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Which Way to Millinocket?

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Sorry, having one of those mornings that is the embodiment of the old Bert and I phrase — "You cahn't get theyah from heeah"



Yeah, H.B., I'm having one of those mornings, too. The kind that could get me fired, actually.

Let's see if I hold my tenmper back.

Could be interesting.

(BTW, I do the move tomorrow, so I may not be here. I'll be at the haunted house.)

fake mainers. I never thought they were funny

That's OK kid,it's been a rough weekend ;D

In the words used during an oral final for my Contemporary Civilizations course in college,

"I got nothing..."

In spite of the beauty of the day today, this seems to be a particularly difficult Monday morning.

Today seems Teh Suck.

I blame it on Rance Mulliniks.

Hahd tellin' not knowin'.

Millinocket.. kind a strange how over my life I have met so many people in many far flung places who came from Millinocket - which nobody outside of NE really ever heard of.

Kind of like the booming metrolopiss of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Population 32,000 in the middle of freakin' BFE but I also run into more folks than I should who hail from there. Another place noone ever really heard of outside the local region.

Any MLB'ers ever come out of either place I wonder

only paper comes outta Millinocket...had to run a state track meet there in a slimmer life - could hardly breath.

HB - sounds as if some Allen's and a half dozen Flo dogs are in order to get you straight again. Oh, and don't apologize to us heathens for missing a day.

Wow, it's like Black Monday around here... I had to call out of work sick today with a seriously rough cold (not quite totally flu-like..so still hoping it's just a cold).

Everybody take a mulligan and we'll try again tomorrow.

Terry Carr played on the state champion Stearns basketball teams of the mid-60's [look it up].That's in Millinocket. Best pure-stroke ball player I ever saw.

Terry Garr played Inga in Young Frankenstein back in 1974. Best pure ball-stroker I ever saw.

"What knockers!"

Vhy, zhank you, Herr Doktor..."


Anyone think the Air France flight is going to end up on some mysterious island and go all Lost on us?

Cheer up team. At least the http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/sport/afl/story/0,26576,25566272-19763,00.html "> Maggies looked good Homepage

re: CT That was my first thought when I found out that the Air France flight was missing.

I don't like to fly Air France and avoid it as much as possible.

"You take a chance when you fly Air France."

SAWX and the playoffs. Ya can't get Theyah from heah. He, he, he...

since "heah" for you, you douchebag, is NYC, I completely agree with you. douchebag.

That's nonsense, BigBri. You play off into your socks all the time.

Here's what Theo needs to do:
1 - Waive Ortiz, or send him to Florida to get in shape, rehab his injuries and take batting practice.
2 - Trade Buchholz, Lowrie and Ellsbury to the Padres for Adrian Gonzalez.
3 - Trade Lugo and whoever else for Omar Vizquel. We will have to eat most of Lugo's contract.
4 - Make Vizquel the starter at SS and Gonzalez the starter at 1B. Move Lowell to DH (his body could use the break and he could play some 3B). Move Youk to 3B.
5 - Trade Penny and a minor prospect for a centerfielder (how about Coco Crisp?)
6 - Move Smoltz into Penny's spot, and later on move Bowden or Masterson into Wakefield's spot. Wakefield will be left off the postseason roster.
7 - Pick up anyone besides Green for backup SS, anyone but Baldelli and Bailey for backup OF, and anyone but Kottaras for backup catcher.

The only problem I see is coming up with a defensive-minded backup SS and a decent backup OF. Perhaps Lowrie could stay as a backup (he also plays 3B and Van Every could be the backup OF. That would require a different prospect being packaged with Buchholz and Ellsbury. Theo just has to be willing to unload prospects to get Gonzalez. If he does, we'll win another World Series.
1 Bay - LF
2 Crisp - CF
3 Drew - RF
4 Youkilis - 3B
5 Vizquel - SS
6 Pedroia - 2B
7 A. Gonzalez - 1B
8 Varitek - C
9 Lowell - DH
10 Lester - #1
11 Beckett - #2
12 Smoltz - #3
13 Matsuzaka - #4
14 Bowden - #5, possible reliever.
15 Saito - mop-up, low man on the totem pole.
16 Okajima - 6th inning
17 Masterson - 7th inning, possible #5 starter.
18 Delcarmen - 7th inning, emergency closer.
19 Ramirez - 8th inning, emergency closer.
20 Papelbon - closer
21 Bard - could close or pitch the 8th inning.
22 ? - backup catcher
23 Lowrie - backup IF
24 Van Every - backup OF
25 ? - second backup OF

The Red Sox have the most devastating relief corps in the history of baseball - by far. Thus far, Theo's main weakness has been his inability to land some defensive-minded backups. Right now we need about four of them.

Holy fuck am I glad you are not running this ship, paddy.

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