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Seeing trees of green

Could somebody hand me a half-full glass of water? All this celebrating has made me thirsty.


Has a lone, regulah season home run evah felt so good?


I'd compare Papi's dingah to a summah's day, but the friggin' dingah is lovliah.


I don't know what made me happiah — the homah itself or the reaction from the rest of the club.


Seriously, it was clear last night that this is a *team* team, if you know what I mean.


Absolutely. I've drunk so much of the Mango-Salsa Kool-Aid that I believe the consequent homah happy 5th wasn't a result of Cecil throwing beer league junk, but rathah a result of the entiah team getting juiced off of Ortiz.


All I know is that today the sky is bit bluah, the Boston girls are even prettiah, and the phallic Pru is evah longah.



Pete's went wild last night with Papi's home run. Absolutely wild. (In some ways, frightenly so,

It was very cool.

My friend Doug was going (in his very slow, low voice), "One home run.........big deal....."

All I said was, "do you have a best friend, Doug? Anybody you love? You give them the benefit of the doubt. You give them a second chance. or a third."

This is PAPI. Without him, we'd still be hearing ":1918...1918..."

Instead, we can chant, "Year 2000...Year 2000..."

Papi! Papi!Papi!

My little office went wild too but it was just me and no drinks and everyone said 'so what' and I wished I was at Petes.

"Juiced off of Ortiz"? There's an unfortunate turn of phrase. :)

I was visiting some folks and got a text message from my best friend: "At game curtain call for papi!!!"

That told me all I needed to know.

Just getting really sick of Eck's "going bridge" when HB has now totally despoiled the Boston skyline forever....

"...rathah a result of the entiah team getting juiced off of Ortiz."

Yikes! Way to tiptoe through the tulips, h.b. Ah, I see Natalie has already covered it too. Heh. That *can't* have been unintentional.

Paddy hasn't weighed in yet...

also interesting to see ells tie the ml record for putouts. he was busy out there. a flukey record but a record nonetheless.

i hope papi is back. joe c on the radio brought up yaz' gnarly slump in i beleive 71-72, where he hit like 2 dingers in the space of an entire calendar year or some such nonsense. he bounced back - hope papi can do the same.

i agree re: eck - while at first i found his terminology amusing (i've always liked 'cheese' for heat) - however when he gets into educated cheese, going bridge and moss, it's getting out of control.

I especially liked-"that one had hair on it" I thought Orsillo was going to choke. lol

Crowd went WILD at the game last night when the ball went out- one of the best moments I've ever witnessed in person. It wasn't looking good either with those first 2 ABs- he was continuing his Stan Papi imitation. And I totally agree with the 2nd to last panel- you could almost feel the weight being lifted off of the entire team. Outstanding birthday present.

On another front, this picture is an instant classic in my book- just missing the white gloves and purse


If the AL East > the rest of the MLB,
AND the Red Sox > the rest of the AL East,
does it follow that the Red Sox >> than the rest of the MLB?
Also stated as: the Red Sox are the best team in baseball right now.


oops. not sure why that didn't work. here's the link: http://www.reuters.com/news/pictures/searchpopup?picId=10199698

Kaz, doesn't follow, I don't think. Say we're talking bags of apples, and the AL East had the fewest rotten apples in its bag compared to all other bags (ergo, it's the "best bag"). Doesn't mean that individually the shiniest best apple wouldn't be in another bag, surrounded by a ton of rotten ones.

but does the bag have hair on it?

Nuff respect to the fans at the park who cheered encouragement to Papi through this entire ordeal. There were some putrid at bats but the boos were negligible. Could this possibly happen elsewhere? How long does it take the MFY fans to throw their slumping players under the bus? I'm proud of RSN today.

But he DOES have the white gloves. You know they look like they haven't even bee used:) And he could use a little lipstick. Ohh, to continue the irrational Papi stuff."You can just call him BIG PAPI". I am just so happy for the guy.

Seconding Laslo and Buckner. The vibe at the park last night was outstanding. Everyone cheering for each of Papi's at bats -- even after the first two were so dour. Papi's HR landed just a few feet from where I was sitting. You could sense that the folks in the bleachers were collectively willing it closer and closer hoping it had enough to make it over the wall. When it did, well, no one sat down until after he came up for the curtain call. The big double after that was almost better; a bit of assurance that it wasn't just a fluke. He just might have his stroke back for good.

On another front, this picture is an instant classic in my book- just missing the white gloves and purse

Actually, Buck, he's even got the white gloves... :-)

Lazlo, I thought the same thing. Friggin' MFY fans were booing Mo Rivera. The finest closer they (or arguably anyone) has ever seen. I was really proud of RSN, too, and ooooohhhhh so HAPPY for Papi breaking through. Even though he K'd on the next AB, he just looked more comfortable and aggressive with his swings on his last up. Let's hope the roll continues.

It's amazing what nostalgia can do for you.
The Sox may be the best team in baseball, but I venture that in about 12 hours, give or take, they'll be sitting in third place in the AL East.

yeah? Mystique and Aura pitching a double header today?

Glad I didn't write an option on Big Papi after that dinger because the Cecil meltdown reduced its value to 0. The two K's sandwiching the home run were a better indication of market value. Nice game though - welcome back to the AL East Toronto.

No, buck, you're right. The Sox will hold on tonight no matter what. Don't know why I thought the Yanks were only a half game behind them.

It's funny seeing all the proud statements about Sox fans not booing Papi. What a difference a 'year' makes? http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/extras/extra_bases/2008/10/red_sox_vs_rays_4.html

"Boston girls are even prettiah"

There's nothing better than the first HOT day to bring out every strapless sundress in the city. Love that dirty water and I love pasty legs with fresh razor nicks.

Billy, you've got nothing on us.

Today's message brought to you by the numbers 5 and 0.

No, the "juice" bit was purely stream of conscience. Not intentional.

In hindsight, better word might have been "jazzed" or "pumped" or "high."

//I love pasty legs with fresh razor nicks.//

I like you, Son of Hamulack. You appear to be quite odd.


that was one massive gorilla that left the yard last night - couldn't be happier for Papi. The swing looked good.

as for pasty legs and razor nicks...reminds of a friend that went south on a lady mid-winter a few years back...let's just say that first hot New England day is something to be cherished.

Too...much...information ;D

Great pic, Buck.

A-Fraud looks like he's about to spit something out of his mouth, if you know what I mean (nudge, nudge, say no more).

Y'know, yesterday Paddy declared Papi will never be a .230 hitter. Well, since I've seen Bull Durham roughly 1200 times, I happen to know that 50 points on the BA equals one hit a week.

So, Paddy declared that Ortiz, who was hitting ~.200 before last night, is incapable of getting 1 extra squib a week. And I thought that was a r'tah'did statement yesterday. Words escape me today.

H.B. - glad you liked the "Grand story arc that is the season" bit yesterday. It's my final arguement to football fans who bash the baseball season.

that homer and the crowd before and after brought a tear to my eye. I felt like I was watching my boy hit the game winner in Little League - same feeling, same great feeling. Folks can bash RSN all they want. Sure we boo our players when they need a good booing and we chide them when they dog it to first and we cheer them when they need it as well as when they deserve it. Family and freinds work on each other to get the best out of each other.

The bottom line - we love our team more than you love yours.

Ohh and h.b. It is a WONDERFUL WORLD!!

Pasty Legs and Razor Nicks is my new favorite Tom Waits song.

Late to the game (as usual) and utterly off topic but I thought I would share this note from a potential juror, seeking to be excused:

'Apparently you morons didn't understand me the first time. I CANNOT take time off work. I'm not putting my family's well being at sake to participate in this crap. I don't believe in our "justice" system and I don't want to have a goddam thing to do with it. Jury duty is a complete waste of time. I would rather count the wrinkles on my dogs balls than sit on a jury. Get it through you thick skulls. Leave me the f--k [sic] alone.'

But for the introduction of 'pasty legs and fresh razor nicks' to the lexicon, 'I'd rather be counting the wrinkles on my dogs balls' would be my new favourite expression.


The real question, SDU, is whether mythat note worked or not. :)

and my dog is ball-less, for which he's a little pissed off about- so where does that leave me? (not to mention him?)

just got around to reading yesterday's post, with Sonoma's sriracha link and Bob's "goes with alcohol" comment.... I love summer


A litigator in my office sent that same note around. Allegedly, it was from a Montana potential juror - wondering if those potential jurors world wide are now plagiarizing the "wrinkles on balls" note

Yikes,Buck-that one DID have hair on it :))

Sonoma - I saw the actual note, used in the Sydney District Court - so obviously we have a world wide plagiarism type situation!

CORRECTION Sonoma - a colleague showed me this and I assumed it was from a local trial. However, he's just seen your post and confirms it was the Montana trial!!

Well, whether it's from Sydney or Butte, either way I'm copping it for my next jury duty call up. I agree with you though, SDU. Pasty legs and razor nicks just edges out wrinkles on dog balls as the phrase of the day...

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