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Traveling - No Strip Today

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Doing the TSA Shuffle. See you on Tuesday.



Travel safe, hb. Here in London its a bank holiday, but I am in the office. Blerg. Looking forward to the Soxaholix entertaining me...

BTW, I am so over Tampa Bay. I hate them almost as much as I hate Tropicana, the worst stadium in the MLB...

I am so frustrated with the game yesterday. That game should have been an easy win. But.. because of people like Julio Lugo, it was turned into a horrible loss. I thought Penny threw a decent game. I honestly would have been pissed at Lugo also. And WTF is with Varitek not throwing anyone out stealing? That cost a few runs as well. Is it that he doesn't have the arm anymore (if he ever did?)? I mean I know Crawford is fast, but 6?! stolen bases? good grief. Hey after 2, you might be expecting him to, I don't know, run again? I hate the fugging rays also. Glad to see the sox out of that sad excuse for a stadium.

When I lived in Clearwater (for all of 10.5 months), I was at that shite-hole of a shopping mall quite often. It truly is the worst place to experience anything resembling baseball.

Decent cigar bar out behind the restauarnt in center field though.

(That sort of sums it all up.)

Let's just say it: Lugo? Gone
Papi: DL or some such.

Let's flush this thing out. The team's too good to be bitchtitting like this.


Lou. Nail. Head.


Go, Lou, Go!...no wait...
Go Lugo! Just go!...Ah, much better.


Out of the frying pan and into the Toilet. Let's introduce the Yankees to their new stadium's new pwners!

TJS - Agree with you about Penny. Looked okay. Man, I'm starting to get pissed with Lugo. I tried to be reasonable about it, what with him just coming back and all, but I just hate seeing him in the lineup. Patience is no longer a virtue I can call my own.

Nat - sorry to hear you're slaving today when most others are enjoying the day off. Call it quits early and head down for dinner in the basement of St. Martins-in-the-Fields. There's plenty of pubs around the square to wrap the evening around afterward.

Ortiz this weekend. 0/11. Now batting .208. Something has to give.

Maybe a trip to the new Toilet is just what Ortiz needs. Most lazy fly balls to right end up in the third row.

Let's try some positive thinking here: How about Youk's HR last night? That looked like a routine fly ball coming off of his bat. I think they forgot to turn off the home-field air conditioning the previous half inning...

But then there's Lugo, like a pall hanging over everything, sucking the joy out of the game... Why do I get tense every time a ground ball goes his way? Why do I get despondent when he's batting with runners on? Why is that Tampa cast-away still on our team?

agreed re: lugo - i don't care how much we're paying him, it's worth that much _not_ to have him in the lineup. i'm sick of the look of grim determination on his face every time he fucks up - how could nick green be worse? re: papi, it hurts too much to think about right now...

Is there anything more aggravating than a team that can only beat your favorite team? The Rays haven't won a series against any other team this season. WTF?

Papi just isn't drinking enough El Presidente cervesa.

Aw, you are sweet to worry about me, Rob, but no need. I am only working today to then take Friday off as I have a friend in town for the week. There will be plenty of pubgoing... And Sox watching on Saturday in Picadilly Circus again... Yay!

Lugo will be on the DL after Penny's neck throttle in between innings yesterday after the bobble - looked like Penny could've just snapped him in half. I think Penny could just palm Lugo's head and throw him 60ft.

I can't wait to see papi's first home run to right field come on a check swing at the upgraded toilet (or bidet if you will).

http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/NicePubInTokyo#5332078427907050706 "> mmmm bidet


And now I'm going to bed.

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