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Tippy McBluelips

Wow, was that a beat down or what?


Yes, and at the hands of the Tampy Bay-tahs no less.


What is up with Beckett?


I'm not sure, but I've seen drunk virgins who've had bettah luck finding the zone.


Mercifully, we have a straw man to distract us – You heard the latest on A-Fraud?


Yeah, this gives the "dropping the the shouldah move" a whole new meaning doesn't it?


If this pitch-tipping scheme thing has any validity, it'll be huge.


What's worse is A-Flawed isn't alone in this. He had to have othah middle infieldahs on othah clubs working with him to make the "slump busting " quid pro quo viable.


At least with steroids you can argue that your helping yourself and your club at the same time.


Abslutely. But with pitch-tip-gate it's purely personal gain and directly damaging to your club.


Sounds every bit as bad as betting on baseball to me.


Of course, Bud Selig won't discuss it.


He's probably too busy getting his fetish on for the next WBC, you know, priorities and all.



dog. foot. kick it.


Is it possible that A-Rod will replace Ty Cobb as the most-hated player of all-time? His first AB against the Rangers should be interesting.

What a piece of crap-I'm just sayin'

The adverb will change, but McBlueLips remains the same.

Jesus, A-Rod is basically the dictionary definition of pathetic, with a gaping maw where his ego and super-ego(in the Freudian sense) should be. If he didn't make a gazillion dollars, I'd likely feel sorry for him. In many ways, I still do.

After the last two starts, are we lingering over the panic button on Beckett?


you referring to the game last night, Tippy, or both?

The look on van Every's face- exhaling deeply and wiping the sweat off his brow before every pitch- reminded me of sdu just after he let Bob apply the sriracha to his pregame sausage

I,for one,would like to know what's up with him.

thank God for the preview function, too. Allowed me to insert 'pregame' into the last post. You're welcome, Bob

Buck, that's funny, but so disturbing when you read it out loud.

Regarding Beckett, I don't get it. His velocity and movement seem just fine. I keep hearing, "location."

Pawtucket for a week?

Beckett,not Bob. :) ...and I did mean Alexa Buck

"Pregame" doesn't really help much, Buck. A little I guess. But not much.

(Dale Arnold):
It's double entendre Friday, here at Soxaholix.

Next up, H.B. is going to strip.

(God that's bad.)

Too...much...information :D

Today's wicked tongue-twistah:

"Bitch Tits tips pitches."

Betcha can't say it 10 times fast!

am i the only one who thinks beckett is wearing adult diapers when he is on the mound?

in re: ARod/Cobb. Bitch Tits might be bad, but I doubt if he's racist.

'Biiiiiiiiitch Tiiiiiiits' is going to sound so good as a serenade while he hits in Fenway. Go ahead, try it.

"Tippy McBitchTits"

the fuckin guy is giving bitches and tits a bad name

Actually, Alex Rodriguez is a fucking Marine to his fellow players...because he has steadfastly rejected releasing the 103 player long list.

Right Papi? Right Manny?

Speaking of Papi, has he been blowing up Alex's mobile since he read this story or what?

"Yo, Alex, mi hermano dominicano, it's Papi!! Are you back in the Bronx this Monday? Yo, let's put in a new system...just between you and me."

Jason...God damn it. Where is the evidence of Papi doing roids? I continue to ask people this and I get nothing but "check the stats." Bullshit excuse.

As for our starters...if Wakefield, Tim-freaking-Wakefield (yes I love him but he's no ace) is our pitching titan so far and Masterson is outperforming Matsuzaka's past starts, something is seriously wrong here.

Colin, give Jason a break. His NY Rangers just became only the 20th team in NHL history to blow a 3 games to 1 lead in the playoffs. Hell, I'm still feeling terrible and my team *won*. And is most likely about to get pasted in the 2nd round, but still.

Soulie, your team isn't the Bruins is it?

And I had hoped it was the Rangers because the Bruins would've had an easier time stomping them to advance.

You know it's all in fun: As Randy "The Ram" Robinson once said, I'm just bringing the cheap heat, bro.

Shit, I even thought (as a baseball fan) that it was cool to see a straight steal of home.

Soulie: Dumbstruck to see Fedorov (the Alex Rodriguez of the NHL) score the big goal...it only took one red lamp to rehab his reputation.

Circumstantially, I'll confess that Papi's drop off coinciding with the get tough on steroids policy is curious at least.

Has Madge thrown Bitchtits under the bus yet??

Vadge is too worried about adopting Africa. Beckett will be fine. Tippy McBitch Tits - genius LC...start making tee's now you'll make a fortune on Boylston.

I'm more concerned about Tito's sanity - throwing JVE onto the mound - WTF? Lopez is there for junk time - it doesn't matter if you lose by 10 or 20 leave him in and don't kill our newest hero.

h.b. I would put more stock in the wrist injury (which may have been roids related) as to why his numbers are down. I have also been told that the residual effects of roids can last for years. IMHO.

so much for the post's accusation that a-rod is a shitty tipper...

devastating dip the bitch tits mcblue lips move!

I guess the pitch tipping explains all the meaningless late inning HRs we've come to make fun of over the past few years. As well as the coveted title of Mr. April.

Thank god Edgar Renteria was in on B.tits tip list. Think of how his b.a. would have suffered otherwise.

Forgot to mention I'll be traveling on Monday, so won't be able to do a strip.

I'll try to remember to put out a placeholder for commenting on Monday.

I hate meetings. They interrupt beer cart.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

...or Tuesday :)

I'm really not liking the Rays right now. You know what? Rays Suck.

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