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Vacation Placeholder (01)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Placeholder for Soxaholix readers to have something good to yak about while I'm on vacation.*


*[I'll be taking a break from the daily strips to enjoy some vacation time until next Weds., July 1st or thereabouts - H.B] …


That plant STILL isn't growing :)

Working at Pete's last night (anybody who has too many meetings and not enough time will understand), when Papi hit his Peruvian purple tater.

An eruption. A tsunami of love. Even from the Irish singer who stopped in the middle of his song to say, "get outta here!"

Good Lord, I love this town and this team.

Papi's Peruvian Purple Taters-Now put THAT on a t-shirt ;D

I think it's an aspargus stalk, Harwich.

Yum, I love asparagus. Seriously.

They are filming a new Colin Farrell-Keira Knightly movie one street over from my NH flat in this cute little mews area. I keep walking the dog by hoping to get a glimpse but the paparazzi are thick on the ground. Craziness...

Just heard this: The Tampa Bay Rays - defending American League Champions - have the lowest average attendance in MLB this season. Rays fans are once again showing their true colors.

That game was awesome last night. The place exploded when Ortiz hit the homer & it was nice to see 'Tek put some power into his shot.
Great game, can't wait to go to tonight's. Go Smoltzy!

That game was awesome last night. The place exploded when Ortiz hit the homer & it was nice to see 'Tek put some power into his shot.
Great game, can't wait to go to tonight's. Go Smoltzy!

Nat, haha, I used to do that when they were filming Benjamin Button 5 blocks from my house. Never saw any of the stars. But did see Jonathan Rhys Meyers when I was walking to my office one day - he looks like he weighs as much as my dog. And go figure, he was standing outside an Irish bar.

I'm not going to comment on your love of asparagus and a previous personal preference of yours. Oops, I guess I just did.

Y'know, having now watched about a half dozen Nats games in the last week, I gotta say, they aren't half bad. I mean, they aren't real good, either. But they certainly aren't as inept as the current meme describes. You have to wonder how much are they playing up to their competition? Will they revert to form when there are 9000 in the park on a Wednesday night?

Looking forward to tonight's game. I'll be in 114, row NN. Go Sox!

I grill white asparagus at my tailgates.

They call it white asparagus because it's shorter and thinner.


Catch me at the Get Down Lounge July 6-9. And try the veal.

Actually, I love it, too, a trait I probably inherited from my parents who had an aparagus farm in the CT river valley in the late 60's.

While I really love asparagus, it does make you piss some neon technicolor dreamcoat urine.

(Have a nice breakfast, all.)

White asparagus and veal?? I feel like the albino in Princess Bride.

It's the meal for the Aryan Nation banquet, Harwich.

Masa Restaurant on Tremont (near Arlington). Great tequila, TONS of choices (half the top shelf is tequilas). Great manager (some asshole customer told him he had just called in a reservation...he didn't...and took my table, so the manager gave me free tapas). Great owner (when he found out it was my birthday, he bought me a Banderito or Mexican Flag shooter set...shot of lime juice for green, shot of Cabo Wabo for white, shot of sangrita mix (horseradish and tomato juice) for red; drink the green and white together, chase with red).

If you're a tequila fan, I recommend the place. If you're a margarita fan, they've got some GREAT house styles, like Cucumber Jalapeno and Habenero Watermelon. The tapas is $1 per piece (small pieces) and half price before 7pm, and really well designed for mixing flavors.

It's not Pete's, but I don't think it was going for that angle, actually. Fun night.

Asparagus also makes your piss smell weird.

Yeah, Masa can be quite good, Kaz.

On weekends, they sometimes have Menudo for the hangover crowd.

And no, not the boy band, the tripe soup.

So if Smoltz throws a great game tonight, does the rest of the AL East decide to run up the white flag?

Tripe - and now another white food for the banquet

mmm mashed potaoes and whipped cream

The only classic white food I can lend to the menu is milk toast.

I'd guess a penguin's breast meat would be white.

vanilla ice cream for dessert, but not the kind with those black flecks from the bean! Just plain white ice cream.

Penguin-the other white meat

Casa Noble - #1 tequila...

The only classic white food I can lend to the menu is:

Sausage Gravy over jasmine rice?

Oh - and NOTHING in the WORLD is tastier than Mrs. Rob's from-scratch Hollandaise sauce over white asparagus. And it HAS to be home-made because... (wait for it)

"There's no place like home for the Hollandaise."

Thank you, thank you! Bob will be out in just a moment. Tip your cows, er, waitresses...

Farrah Fawcett died today.

Lordy, she was Sriracha-hot at one time.

However, she's also probably mostly white meat, so...

A quote from WikiAnswers:

In 1975 one Robert H. White, then with the chemistry department at the University of California at San Diego, found that the odor-causing chemical was not methanethiol after all.

Instead, using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (Bob was obviously not one to screw around), he found that the aroma was in fact caused by several S-methyl thioesters, specifically S-methyl thioacrylate and S-methyl 3-(methylthio)thiopropionate.

Betty White? not so much

My dinner for Abby tonight (you've all inspired me):

Chilled French White Asparagus, with cured lomo, farm greens, pickled peanuts, maple-soy vinaigrette.

Not all white, but all available in the North End.

Which is pretty much all white.


Lou, maybe not these days, but maybe back in the day...

Show of hands...who had the Farrah poster (red swimsuit) on their bedroom wall?

(Hand in air. And the other one was somewhere lower.)

Inside my closet door - I was married by then...

A college roommate had the poster on the wall. It seemed rather silly.

My school went on a basketball trip down the West coast when I was about 14 years old. We stayed in the local peoples houses. I recall that on the wall of the room I stayed in Portland (Oregon) was that Farah Fawcett red swim sit poster. I thought it was h-o-t. It inspired me to .. well you know what happened. RIP

Rats, had to be out of town for games 2 and 3 vs. the Nats. However I'll be in Boston Aug. 2, working an event at the Hynes Conv Ctr. Maybe I can stop by Durty Nellie's in the early evening. I've already met Bob and Abby, would be cool to meet other Soxaholix. Even though I don't post often I'm a frequent reader.

Forgot to mention I have two standing room tickets available 7/11 vs. KC, right field Bud Deck. $30 or best offer.

Missin' ya, Rem-dog. But gettin' a dose by listenin' to you on the rebroadcast of the Lester no-no right now on NESN. PS - Sometimes an asparagus is just an asparagus. (But asparagus jokes are typical of what makes this place a must-read.)

However you feel about him-RIP Michael Jackson .

Can you imagine Farrah,Ed McMahon and Michael Jackson all sitting around in the Big Green Room. I'd love to hear that conversation :}

Wow, Harwich. where do you get your news from. You post "RIP Michael Jackson" @ 6:03 and the news doesn't hit MSNBC until 6:30.

"Heeeeeeeere's Michael!"

So MJ is dead? I just came in from outside where I was chatting on the phone with my best friend, and passersby in NH asked if he was dead or just hospitalised. Wow, if he is dead, I am so sad. Billie Jean is one of my all-time favs and for a long time "The Way You Make Me Feel" was my ringtone. RIP...

Well, at least Prince Michael, Paris Michael, and Prince Michael II (The Awakening?) will grow up semi-normal now.

Heh. It wasn't mrs sdu who was 'inspired'. It was me.

What's the difference between Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson?
Little boys liked to pin Farrah Fawcett to the wall...

Suddenly I'm feeling inspired;who's up for a pint??

Harwich - count me in... :-D

SDU - That post rated pretty high on the intentional Unintentional Comedy Scale.

Good on ya! LOL

I didn't know Dice K was pitching tonight. Oh wait...

ok. I will be glad when this series is over. I am stuck in the Nats TV market even though I am 7 hrs from the fucking stadium, so I have to watch the games on MASN. If I ever have to listen to Rob Dibble again I might need to shoot myself. What a stupid stupid stupid unprepared unnecessarily negative willie harris lovin' dick. He actually talks about the Nats using "we". not even those a holes on the YES broadcasts say "we" when talking shit about the yanks. Whew - got that off my chest.

Let all little boys live in a new era without fear of an invite to Neverland.

Hey, have you seen this news article?
New details about Michael Jackson's Death Emerge
I was wondering if you were going to blog about this...

first one to make a MJ white meat callback to yesterday gets a prize.

Did Bubbles perform CPR ??

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