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Perchance to dream...

Hart Brachen:
I overslept today and now I'm running wicked behind on all fronts, so ...


I'm going to have to call you real-world Soxaholix to pick up for Bill, Mike, Doug, Circle (and the rest) in discussing this best start against the Yankees since 1912* and Papi's surprising power surge.

* [I'm astonished Shaughnessy doesn't mention that 1912 is the same year Titanic sank in his column since he's only made the 1912/Titanic
 reference a couple hundred times before. Hah.]



Heh. H.B. is texting from the T.

Hope he's not driving it. (Or is a transexual, not that there's anything wrong with that, except the weirdness.)

Nice job by Beckett last night. The very first curve he threw, I said to the folks at Pete's, "This game is over."

Late down here - full of good Italian food and red wine. But, watching the highlights, I think even Bob would have struggled to hit Josh's hook tonight - 'that ball actually curves'!!

Yep, texting and driving. I only stop to issue a garbled, unintelligible message over the trolley's PA sys: "Next stop [garbled]... [garbled] next stop."

BTW think we'll see any MFY's trolls today?

Beckett's got his mojo back. And I but Lugo was cheering on Nick Green as he was rounding the bases...

//BTW think we'll see any MFY's trolls today?//

First of all came the youngest Billy Goat Gruff to cross the mother's basement.

"Trip, trap, trip, trap!" went the basement ceiling, made of cheap 1970s drywall and wood laminate siding.

"Who's that tripping over my mother's basement?" roared the BigBri.

Aye, but I bet he was, GoSox.

Good thing last night's game was over as fast as it was. It enabled me to flip my dual tuners over to the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals sooner. Orlando started doing it's New Kids On The Block impression ("Hangin' Tough") and the Pens are only delaying the inevitable.

Shaky Wakey is playing at the Wang tonight. I like those odds. Let's keep up that average runs scored against the Yankees stat. After last night it should still be up around 8.

Is this what's fueling Papi's current sort-of-hot streak?


I was scouting for Theo last night. A. Dunn looks like a real ballplayer. Nick Johnson not so much. They'd (the Nats) never get rid of Zimmerman but he would be Bay-esque in The House That beer Built.

There was a rain delay of 1:46 hours, but nothing softens the blow of a rain delay than seeing the big honkin' scoreboard rack up BRS runs against the mfy. Somebody ought to tell RedAss Beckett and Lestah that they aren't necessarily expected to pitch no-hitters every time out.


That Billy Goat Gruff bit is insanely brilliant. Suddenly I was back in kindergarden.

Beckett was pure evil.

And third, I've somewhat revised my stance on the elder Bushes because this is pure awesomeness. http://www.tmz.com/2009/06/09/barbara-bush-whos-crochety-now/

7.5 Kaz. An improvement for the Yanks, haha.

Beckett noted that Alex Rodriguez was recovering from hip surgery for the first five losses, "so we'll start counting after that." That was a pretty class statement, especially coming after such a dominant performance.

Sox will win tonight too unless Hughes comes in for long relief in the 1st. Tomorrow the Yanks have a chance.

Rob in CT - just saw your comment from yesterday. I'm not ALWAYS going for the reverse gooch. Just usually. :P

Beckett pitching like Beckett, the Papi Slap on stage for at least a 1 night stand, 7-0, 6 and 0!! Today is a great day. So Redsox...

"Thank You Falletinme Be Mice Elf Again"

Don't be astonished h.b. Shank is probably more concerned about who's going to buy the Globe so he can continue on with his Titanic references. ;D

watching on the NY outlet was hysterical as Kay and Singleton struggled to put positive spins on for the MFY in any way possible.
last night was the expected win. Today is up for grabs with two pitchers that are hard to figure. Tomorrow favors the larger of the tubbies, but we'll see.

Jeff - Thanks for that. That song is now permanently stuck in my head for the balance of the day...

Billy Mahty - Your problem was in going double reverse gootch. That just bounced it back at you. Single or triple-lutz woulda helped that bash. Oh great now another song's stuck in my head.

"'Scuse me, while I kiss this guy..." Whoa - getting whiplash from the songs banging around back and forth. Please - nobody bring up Hall and Oats!

"Hall and OATS"???!!

Oh, Lord. Oates, peas, beans and barley grow...

The better to drink to your health, my dear.

Christ, Mahty. No need for one of your patented gootches today. I just read that Shaughnessy article, and he's already gootched the shit out of us. A gootch of Titanic proportions.

CHB, you are a real poo-poo head. (Nola's and SDU's sons approve of this message...)

Oh Bob, the George "The Animal" Steele reference brings me back.

Remember how he would eat the turnbuckle?

Other faves: Chief Jay Strongbow, Stan 'The Man' Stasiak, and Mr Fuji/Professor Taru Tanaka.

Yeah, George would tear the turnbuckle apart with his teeth, and the insides would fly all over.

Terrific entertainer. Hairy, but terrific.

He didn't actually eat it? It was FAKE?

He might have ingested a small amount of turnbuckle innards.

Fake? maybe, but I KNOW that the epic battles between Sgt. Slaughter and the Iron Shiek were real. I mean that was US v. Iran - Ideologies were on the line!

and Yes, Rob, I too have been singing that song all day. If you put all these ditties together quick enough in your head it sounds like an old K-Tel record ad. and now you are fucked.

Here's a classic match between George The Animal Steele and Mr. Wonderful.

No turnbuckle-eating, but almost everything else (stangulation by TV camera wire, folding chairs, etc.)


Rowdy Rod Piper was my fave back then...and as for K-Tel - check out the Marin County Fair line up:

The Motels & Berlin get things rolling. A little ShaNaNa for kicks. There's obviously no theme: The Wailers, Los Lobos & Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Nice to see all cylinders working last night...here's to Wake 'n Bake making it another W.

Skip ahead to today's WWE... my son's are big into it. I sat and watched Triple H aka The Game (also married to Vince McMahon's daughter - remember when Vince was just the ringside reporter with Mean Gene Okerlund?) beat the crap out of Randy Orton, who DESERVED IT, with fists, sledge hammer, folding chairs, computer monitor, crowd railing, and various other assorted implements of pain. AWESOME! I was glued to the match. The drama, the glory, the raw physical abuse... fake you say?

OK, but I'm ok with silicone too.

Micheal Hayes and The Freebirds, entering the ring to Freebird, of course! (This was NWA on TBS back when TBS was the only nationwide superstation.)

sonoma - what a lineup. the crowd should be.. well.. really wierd. nitty gritty fans kickin' it with Berlin fans. all kinds of odd could bubble out of that mix.

Sha-Na-Na played at Woodstock.


"Don't take the brown acid, man. It'll make you think you're in the '50s."

I think Rowdy Roddy Piper was when they jumped the Shark.

And of course, "fake" is relative. Storylines, yes, but we all know they took poundings. See The Wrestler.

Didn't the Iron Sheik get busted for Coke??? I miss the old WWF.

What a rambling stream of conciousness today. See what you've done h.b. lol

"surprisingly" the crowd at this (or any) Marin County Fair is always really weird...it's a given, the oddness bubbles out daily. This line up probably seems normal to many of the attendees.

btw - whatever happened to mean Gene?

Mean Gene Okerlund does a lot of the promo work for the "WWE Classics" line of specials and "on Demand" stuff for WWE. So he's still kicking around and working for the WWE.

But that's how it goes!
Millions of people,
Living without clothes!

I love Ozzy and his psycho nudist ways.

Ewwwwww, silicone, Jeff? It doesn't move or sit right, and it feels all wrong (sort of hard--I only know this via the strippers at a couple of bachelor parties). It's fine for a still shot as far as pornography goes if you don't take it to ridiculous extremes, but in motion, it's just not the same. You lose a lot of the jiggle-bounce, and then just what is the point? Maybe more professional jobs than I've seen better simulate the texture and buoyancy of actual boobs, though.

As you can see, I abstained from the recent "whose ass is better?" poll because I tend to focus elsewhere.

I don't think I usually help with the "creepy" factor in the comments, but I think I might have made a contribution today.

mean gene and living without clothes. stream of conciousness indeed. :)

ok Devine, now i'm laughing a lot as i sit here by myself in the office. i see you point re: abstension from the ass debate.

creepy contribution well received

I was strictly speaking in the visual appreciation or at least lack of issue with said substance. Much like wrastlin', I'm not actually participating beyond the voyeuristic. Mrs. Jeff apparently had a fine puberty and we havn't had to purchase upgrades. I'm working with the classics. But yes, from strip club experience, these items are better appreciated from afar, well at least 2-3 inches away.

and I thought of this ">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N.W.A"> N.W.A. when I first read COD's comment, probably because I know nada about wrestling

Sorry if that puts any songs in ya heads

How can a wrestling discussion break out and not have ECW included?

I remember being in college in '95, and a roommate brought back a VCR tape of ECW, from the old MSG network. Guys jumping off balconies? Hitting each other with traffic signs? Outstanding!

Then, there was this one time at Mint's in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side (up Ferry St at Main St from Clifton Hill and Casino Niagara)...the stripper was giving us a table dance when she took my glasses off and rubbed them across her lower exposed bits and put them back on my face. I was pretty sure I was going to get facial gonorrhea that night. Boy, I woulda appreciated a 2-3 inch buffer that day. It wasn't until I got back to the university that I found out you can go blind from chlamydia conjunctivitis. The soap in my eyes only stung for the first few rinses...

Herpes Eyeplex?

Unless you want to talk Angelo Savoldi or Arnold Skaaland, I got nothin'

Sure, lou, but they were no Verne Gagne or Danny Hodge. Hodge's DAD even got in the ring during his match against Savoldi and stabbed Savoldi with a pen knife! That's when wrestling was really real, I tell you what.

Sorry, I got all that from Wikipedia...I'm not even sure my parents watched these guys you're talking about.

Go camping Kaz :)

This site is JUST like the brown acid. Lou,I'll explain later :)

Kaz, here's a ">http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31203766/?GT1=43001"> tent for you - just hold on to your glasses

See what happens when you leave us to our own devices,h.b.?????? :)

off topic - if there is one today...

As a former Sea Kayak Maine Guide - if any of you have contacts w/ the Brady family, please inform them that I will volunteer my services during their next family outing. Hopefully the missus dons the string bikini.

Jeff, good point about the lack of participation/voyeurism RE: wrestling. I definitely should have noted that initially. Also, good to hear RE: Mrs. Jeff. Mrs. Devine has a similar lack of problems in this arena.

Also, Kaz, creepy contribution well received.

Also, Rich, I meant to say much earlier I was totally in that Harwich place of yours a couple weeks ago for a wedding. Beautiful town you have there. The only bad part was I got a goddamned tick on me for the first time in my life, but so far no Lyme disease.

During which Tri-mester Sonoma??

Thanks,I think,Devine :)

HR - I'll take Ms. Brady in any trimester.

Speaking of tents - Is Mark's Showplace still around?

No,but Omar the Tent-maker is still in business.

mmmmm - carol brady in a string bikini....

thanks for ruining my gisele moment, granular

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

"This site sure done gone crazy"-Old 3 Stooges short. :D

Mark's Showplace is no longer, but I am told that an establishment called Platinum Plus has taken its place and the mule train string of low rent midwestern hookers/dancers/entertainers appears there 7 nights a week. reportedly.

thanks, LC...sounds like the perfect place to take the kids after a SeaDogs game.

Seven and Zero.

I'm gonna have to take off my shoes to keep count soon.

Make It Stop.
Sox are down to 7.3 points per game this season against the Yanks. A vast improvement.

I must say, this very well may be the strangest thread in Soxaholix history.

Creepy, yet lovable.

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