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The fur just doesn't fly like it used to.

Hey, Callaghan, I just called to say congratulations on El Popup's eye exam


Great, Mahty, but can we keep this short. I've got work to do.


Ah, that's right. Poor Billy Boy's part of the proletariat working for slave wages. You get that corner office yet, Bill, or are you still in a fabric covered box.


Hey, Mahts, isn't there like a live Furry alt-copulation chat you're missing right now?


Wow, Callaghan, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were afraid to face the music.


The Yankees are on the rise, Bill, and the "$200 million bust" you Sawx fans were crowing about earlier seems to have been a bit of wishful thinking on your part, eh?


Mahty, look, seriously. You guys hold only a one game lead and are 0 fer 5 against us in '09. Pahdon me if I'm not pissing my pants ovah this series.


But frankly Mahty, it's the Yankees that have to prove themselves and not the Red Sox.


You'll be facing a different Yankees club tonight. We're 21 for 29 since A-Rod's return.


Wow. Wee. You guys may as well staht sending in your ring sizes, because you've pretty much wrapped it up. Heh.


Keeping whacking at that straw man, Bill.


And you, Mahts, just keep whacking. Voop there it is.



Never got into that whole Furry thing-wait a minute,that just sounds wrong :D

I'll add Voop to a list of things I now know that I wish I didn't.

Nice straw man reference.

Good mother of God, WikiFur? Clearly there are whole swaths of the internet I have yet to traverse.

Got all three coming games on SkyTV here live, set to DVR. Will be watching first thing in the am each morning. Woot!

Will the Tube Strike effect you?

Yup, sure will, hb. Am working from home all week so I don't have to deal with finding a variety of buses to get me to Oxford Street to the offices. Silly, huh?

This is going to be a great series, but as a GBY fan, I can't say I'm confident. I expect the Yanks will take one.

"Tube Strike."


That's something that happens to men in prison, right?

Anyway, at the risk of a major gooch, I'm kind of looking forward to this series.

Let's be frank (FROM GLOUCESTER!): It's gonna be the Sox and the Skanks at the end of the season one way or another. Just relax and then tense up and then throw a beer at the TV and then jump up and down on the couch in happiness and enjoy it.

Devastating fact: the Sox averaged 8 runs per game in the first 5 against the Yanks.

Aw, Mahty, somebody needs a yiff...

Billy Mahty - you're always welcome here, but please quit with the reverse gooches. You're just trying to play with my head.

(Although the "triple reverse lutz" gooch comment from the other day gave me a chuckle.)

A couple months ago, I found out that a old friend I don't hang out with anymore is a furry. More disturbing is the fact that he was my roommate for about a year. Fuckin' weirdos.

yep - those voops are right up there w/ anime porn, greasy hair and gold chains. BB's favorite things??

Only reason I'm looking forward to this series, yesterday was an off day.


I'm there with Natalie and Soulie - I WAS blissfully unaware of the extent of the furry wierdness. Now I am not so blissful.

Now I'll be conjuring up imagaes of various furry versions of Damon and Jeter each time they are at the plate. Wait, this could make for a whole new pastime...

Beckett, Wake and Penny? The Sox had better win tonight or I expect a Skanks sweep.

When is Masterson returning to the rotation? When do they make a trade for a bat? Why does Theo still have a job?

// Why does Theo still have a job? //


Burnett's been medicore (and outright stank his last start in Fenway), Wang has sucked, and the Sox have hit Sabathia in the past. Sure, there's a good chance we lose two, but I have a tough time seeing them get swept at home.

scottie, baby, what the hell are you talking about, you want DannyD or Heywoudja Sullivan? Mercy me, son, step off the ledge

A lesson I learned a while ago - read the comments first for the warnings about HB's links!


BTW not sure why I have Bill insinuating that Marty has a Furry fetish, but it seemed to fit the outlandish nature of the back and forth crap these guys give each other.

Little did I know that I'd also end up shining the light on the Furry world for many of you.

Win win! Heh.

http://faculty.evansville.edu/rl29/art105/img/oppenheim_object.jpg "> Luncheon in fur

Now, go 'Sawx!

SDU - Is that from the Chewbacca line of home furnishings?

No, Rob. That's made from George The Animal Steele.


i love the redsox im a fan

Um, just got to work to find that the http://picasaweb.google.com.au/soxdownunder/JapanBaseballEtc#5325263196369370578 "> almost six year old sox fan who lives with me and mrs sdu has offered his first post. Should have seen this coming given that he sees me lost in this creepy space each morning when he wakes up. Wonder if this is the first soxaholix father/son affair. Hope he enjoys the links.

Or should that, today, be lynx?

from my ">http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/DBoFZJjbl2h1yU4BUrmb4Q?authkey=Gv1sRgCPSJ7PSi6a2lrQE&feat=directlink"> almost 6 year old

"hi red sox might win today. I think the yankees will lose because I hate them."

I've taught him well.

Way cute Nolasox!

And now my son wants to go to Australia to have a playdate.

You'd be very welcome! Backyard baseball with Jack's imaginary team 'the Cuba Greats' v The Red Sox. Beer and sausage, pepper AND ONION with Sriracha bread rolls for the parents.

I think this site just jumped the guppy.

// Or should that, today, be lynx? //

Oh, well-played, SDU!

now that I'm home I feel that I can post this without the IT spies at work getting all curious. Chalk this up in the "I wish I never clicked on the link" category. Definitely not work safe. Perhaps Billy has dropped by here (or b.b.).

I just want to apologize to anyone who clicks on that link for the trauma you are about to encounter. In fact don't click. save yourself.

jesus Matt. Telling me not to click was like saying don't try to find two girls one cup. Between that and the furry's, this has been one completely unwelcome education today. good god.

Hey Nolasox, is that the fine young redsox fan that I played stomp each other's feet with at Jazzfest? You are definitely teaching him the proper way to be a fan.

Mighty fine Mojo in those eye drops. 6-0, Mahty, 6-0. Hey NY, Yank these.

Nola and SDU - Two very fine young men enjoying the benefit of good parenting. Good on ya'. Both of you!

And by the bye, how about three straight curveballs from Becket to stike out A-Rod? Damn, I enjoyed that.

Kids, there are TWO T's in Beckett...

I'm a fan of you, too, Jack Hamill.

Great pic in Japan, SDU. What a frigging cutie.

(Jack, "frigging" means "amazing." You'll find out eventually.)

Oh, and NolaSox, that kid is adorable, too. I like his attitude in the pic, and his hatred of the Yankees.

On the great new show Nurse Jackie, she says something like, "I don't like chatter. I like quiet and mean. Those are my people."

LC will understand.

Jeff, it is. And was taken at another year's Jazz Fest if you didn't already recognize the crappy seats.

OK, no more guppy chatter from me on this post.

Looks like folks are just trying to stir the pot so they don't have to talk ball.

I'm going to say the Yankees will take this game just based on record.

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