against Spain! I think I just got my birthday present from US Soccer. Heehee!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, all!

Happy Birthday Kaz; for your present and in in lieu of the Beardathon Donation as discussed, we are donating a certain amount of Australian dollars to the http://www.goodcompany.com.au/community_groups/community_group_list/matthew_talbot_hostel "> MATTHEW TALBOT HOSTEL

I'll email you the details.

Sunday 2 August; Petes Pub, 1-30pm (note it's a day game Bob); Boston at Baltimore on the telly. Plus beer. All 'holix welcome.

You have to be some type of a 'holix to hang out at Pete's, that for sure.

It's actually called Durty Nelly's now, and is at 108 Blackstone, right in front of where the Haymarket is held on Fridays and Saturdays.

It'd be fun if we could get a few of this creepy group together at a creepy pub.

I can bring is some pizza from Regina's, SDU can provide the vegemite and Berocca, and Kaz can calculate caloric and vitamin intake.

sdu- I will be there Aug 2!! Blocked off in the diary and everything... Cannot wait...

woo hoo!

And so it begins...

Please return sdu in something approximating the condition in which I release him. [Yes,
Bob, I am talking to YOU]

mrs sdu

Hi Mrs. SDU,

I assume you will release him very drunk and slathered in Sriracha, right?

If so, he will be returned in that condition, I promise.

Sounds reasonable.

Sonoma, I was wrong. Big Papi apparently did it in the magical 2004.

If Big Papi did it...magic must have been involved.

Someone put the Oz consulate in Boston (is there one?) on high alert for the first week of August.

wait, "sounds reasonable", mrs sdu? Have you just met Bob?!?

p.s. I'll be there, too. And maybe the Lisa stand-in will join me

If you move it to Sept 2, I'll be there - care to fly back Nat, SDU?

Oh Sonoma - surely you can get across the country twice? You can bring the Ridge Lytton Springs - yum.

have fun.

I'll be ass-deep in sunsets

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