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So bright

Celts win, Bruins finally shut down the Canes, and the Sox take the Series from Tampa Bay … All in all a pretty damn fine Sunday.


Seriously, barring the ubiquitous appearance of shotgun face lady seemingly everwhere I turned, it was some perfect TV viewing.


You know, I feel badly for what shotgun face lady has been through and I'm really happy that her face transplant was successful but Jesus Hussein Christ, do I need to see it in high def ovah and ovah again?


We go from one ridiculous news meme to the next — the Octo-mom story was unseated by Michele Obama's sculpted ahms story which was topple by the Obama dog story which led to Susan Boyle and now here we are at shotgun face lady.


Each new story evah more insidious than the last.


It's funny when I was a kid and I imagined the future, this isn't really what I had in mind.


Seriously, I'll take a jet pack thank you very much.


Yeah, and and a flying cah.


But on the othah hand, I didn't envision a future in which the Red Sox are recent two-time World Series champs and perennially posed for a 3rd.


Ah, true. Cancel the jet pack. The future is fine just the way it is.



BTW I have my own Twitter presence now as Hart Brachen: http://twitter.com/hartbrachen

Unlike the character Twitters, this one will be more regularly updated. I think.

How about a future without Big Bri in it?

I also feel bad for what shotgun-face lady had to go through, but fer chrissakes, why go on TV all the damn time? I used my Tivo skeelz to immediately skip over the ads with her on them, but once something is seen, it cannot be unseen.

this creepy strip today reminds me that for a month or two prior to 9/10/01, the news was all about sharks. Let's be happy that all we have to look at is octomom and inverted stingray head lady

No bitchtits??

agree LC, some time in summer 2001 I had a long conversation with a friend, essentially about "news sucks these days, we need a war".

Nice job finally winning a series against TB.

You know, H.B., I really don't appreciate you calling Abby "Shotgun-face Lady." She's the love of my life and...


Not talking about Abby.

Whoops. Let's pray to God on high she doesn't visit our creepy little clubhouse today.

I got to watch Bard pitch quite a few times here at UNC. He was the Wild Thing minus the shades!

But, it looks like he's got control of his heat. I'm excited, but nervous, hoping he's not another Hansen. I'm also a bit concerned we're becoming the Duke of baseball... a team full of dorky white guys.

Good point, LC. It was all sharks and Chandra Levy.

Two words:

Nancy Grace.

Totmom, Octomom, Facemom...

BTW, I'm getting a man-crush on Jason Bay. His hitting is soooo dreamy.

Completely OT, but thought you'd approve:

"Not wanting to share any of his last bottle of the stuff, Jordan is glad that a gypsy he offers a cup to finds it repulsive: "It smells of anis but it is bitter as gall," says the gypsy. "It is better to be sick than have that medicine."

"Sampling Absinthe's Dubious Charm" - Today's WSJ


Nice to see the Sox slap little brother back into his place this weekend. And on top of all the other gifts from the Boston sports teams to Mom's throughout New England, my daughter gradutaed Summa Cum Laude from UCONN yesterday. (Thank Jesus she got her Mom's smarts.) A fine, fine day all around!

H.B. - The future is as bright as could be. I mean, growing up, did you ever think you could live in a world with a Shamwow? I mean, you know the Germans make good stuff.


Great job on the kid. College is great for the parents, it's just like driving a Lexus into the lake every year.

i'm loving taking a series from TB, and beckett getting the job done. also loving jason bay and his unfathomable clutchitude.

it seems that whenever papi is struggling or out of the lineup, somebody steps up huge. last june it was drew, now it's bay. while i'm glad they can pick each other up, i'm worried that the feeling i used to get when papi came to bat is changing from nomar 97 to tek 08. i need some classic papi, and soon...

So what did they do with Lopez? Send him down or just put him out on the curb?

I myself am very sad to see the end of the Javey Lopez era. He deserved so much better...

Yazbread, the put him in the storm drain under the curb.

"They float...they all float."

RobinCT- congrats on your daughter's considerable achievement!

Lou and Nat, thanks for the kind thoughts and wishes. Two down, one to go (Sophomore at BU left).

Lou you have no idea how funny your Lexus comment was to me, nor could you have hit closer to home. Not only is it PAINFULLY true in the wallet, but a week ago, my college graduate mindlessly drove home from a class down in New London (about 50+ miles) in the old Lexus ES 300 Dad bought for her doing about 75 mph IN THIRD GEAR ALL THE WAY. 5-6 miles from home the old beast gave up the grave. A private memorial service was held for family members only. Any guesses what she wanted for a graduation gift?

Kids... Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em. :)

Absinthe,Rob?? No wait,thats for the father.


Anyone see the Lou Merloni piece on bostondirtdogs.com? where he says the Duquette regime trained the Sox on proper use and abuse of steroids?

I have a hard time believing anyone, even Duquette, could be that stupid. But then again, here's Manny...

Thanks for the link Bob. A bit pricey for this drinker. I had the French stuff this summer and it was excellent. Can't remember the brand though...

Scott Walker only got $2500 in a fine for that punch on Ward in the end of the game last night. What a crock of shit.

No suspension. And a fine even I could afford.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Bob, if you'd been watching the Caps/Pens tilt, you'd have seen that lack of suspension coming a mile away. It's cool to crosscheck goalies in the head, y'know.

'Sox; Bruins; Celtics; Rob's daughter. Everything was going so well. And then http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/sport/afl/story/0,26576,25466063-19742,00.html "> this

Fucking Collingwood. GGGrrr.

Oh man, SDU. Looks like the Pie's got baked...

Sorry, but SOMEBODY had to say it.

Have a better one, Peter.

Baked toasted burned fried
However it is looked at
Mighty magpies sucked.

On a brighter note
In the Fens and in the spring
Oki looked great!

How about a future where the SAWX are just another bunch of steroid abusers?

How 'bout one where you fuck off?

How about youstop sucking your sister's cock long enough to make sense, bb

Hey Bigbri, why don't you tell us what it's like having your favorite team be a bunch of juicers and hog smokers? How does Posada's cock taste anyway? just like your sister's?

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