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Put that behind us

Celtics lose, Sox lose, and I'm still not entiahly ovah the Bruins.


Christ, the Sox look terrible a lot of the time lately — lousy defense, absent offense.


Well, at least that was the last trip to the West Coast for the regular season.


You know, for the sake of cahbon footprints and all, maybe next year the Sox should just outright forfeit the LAA/SEA swing and stay in Boston?


But now it's time to just dish out some home cooking.


Seriously, beat up on the Jays and move into first.


Did you see this list of "Players' Jams" in the Globe?


Yeah, I love Drew's "no music by choice."


Totally badass. That just jumped him up several notches in by appreciation index.


Do you think he doesn't like music at all or just not when he's getting ready to bat?


Who knows? Dude is an enigma.



By the way, I've asked before where I can get a copy of the custom song that Manny Delcarmen uses ("I'm from Boston" - M.A.V. Entertainment). Well, once that compiled list came out a few days ago and I learned what the artist(s) was/were going by, I found their band page on MySpace. In their player was the song. I was able to get it from there in mp3 format for my iPod. I like the song. It's too bad there aren't more Boston rap groups. I bet there are a lot of things you can rhyme when you use the soft "r".

Tito should be fired for leaving in Papi for 7 mind numbing, confidence crushing at bats. Hope the Sox don't finish 1 game back. You can blame the manager for that one.

Oh man does that list make me feel old... I have one of the songs and two of the artists on my faux i-pod.

People who don't listen to music kind of freak me out.
Should be a fun week for you guys with the Jays and the Mets coming up.
Meanwhile in NYC, Yanks are 7-2 since A-Rod's return.

Don't worry about it, Steve. I'm going to see my "childhood" band X on the 26th at the Paradise. I doubt a current Sox player was alive when they were in their heyday.

In fact, I doubt a current Sox player was alive when the word "heyday" was used in conversation.

I also like "henchmen."

sweet bob. i hear the radio its finally gonna play new music you know the british invasion but what about the minutemen fleasheaters doa big boys and the black flag were the last american bands to get played on the radio please bring the flag? please bring the flag!

in re Drew, it's true he is an enigma wrapped within a hamstring flauta and one "white punks on dope" refrain from the dl. In short, let him be. At least he makes contact occasionally.


@Bob all my childhood band favorites are dead (look it up).

You're welcome, Nat

I feel like "no music by choice" is going to become the new "team introduction."

Billy, when I was in college (Loyola Marymount), I invited Black Flag to play in the rec room above the dorm rooms.

They did.

Can you name every Flag lead singer? Trickier than it sounds.

Oh, and Lou, Buddy Holly isn't dead. It's a vast left wing conspiracy.

@Bob, I wish X was a "childhood" band for me - I'm more like John, Paul, George and Ringo...

Steve, I was a toddler when they were still together, but I love the Beatles.

I actually have a limited but excellent collection of their original vinyl. Including a first print White Album on white vinyl.

I got groceries on Sunday. Turns out that was the highlight of my day. Thanks, Celtics.

Honestly even if the Celts won I didn't see them putting a dent in the Cavs. I'd maybe give them one game but that's it. Without KG even they acknowledged they weren't going to go all the way.

They need to recover now. 2008 put a lot of hurt on them with all their effort.

As for the Sox, I hate the West Coast.

Drew is like George Costanza's mother. He has never laughed, not a gufaw, not a chuckle, not a tee-hee.

Why should music be any different.

@Kaz Check out Akrobatik, he's from Boston, and raps about Boston sports all the time on the radio. Mr. Lif's from the area too, and there are a bunch of others. The Kreators have a song called "Home" that's all about Boston, and it's not bad. Cheesy as hell sometimes, but not awful. http://www.myspace.com/kreators

Can you name every Flag lead singer? Trickier than it sounds.

In order of appearance at the mic:

1) Spot (back during the "Panic" era)

2) Keith Morris (aka Johnny "Bob" Goldstein)

3) Ron Reyes (aka Chavo Pederast)

4) Dez Cadena

5) Henry Rollins

By the way, if you have a few extra $$ to spend on books, purchase "American Hardcore" by Steve Blush (he did "Seconds" fanzine back in the 1980's). Excellent and opinonated look at the rise/fall of 80's HC. And you finally get to learn Tesco Vee's real name.

Very good, Signals. But you missed one (told you it was tricky).


Oh, never mind. It was Mike Vallely.

Thanks, Mike E!, I knew of Akrobatik. Hadn't heard of the Kreators, you're right. It's not bad, just a little too cheesy with the references sometimes...I guess that's sort of the point of it though.

I admit I have been in conversations that started; "Have you heard the new Beatles album?" I was young, in Junior High when "Abby Road" & "Let It Be" came out but I guess that makes me an old man now.

I thought that because I have teenage kids and let them show me what they listen to I knew what was going on, but I didn't know half the stuff on the list. Perhaps the writer is too young or too old to know the song.

Did anyone notice that they had Penny's music listed as: "Red Rider", Lunatic Fringe? Actually the song is "Lunatic Fringe" and the name of the band is Red Rider.

Did you guys watching the game on NESN on Thursday hear us chanting "PAPI, PAPI" when he came up to strike out for the second time while men were in scoring position?

@Bob, just for the hell of it, I went to ebay to check out the White Album. Only $122 for a first edition. Seems awful low, but times are tough...

the only disturbing item on the list is Youk's song Crank That. and it's even worse when you pair it up with his stroking of the bat in each at bat.

Opps........ I added the sentence about the writer's age after the wrong paragraph. It was suppose to go at the end of the paragraph about Penny's song.

Opps........ I added the sentence about the writer's age after the wrong paragraph. It was suppose to go at the end of the paragraph about Penny's song.

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